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10 Terrific WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using in 2022 - Web Designer Depot

Having the right WordPress plugins on hand can do wonders for your business or online presence. WordPress offers a vast collection to choose from. There are so many of them. However, finding those that get the best reviews and can… Continue Reading →

Essential plugins to build better WordPress sites for clients  - GoDaddy Garage

With over 55,000 known plugins available for WordPress, it can get just a little confusing — to say the least — knowing the essential plugins for a WordPress site. There are plugins for functionality, SEO, security, and more. While there… Continue Reading →

11 Best WordPress Membership Plugins to Match any Budget – 2022 - WP Kube

The post 11 Best WordPress Membership Plugins to Match any Budget – 2022 is written by Joe Fylan and appeared first on WPKube. Looking for the best WordPress membership plugins? If you want to know how to set up a… Continue Reading →

Millions of Attacks Target Tatsu Builder Plugin - Wordfence Blog

The Wordfence Threat Intelligence team has been tracking a large-scale attack against a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Tatsu Builder, which is tracked by CVE-2021-25094 and was publicly disclosed on March 24, 2022 by an independent security researcher. The issue… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 13.2 Adds Persistent User Preferences and a Visualizer for Margin and Padding Controls - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 13.2 was released earlier today. While much of the developer community is gearing up for the WordPress 6.0 release in two weeks, work continues steadily on the plugin, driving future updates. The latest release is not as hefty on… Continue Reading →

Multilingual Readability – Yes, We Know It’s All Greek To You, But It Also Reads Well Now Thanks To SmartCrawl! - WPMU Dev

SmartCrawl’s newest version release comes with an impressive new feature—support for Multilingual Readability. Up to this point, the readability test in SmartCrawl could be used solely to calculate a score for posts or pages written in the English language. Now,… Continue Reading →

WPSiteSync Shuts Down, Commercial Extensions Now Available on GitHub - WP Tavern

WPSiteSync, a content syncing plugin from the team behind DesktopServer, has discontinued support for its free, core plugin and commercial extensions. The plugin lets users sync specific content, such as posts, pages, featured images, and taxonomies, without having to migrate… Continue Reading →

Backup Plugin Battle: Which is the Best WordPress Backup Plugin in 2022? - Delicious Brains

Backing up your site is a little like buying fire insurance. You never need it outside of a catastrophe, but not having it is just going to make the catastrophe worse. In this article, we’ll cover why you need to… Continue Reading →

The Image Filters Plugin Adds Over 20 Filters, Including Vintage, Pastel Pink, and More - WP Tavern

Kevin Batdorf released the Image Filters plugin for WordPress yesterday. It is a block that allows users to select from curated list of filters and apply it to their images. Batdorf is the creator of one of my favorite “fun”… Continue Reading →

Podcast E427 – Forum Plugin Review #3: SimplePress - KitchenSinkWP

This week I review another forums plugin: Simple:Press [powerpress]

James Kemp Acquires ReplyBox - WP Tavern

James Kemp, a WooCommerce developer and founder of Iconic, has acquired ReplyBox, a privacy-focused comment system. Originally built by Ashley Rich and Lewis Warren and launched in 2018, ReplyBox has struggled to gain a strong foothold in the WordPress ecosystem as a commercial… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 13.1 Ships a Batch of Improvements and Implements a New Border Design Component - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 13.1 landed in the WordPress plugin directory earlier today. Not quite as heavy on the feature list as its predecessor, the update focuses more on improvements and bug fixes. The highlight of the release is the overhauled border design… Continue Reading →

Thrive Apprentice Review (2022): A WordPress LMS Plugin for Marketers - WP Kube

The post Thrive Apprentice Review (2022): A WordPress LMS Plugin for Marketers is written by Colin Newcomer and appeared first on WPKube. Considering using Thrive Apprentice to create and monetize online courses on your WordPress site? In our hands-on Thrive… Continue Reading →

MemberPress Plugin Is Locking Users Out After Support License Expires - WP Tavern

The WordPress subreddit lit up this week with reports of MemberPress locking users out of the plugin’s admin if they do not renew their subscriptions. MemberPress is a popular membership plugin for WordPress. It is a commercial-only plugin starting at… Continue Reading →

15 Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools For 2022 - Blogging Wizard

Want to improve your website ranking positions in Google? Need a WordPress SEO plugin to help you get there? We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ve listed and reviewed…

