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How to protect your WordPress website with WPBruiser - WebID-Online

This article would probably not have been written, if it wasn’t for the major attacks on World of WordPress the minute I moved to another membership plugin. Never before I got better proof that security is a major issue. The… Continue Reading →

How Much Does a Website REALLY Cost in 2019? - WP Site Care

If you’re thinking about starting a WordPress website or blog, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask yourself is “How much does a website cost?” It’s an important question, and it really depends on your goals. After all, a… Continue Reading →

WordPress SSL Certificates: What Are They and Why Are They Important? - WP Blog

Secure Socket Layer, or simply SSL, is a security protocol that encrypts the communication between a web server and a web browser. In this age of web vulnerability, WordPress SSL certificates provide an additional security layer by ensuring that the… Continue Reading →

15 Reasons Why Your WordPress Site Was Hacked - WP Site Care

Death, taxes, and WordPress websites getting hacked. All three seem to be inevitable, but the good news is that insecure websites are one thing we do have control over. Even so, a lot of us are still allowing ourselves to… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite – Setup and Best Practices - WP Blog

As of March 2018, WordPress had officially powered 30% of the web. WordPress, being the only CMS that offers a simple enough environment to set up and run a website, is on a continuous rise. Regardless of all the hacking… Continue Reading →

How to deal with business stress (while improving profits) - GoDaddy Garage

In our businesses, we always want to aim to grow and increase profit every year. But the reality is that there are other influences in our life that take away our time, focus and commitment. And many of them can… Continue Reading →

427 – Manage an Existing WordPress Site - Your Website Engineer

Announcements Gutenberg 5.0 Adds New RSS Block, Amazon Kindle Embed Block, and FocalPointPicker Component WordPress 5.1 Release Candidate Is there a plugin for that? With more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard to find the perfect one…. Continue Reading →

What you need to know about WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg - GoDaddy Garage

It’s new, slick and controversial, and it’s here — the Gutenberg editor in WordPress. Never has an update to WordPress generated so much controversy, but controversy or not, WordPress 5.0 has rolled out with Gutenberg as the default editor for… Continue Reading →

Site management tools now bundled with Managed WordPress hosting plans - GoDaddy Garage

Every WordPress designer and developer hits a wall at some points: you open up your laptop, log into a site, and see 7 updates. Knowing there’s 15 more websites like this one waiting for you, you start rethinking your life… Continue Reading →

WPML Hacked by Former Employee – Sends Mass Email to Customers - WP Blog

WPML is a popular WordPress multilingual plugin with more than 600,000 paying customers. The plugin was hacked over the weekend after it saw its website defaced. The hacker also sent a mass email to all its customers letting them know… Continue Reading →

WordPress Plugin Leaked Access Token That Can Hack Twitter Accounts - WP Blog

A popular WordPress social media plugin, Social Network Tabs, connects social media handles to WordPress so that users can display social feeds on their websites. The plugin has now compromised the security of thousands of linked Twitter handles. The plugin… Continue Reading →

Protecting Your WordPress Site from Brute Force Attacks - WP Blog

More than half the websites created around content management systems (CMS) are built on WordPress. It’s quite popular since it is relatively easy to install, use and customize. Unfortunately, that popularity has also seen it become the target of cyber… Continue Reading →

The importance of managing your SSL certificate - GoDaddy Garage

SSL certificates are quickly becoming the fabric of the new web. It helps ensure that the web has a base level of privacy and integrity, while ensuring that information is transferred from point A to point B securely. It’s one… Continue Reading →

Reseller tips for delivering best-in-class customer service - GoDaddy Garage

With all of the day-to-day tasks and strategic planning resellers contend with — sales, marketing, HR, finances and more — technology can help a small operation provide a level of customer service and marketing automation that buyers are accustomed to… Continue Reading →

WordPress 2018 Year in Review: A Round up of Everything From The Past Year - WP Blog

To say that 2018 was interesting for WordPress would be an understatement. The past year was no less than a rollercoaster ride for the biggest CMS and its community. WordPress users saw major changes coming to the publication experience and… Continue Reading →

