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10 Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing - Elegant Themes

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Simply sign up for the affiliate programs that many companies offer and post links to your WordPress website. Alternately, you can grow your sales by creating affiliate programs… Continue Reading →

Episode 107: Two Plugin Vulnerabilities Target File Upload Capabilities - Wordfence Blog

The Wordfence Threat intelligence team finds vulnerabilities in two plugins, the User Profile Picture plugin and the WooCommerce Upload Files plugin. WordPress 5.7 is set to release on Tuesday, March 9 with numerous enhancements for the block editor, a new… Continue Reading →

9 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins - Elegant Themes

Food blogs and instructional cooking sites are some of the most popular websites on the net. Since there are so many websites dedicated to preparing food, it can be difficult for them to stand out from the crowd. Like the… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 10.1 Enhances Reusable Blocks, Updates Social Icons Spacing Options, and Normalizes Image Block Toolbar - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 10.1 landed yesterday with several new features, many of which focused on improvements to the interface and user experience. Users can now control the justification of items in the Social Icons block. The new release also enhances the UX… Continue Reading →

6 Best WordPress Migration Plugins - Elegant Themes

The famous 5-minute install for WordPress is a good marketing gimmick that only slightly exaggerates the ease with which WP can be installed. Users can very easily set up a site with no fuss and no muss in almost all… Continue Reading →

Medium Severity Vulnerability Patched in User Profile Picture Plugin - Wordfence Blog

On February 15, 2021, our Threat Intelligence team initiated the responsible disclosure process for a vulnerability that we discovered in User Profile Picture, a WordPress plugin installed on over 60,000 sites. The vulnerability made it possible for authenticated users with… Continue Reading →

Atarim (formerly WP Feedback) Discusses The 18-month Transition From WordPress Plugin To SaaS - WP Mayor

We’re proud to welcome back Vito Peleg to the WP Mayor blog, the founder behind Atarim! In this interview, we discuss how Atarim moved from a WordPress plugin to SaaS to create one of the best agency management platforms for… Continue Reading →

8 Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins for Busy Site Owners - Elegant Themes

Optimizing your website for organic search traffic is crucial for any website. This task can be time-consuming for busy site owners. Sitemaps are some of the best tools available to improve your website’s SEO. They not only provide information about… Continue Reading →

Editor Plus 2.6 Adds Block Pattern and Template Library - WP Tavern

A couple of weeks ago, Munir Kamal released version 2.6 of his Editor Plus WordPress plugin. The latest version does not add a slew of features as its users have seen in the past. However, it introduces one major upgrade…. Continue Reading →

Trademark Usage in the WordPress Plugin Repository - WP Mayor

The use of registered trademarks in plugin names and slugs in the WordPress plugin repository is not allowed, but is the rule being enforced? This is a short opinion piece on my personal experience.

5 Best WordPress Chart Plugins for Visualizing Data - Elegant Themes

Understandably, navigating endless tables and lists of numbers can get boring pretty quickly. If you’re showing data on your website, you need to make the presentation as engaging as possible so readers don’t miss out on critical information. That’s where… Continue Reading →

Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin Overview & Review - Elegant Themes

Sucuri sits at the top of the hill when it comes to WordPress security plugins. Every WordPress website should have a security plugin installed, and you can’t go wrong by installing the Sucuri scanner plugin. The company offers a premium… Continue Reading →

WordFence Security Plugin Overview & Review - Elegant Themes

If you’re a WordPress user then site security should be at the top of your priority list. As the most popular CMS on the planet, it has more than its fair share of hackers, bots, and bad actors with WordPress… Continue Reading →

The Gutenberg WordPress Plugin To Introduce a Table of Contents Block - WP Tavern

What was once likely viewed as plugin territory is now a reality as part of the Gutenberg project. Yesterday, the team merged a pull request for a Table of Contents (TOC) block into the plugin’s codebase. It was a contribution… Continue Reading →

7 Valuable Live Chat Plugins for Your WordPress Website (2021) - WP Kube

The post 7 Valuable Live Chat Plugins for Your WordPress Website (2021) is written by Tom Rankin and appeared first on WPKube. At some point during the natural lifecycle of a company, cultivating customers takes priority. As such, your support… Continue Reading →