Munir Kamal Updates and Overhauls the Block Slider Plugin - WP Tavern

A couple of weeks ago, Munir Kamal updated his Block Slider plugin for WordPress. While not as popular as some of the other projects he has spearheaded, such as Editor Plus, he wanted to breathe some fresh life into it…. Continue Reading →

Failure and Learning: My Experience Building 4 Block Plugins in a Week - WP Tavern

I built four block plugins last week. It was not something I had set out to do. I did not wake up one day and declare, “I think I will build a suite of custom block types over the next… Continue Reading →

Phi Phan Launches a Separator Block With an Icon Option - WP Tavern

Less than a week after launching Block Enhancements, Phi Phan has released another project: Icon Separator. It is a block plugin for creating custom dividers with an SVG icon. “I’ve tried to support icons in the core/separator,” Phan said when… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Plans to Bring Full-Site Editing Support to Single Product Templates - WP Tavern

WooCommerce is moving closer to closing the gap on its full-site editing support with the latest features announced on the Q1/Q2 roadmap. While the e-commerce platform already has support for nearly two-dozen core blocks, it’s not yet possible to use… Continue Reading →

Plugin Directory Limits Ownership and Committer Changes on Official Featured and Beta Plugins - WP Tavern

Plugin review team representative Mika Epstein announced changes for officially-recognized featured and beta plugins last Friday. Under the new rule, plugin owners will no longer be able to directly change ownership to someone else or add/remove commit access. The purpose… Continue Reading →

Featured/Beta Plugins Now Limit Changes - Make WordPress Plugins

If your plugin is a FEATURED or BETA plugin, which means officially recognized as such by the WordPress project, you will no longer be able to add or remove committers, nor will you be able to change ownership. This change… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 13.0 Adds Text Selection Across Multiple Blocks, New Stack Group Variation, and Featured Cover Blocks - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 13.0 landed earlier today in the WordPress plugin directory. It is one of the heftier releases lately, containing the final features that should ship with WordPress 6.0. The more prominent features include multi-block partial text selection, Cover blocks with… Continue Reading →

Elementor 3.6.3 Patches Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability - WP Tavern

Elementor has patched a critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability that was discovered by threat analyst Ramuel Gall from Wordfence on March 29, 2022. Wordfence disclosed the vulnerability to Elementor via its official security contact email address but did not receive… Continue Reading →

Phi Phan Launches Block Enhancements WordPress Plugin - WP Tavern

WordPress developer Phi Phan has been making small splashes lately, but in a sea of 1,000s of plugins, it is increasingly tough to make a wave. Over the weekend, he released the Block Enhancements plugin, the first pass on a… Continue Reading →

How To Build a Timeline Page With Blocks - WP Tavern

Up next in our Building with Blocks series is a quick tutorial on how to build a timeline page. Timelines give brands and organizations a visual way to introduce themselves and feature highlights from their histories. The block editor makes… Continue Reading →

ACF 5.12.1 Patches Missing Authorization Vulnerability - WP Tavern

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) recently patched a missing authorization vulnerability in version 5.12.1 that potentially affects more than a million users. The security issue was discovered by Keitaro Yamazaki of Ierae Security, Inc, who reported it to the Information-technology Promotion Agency… Continue Reading →

Displaying Post Modified and Reading Times via WordPress Blocks - WP Tavern

A couple of weeks ago, Rich Tabor announced a GitHub repository that listed all of his block plugins. These were already publicly available. However, some had yet to land in the WordPress plugin directory. As a fan of his simple… Continue Reading →

5 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins for Easy Ad Management (2022) - WP Kube

The post 5 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins for Easy Ad Management (2022) is written by Colin Newcomer and appeared first on WPKube. Searching for a WordPress advertising plugin to help with ad management on your site? Whether you want to… Continue Reading →

Jetpack 10.8 Introduces QR Code Post Sharing, Adds Openverse Media Provider - WP Tavern

People have been asking if QR codes are dead for the past decade, but their relevancy has only increased as digital life becomes more vibrant. eMarketer forecasts that the number of US smartphone users scanning QR codes will increase from… Continue Reading →

WebMan Design Launches Abs, Additional Styles for Native WordPress Blocks - WP Tavern

WebMan Design owner Oliver Juhas released the first version of the Abs – Additional block styles plugin on Monday. Unlike many block-related extensions, it does not offer any blocks of its own. Instead, it registers custom styles to enhance those… Continue Reading →

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