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25 Best Gutenberg Friendly WordPress Themes (2019) - Do it With WordPress

Are you looking for the best Gutenberg friendly WordPress themes? Gutenberg is the new WordPress block editor introduced in WordPress 5.0. It is incredibly fast, more visual, and offers new ways to create content layouts for your WordPress posts and… Continue Reading →

25 Best WordPress Themes for Crossfit (2019) - Do it With WordPress

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for a crossfit gym or fitness website? Considering the number of themes out there, choosing the right one can be quite overwhelming. You’ll have to find a balanced theme that has the… Continue Reading →

27 Best Hotel WordPress Themes with Beautiful Designs (2019) - Do it With WordPress

Are you looking for the best WordPress hotel themes? Building a website for your hotel doesn’t have to be hard. WordPress hotel themes make it easy for you to start your hotel website, so more travelers can make a reservation… Continue Reading →

41 Best Simple WordPress Themes You Should Try (2019) - Do it With WordPress

Are you looking for the cleanest, simple and easy to use WordPress theme for your website? Many WordPress themes come with tons of options making it difficult to set up and use. However, beginners look for simple and flexible themes… Continue Reading →

What is 2 Factor Authentication and How Can It Be Useful? - iThemes

You may have heard how important 2 factor authentication (also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA) is for securing your online accounts. Don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself asking “What is 2 factor authentication?” Don’t worry, not knowing puts… Continue Reading →

How to Create A Question and Answers Site in WordPress - Do it With WordPress

Do you want to build an online question and answer community like StackOverflow or Quora? Question and answer websites are fun, highly engaging, and very helpful. These websites make money from user-generated content which makes them an easy to start… Continue Reading →

7 Tools for Managing Multiple Sites on the Same Platform - WP Warfare

Businesses of many types – including design agencies, e-commerce brands, digital marketing consultancies, media companies and content publishing services – often run several websites at once and therefore need ways to manage them as efficiently as possible. Indeed, building out… Continue Reading →

How to Pick Your Next Tech Focus - Web Designer Depot

Every day, people are asking themselves things like, “React or Vue?” “VR or no VR?” “CSS Grid or Flexbox?” These are the wrong questions entirely, because the technology you focus on or use next should always be matched to both… Continue Reading →

How to Fix The WordPress White Screen of Death - WP Site Care

For those of you who have never encountered the WordPress white screen of death, congratulations. For the rest of you, you know what a frustrating issue it can be. A white screen can lock you out of your WordPress dashboard,… Continue Reading →

The Power of The Company You Keep KDS: 034 - The WP Chick

The Power of the Company You Keep. This has been on my mind a lot the last few weeks. It’s been an overarching theme over the last couple of years as some relationships ended, new ones were formed, and old… Continue Reading →

How to switch to a new WordPress host - GoDaddy Garage

Editor’s note: This post is part of our collection on managing multiple WordPress websites. Your WordPress sites currently live with a hosting service you’re not too pleased with. The sites are slow, the customer service is poor, and you’re paying a… Continue Reading →

How Fast Is Your WordPress Site? Find out with These Free Speed Testing Tools - WP Blog

The loading speed of your website plays a significant role in making it a huge success. While it is essential to take necessary measures to speed up your WordPress website, it is also important to regularly run your website through… Continue Reading →

How to Boost Your Productivity: WordPress Expert Roundup - Newt Labs

Do you wonder how some people have accomplished so many tasks while you seem to be behind schedule every day? Are you fascinated by productive people and want to reach the same level of effectiveness? Productivity is a hot topic,… Continue Reading →

The developer’s guide to managing WordPress sites - GoDaddy Garage

Editor’s note: This post is part of our collection on managing multiple WordPress sites. As you scale your WordPress development business, you’ll eventually run into a classic conundrum that comes with managing multiple WordPress sites. Every client site needs regular… Continue Reading →

21 Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofit Organizations - Do it With WordPress

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for nonprofits? Charity and nonprofit websites require an appealing presentation with the right tools to achieve their donation goals. It can be possible with the use of a professional WordPress theme. In… Continue Reading →