Choosing WordPress Multisite plugins: A brief cheat sheet for beginners - GoDaddy Garage

We’ve all been in situations where a client wants to use a specific plugin on a Multisite installation, only for you to discover that it’s not supported. What’s worse is that you may be tasked with recommending a specific WordPress… Continue Reading →

10 hot crafts to make and sell on the side - GoDaddy Garage

It’s never been easier to monetize crafts to make and sell than it is right now. If you want to start a gig on the side — and have a special ability like sewing, paper crafts or design — all… Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Speeding up Your WordPress Blog in 2019 - WP Blog

WordPress is currently the most popular platform used by companies who want to create a quick and effective blog for their website. However, simply setting up a WordPress site and letting it run isn’t enough to make sure that you’re… Continue Reading →

WordPress Blogging 101: A Guide On How To Start Your WordPress Blog in 2019 - WP Blog

Starting a WordPress blog might seem easy. However, setting up a WordPress powered blog involves several technicalities that could prove to be a challenge for new users. That is why I am here to give you the blogging 101 on… Continue Reading →

WordPress Superstars – Top WordPress Influencers To Follow in 2019 - WP Blog

WordPress has a huge community with users from all over the world. Among these users are some people who are a lot more experienced and have contributed a lot to the community. I like to call them “WordPress Superstars” because… Continue Reading →

Top 7 WordPress CDN Providers in 2019 - WP Blog

When you start a WordPress website, what is one of the first few things that pops up in your head? It should have a good design, it should have good readability, it should be FAST. The latter might not be… Continue Reading →

26+ Ways To Speed Up WordPress Websites in 2019 - WP Blog

A fast website is the absolute must for your online business. Whether you are a blogger, business owner, or an ecommerce store owner, fast loading websites deliver better user experience, seamless browsing across the website and reduced consumption of resources… Continue Reading →

6 Best WordPress Hosting Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2019 - WP Blog

Over the years, WordPress has become more than just a CMS. People have found many ways to earn money with WordPress and one of them is affiliate programs. WordPress provides a lucrative opportunity for bloggers where they can earn money… Continue Reading →

How to turn your web design side hustle into a full-time business - GoDaddy Garage

So you’ve got a successful web design side hustle building websites. You’ve been moonlighting on the side of your normal nine-to-five job to pursue your passion and/or earn some extra income and things are going really well — so well… Continue Reading →

The most popular WordPress themes & plugins of 2018 - GoDaddy Garage

Welcome to the GoDaddy Hot 100 for 2018, a rundown of the most popular WordPress plugins and themes running on GoDaddy servers. We’ve curated the list by removing themes and plugins that are auto-installed or aren’t GPL compliant. As committed… Continue Reading →

WPblog Bundle Giveaway for WordPress Bloggers – Win WordPress Products Worth $400! - WP Blog

WPblog has always been on the front foot when it comes to promoting bloggers and blogging in general. As a blogger, there are certain essentials that you need to kickstart your WordPress blog. Our WordPress bundle giveaway is going to… Continue Reading →

10 Sure Shot Ways To Improve Blog Security in 2019 - WP Blog

Over the past few years, the number of cyber attacks has been a cause of worry for every user, including the most recent “Dictionary Attacks” on WordPress websites. An important reason behind this surge is the ease and simplicity with… Continue Reading →

420 – Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2018 - Your Website Engineer

Announcements WordPress 5.0.1 WordCamp US in Saint Louis on Nov 1-3, 2019 Is there a plugin for that? With more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard to find the perfect one. Each week, I will highlight an… Continue Reading →

Top Christmas And New Year WordPress Deals - WP Blog

The festive season is incomplete without the mouthwatering WordPress deals and offers. While you are busy decorating your Christmas trees and preparing for New Year’s Eve, we have compiled the best WordPress Christmas and New Year deals to make your… Continue Reading →

What you shouldn’t include in website maintenance plans - GoDaddy Garage

WordPress updates and regular website maintenance are critical for website health and growth. In fact, for WordPress websites that generate revenue — whether directly through eCommerce or through the online exposure of the brand — website maintenance plans are a necessity…. Continue Reading →

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