X-post: Removing plugin and theme names used as topic tags on the forums - Make WordPress Plugins

X-comment from Comment on Removing plugin and theme names used as topic tags on the forums

Weglot WordPress Translations Plugin – Overview and Review - Elegant Themes

Translating a WordPress website (or any type of site) involves a lot of work. Even if you’re only talking about a few pages, you have to painstakingly translate and review every word and element within your site, which can take… Continue Reading →

Removing plugin and theme names used as topic tags on the forums - Support Everything WordPress

Over a period of time, work has been undergoing to tighten the forums ship a little, one major pain point has been topic tags. These are keywords or phrases, intended to quickly summarize what fields a topic related to, much… Continue Reading →

How to Optimize Elementor for Free Using Our Smush and Hummingbird Plugins - WPMU Dev

Elementor is no stranger to the WordPress community, considering it’s one of the best and most popular page builders out there. And to make it even better when it comes to optimization, you can enhance a ton with the help… Continue Reading →

Adding/Removing User Roles Capabilities In WordPress - JustWP

WordPress – the content management system or actually a simple but powerful content management system which powers approximately 20% of the websites over the web. But do you know that WordPress offers each of users’ a capabilities based on the… Continue Reading →

Taking on the Major Players, Plausible Analytics Offers an Alternative, Privacy-Conscious Stats Service - WP Tavern

Plausible Analytics is not new on the scene. The two-person, EU-based team behind the company has been trying to carve its slice of the analytics pie against players like Google Analytics and Stats for nearly two years. The self-funded… Continue Reading → Removes Fake Reviews for AccessiBe Plugin - WP Tavern

After noticing suspicious review activity for the AccessiBe plugin, accessibility consultant Joe Dolson reported the fake reviews to’s plugin team. The reviews were removed in under 48 hours, thanks to Dolson’s detailed research. At the time of reporting, Dolson… Continue Reading →

Sugar Calendar Review: Best WordPress Event Plugin? (2021) - WP Kube

The post Sugar Calendar Review: Best WordPress Event Plugin? (2021) is written by Colin Newcomer and appeared first on WPKube. Searching for the best WordPress event calendar plugin? In our hands-on Sugar Calendar review, I’m going to take a look… Continue Reading →

Books, Twitter & A New Plugin with Bridgete Willard KDS: 066 - The WP Chick

This is one of those episodes that is long overdue. Bridgete Willard and I have been in the same circles for a long time with many mutual friends. I’m not sure why it took so long to actually connect but… Continue Reading →

Books, Twitter & A New Plugin with Bridget Willard KDS: 066 - The WP Chick

This is one of those episodes that is long overdue. Bridget Willard and I have been in the same circles for a long time with many mutual friends. I’m not sure why it took so long to actually connect but… Continue Reading →

Ask the Bartender: Frustrations and Finding the Right WordPress Block Plugins - WP Tavern

Hello. I always supported the idea of a WordPress block editor as a whole, but lately, I’m a bit frustrated in that there are some blocks I need with urgency to work on a (non-visitor editable) wiki-like site (mostly a… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg Plugin Marks 100th Release with 10.0 - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 10.0 was released today as the 100th iteration of the block editor since the project began four years ago. Although 10.0 may seem like a big number, it’s just another incremental step forward in terms of new features, improvements,… Continue Reading →

Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 Now in Public Beta - WP Tavern

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is coming up on a major milestone with version 3.0 in active development, a huge undertaking spanning nearly three years. The first beta was released today with one of the most extensive and technically detailed beta… Continue Reading →

Reminder: Forked Premium Plugins Are Not Permitted - Make WordPress Plugins

tl;dr: We do not permit copies or forks of premium (pay for) plugins to be hosted on While this topic always brings up people arguing that the GPL means they can (and yes, you can copy GPL plugins and… Continue Reading →

Newspack Newsletters Now Live in the WordPress Plugin Directory - WP Tavern

Automattic released its Newspack Newsletters project to the WordPress plugin directory earlier today. It is the first Newspack-related plugin the company has made available outside of GitHub or its custom platform. Newspack is primarily a service geared toward small and… Continue Reading →

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