6 Tips for Posting Content Anonymously - Web Designer Depot

For one reason or another, you may find yourself wanting to publish things online anonymously. Now to some, the “A-word” conjures up images of hackers, Guy Fawkes masks, and people generally saying terrible things to each other on Twitter. There’s… Continue Reading →

Finding the right multipurpose WP Theme just got easier: here are the top 12 examples - Web Design Ledger

“Multipurpose”, “all-in-one”, and “universal” tools and products.  You heard of them before. They have a reputation for doing some things well, and other things not very well at all. We bet you also proverbial “Jack of all trades, master of… Continue Reading →

“Become the best version of yourself.” An Interview with Rich Tabor - Post Status

Rich Tabor is transitioning to a new role now as Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience with GoDaddy. In the past three years, Rich founded a digital agency, launched a popular PhotoShop resource site, and started ThemeBeans, a successful WordPress… Continue Reading →

Veteran Freelancers: Dana James Mwangi Is Always Learning - iThemes

We recently interviewed freelance rookies and now we want to talk to some freelance veterans. People who have been in the business for a while have learned some valuable lessons. We want to mine those lessons and share with the… Continue Reading →

How to Disable Theme and Plugin Editors from WordPress Admin Panel - Do it With WordPress

Did you know that WordPress comes with a built-in theme and plugin editor? This plain code editor allows you to edit your theme and plugin files directly from the WordPress dashboard. Now, this may sound really helpful, but it can… Continue Reading →

Hosting Insights: Aaron Reimann - iThemes

Hosting is what makes the web go round, but it doesn’t get a lot of attention. That can be OK, because hosting is just supposed to work. Unfortunately, that’s not always the way it goes. We recently started offering our… Continue Reading →

14 Best Photo Gallery Plugins for WordPress - WP Dev Shed

Photos can make your WordPress site more engaging, increasing the chances that people will linger on it and look at the content for longer periods. And, a WordPress photo gallery plugin is an excellent way to keep the photos organized… Continue Reading →

How to Make a Staff Directory in WordPress (with Employee Profiles) - Do it With WordPress

Do you want to create a staff directory on your WordPress site? An employee directory allows you to introduce customers to your team members and win trust by showing the human side of your business. One downside of running an… Continue Reading →

Oh… For Funnels Sake! - The WP Chick

Last Sunday I woke up with all kinds of energy and had one of those super productive mornings. I had a great nights sleep, took the dogs for an hour long walk, went to the dumps (starting to purge and… Continue Reading →

We’re Sunsetting iThemes Sales Accelerator - iThemes

In August of 2017, we announced the release of our newest product, iThemes Sales Accelerator, and why we felt it was a good move to serve you better with a tool for WooCommerce reporting. Over the next year, we released… Continue Reading →

How to Easily Display Code on Your WordPress Site - Do it With WordPress

Do you want to display code in your WordPress blog posts? If you tried to add code like regular text, then WordPress will not display it correctly. WordPress runs your content through several cleanup filters each time you save a… Continue Reading →

Facebook Ads for lawyers: 4 ways to get more legal clients - GoDaddy Garage

Like most service providers, attorneys are always looking for ways to get more clients. Facebook Ads for lawyers might be an attractive lead-generation option. Why? Legal keywords currently make up the five most expensive keywords on Bing and Google. If… Continue Reading →

Top Job Board Themes for WordPress - WP Warfare

Top Job Board Themes for WordPress Despite the popularity of professional social networks like LinkedIn, the job board market is a thriving and largely untapped segment of the online economy. Launching a location-based or niche-specific job board website can be… Continue Reading →

4 Easy Ways to Re-Order Blog Posts in WordPress (Step by Step) - Do it With WordPress

Do you want to change the order of your blog posts in WordPress? By default, WordPress displays your blog posts in reverse chronological order (newer posts first), but sometimes you may need to move specific posts up or down. While… Continue Reading →

12 Money Management Tips for Freelancers from an Accountant - iThemes

Money management is one of those super important things freelancers would rather forget. Taxes and bookkeeping and spreadsheets—oh my! But it doesn’t have to be that bad. Getting your finances under control can free you up to focus on what… Continue Reading →

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