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The Black Friday Theme Builder Packs: Divi 4.0 Users Will Love These! - Elegant Themes

Get Ready Black Friday Is Coming Black Friday only comes once a year, and when it does, we like to do something really special. This year’s Black Friday sale starts on Friday, November 29th at exactly 12:00 AM UTC-6, and… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Rotated Global Header with Divi’s Theme Builder - Elegant Themes

Ever since the Divi Theme Builder has come out, we’ve tried to guide you through the process of creating your own global headers. We’ll continue doing that by showing you how to create a rotated global header that appears on… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 6.9 Introduces Image Titles, Block Patterns, and New Theme Features - WP Tavern

On November 13, the Gutenberg team launched version 6.9 with several features, most of which were aimed at developers. Users can now add custom image title attributes. Plugin developers can start diving into the new Block Patterns API. Plus, theme… Continue Reading →

How to Shrink Your Global Header’s Size When Scrolling with Divi’s Theme Builder - Elegant Themes

When you’re designing a fixed global header, you might want to shrink the header’s height when your visitors are scrolling. It helps reduce the space the global header takes up in your visitors’ viewport height. In this tutorial, we’ll guide… Continue Reading →

13 Industrial Child Themes for Divi - Elegant Themes

Industrial websites are technology-based and include lots of science and engineering and can include anything from manufacturing robots to building a home. Divi is a great choice for building industrial websites because everything you need to show services, projects, products,… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Global Transparent Floating Menu Bar with Divi’s Theme Builder - Elegant Themes

Looking for a way to put your global header on top of your pages’ hero sections? In today’s Divi tutorial, we’ll show you exactly how to do that. We’ll recreate a stunning global header from scratch (using Divi’s Theme Builder)… Continue Reading →

How to Use Divi’s Theme Builder Portability (Import & Export) Features - Elegant Themes

Divi’s Theme Builder opens the door for creating some amazing website templates that can be exported and imported easily from one Divi site to another. This allows developers and designers to create entire website packs that function much like a… Continue Reading →

WordPress Web Design Trends For 2020 - WPMU Dev

Are you keeping up with the latest web design trends in the WordPress World? Looking ahead, we aim to show you some of the important design and technical features that are coming up. So, as you know, web design is continually evolving as… Continue Reading →

First Look at the New Twenty Twenty WordPress Theme - iThemes

Beginning in WordPress 5.3, the Twenty Twenty WordPress theme is the new default theme for WordPress, so we recently gave the new theme a test drive. Here are a few highlights. Twenty Twenty: A New Default Theme for WordPress The… Continue Reading →

A Guide to Using Sidebars with the Divi Theme builder - Elegant Themes

Sidebars can be a crucial asset to any website. Divi facilitates the creation of sidebars by giving developers the power to design completely custom sidebars for post or page templates using the Divi Theme Builder. Once Divi users choose a… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” Released, Brings New Default Theme, Editor Improvements, and UI Tweaks - WP Tavern

Rahsaan Roland KirkCredit: Heinrich Klaffs CC BY-SA 2.0 WordPress 5.3 “Kirk,” named in honor American jazz musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk, is now available for download. The update includes a new default theme named Twenty Twenty, user interface improvements aimed at… Continue Reading →

How to Create a 404 Page Template with Divi’s Theme Builder - Elegant Themes

Divi’s Theme Builder and the built-in design options have opened a ton of new doors. More than ever before, you’re now able to customize every single page your customers land on. This includes setting up a 404 page. In this… Continue Reading →

Theme Review Team Meeting Agenda for November 12, 2019 - Make WordPress Themes

Theme review team (TRT) conducts a meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Along with the fixed agendas, we have open floor meeting at the end where you can ask or share anything related to themes. We… Continue Reading →

6 Minimalist WordPress Themes For The Minimalist Esthetic - WPMU Dev

Amidst a complicated and overcrowded online world, it’s refreshing to come across a clean and simple site that gets the message across. These six minimalist WordPress themes can help make your website one of them. “Less is More.” “Clean and… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Custom Fullscreen Global Header with Divi’s Theme Builder - Elegant Themes

If you’re looking for a way to create a global header for your website that doesn’t take up a lot of space, you’re going to love this tutorial. We’ll show you how to create a fullscreen global header using Divi’s… Continue Reading →

Themes of the Future: A Design Framework and a Master Theme - WP Tavern

WordPress theming has a rich history. Over the years, theme authors have brought a plethora of features to the platform. In part, it is because they have often had to solve foundational issues with WordPress to create the features that… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Site-Wide Woo Product Page Template with Divi’s Theme Builder - Elegant Themes

Divi’s new Theme Builder automates the way we build our Divi websites. When designing product pages, for instance, we only have to go through the creation process once, and from there, we can assign the design to all our product… Continue Reading →

How to Design a Blog Post Template with Divi’s Theme Builder (FREE Download) - Elegant Themes

A blog post template is probably the most important template you can add to a blog site. It provides a structure and design that is “magically” applied to all blog posts on the front end, while bloggers only need to… Continue Reading →

“Responsive” Theme Review – Awesome Free WordPress Template - WordPress Arena

Although there are innumerable names in the WordPress forefront that provide quality WordPress themes, however, CyberChimps is a brand that everyone can rely upon. For several years now, this brand has been providing premium and free themes, integrated with advanced… Continue Reading →

How to Use the Post Content Module in the Divi Theme Builder - Elegant Themes

The Post Content Module is a special module available when creating a Body Area Layout for a template in the Divi Theme Builder. Understanding what the Post Content Module is and how to use it will be extremely helpful when… Continue Reading →

New! iThemes Security Pro’s Passwordless Login Now Supports WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads & LifterLMS - iThemes

Your customers and students depend on you to secure their accounts. If one of your members is using a poor password and their account becomes compromised, they are blaming you. Even if you don’t store any sensitive data in customer… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Category Page Template for your Blog Using the Divi Theme Builder - Elegant Themes

A category page can be extremely helpful to users by providing them with an entire page full of stuff they are interested in (or search for).  But many times the category page can suffer when it comes to design. In… Continue Reading →

30 Best Genesis Child Themes For WordPress - Blogging Wizard

The Genesis framework for WordPress is one of the most widely celebrated among website owners and bloggers. Its popularity is largely due to its clean and minimal code which results in faster site loading speeds. To go with this powerful… Continue Reading →

EP342 – Putting your best theme forward - WP Watercooler

This week the WPwatercooler panel discusses the WordPress Theme Directory. Join us on this episode of WPwatercooler by visiting our Participant guidelines page. WPwatercooler network is sponsored by ServerPress makers of DesktopServer. Be sure to check them out at https://www.serverpress.com

How to Create a Custom Footer with Divi’s Theme Builder - Elegant Themes

The Divi Theme Builder marks a new era and changes the way we design websites. One of the most important parts of this feature is being able to dynamically add global footers to your pages and posts. Once you’ve designed… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Custom Global Header with Divi’s Theme Builder - Elegant Themes

Now that the Theme Builder is here, we can’t wait to dive into new tutorials that’ll help you set up your website from A to Z. This includes creating custom headers using Divi’s built-in option. In this tutorial, we’ll focus… Continue Reading →

How to use WordPress Theme Check Plugin: Tutorial for beginners - Template Toaster

WordPress Theme Check Plugin is an important tool to check your theme’s compliance with WordPress. WordPress developers who want to contribute by opening their themes as open-source, need to first go through the check. In this tutorial for beginner, I… Continue Reading →

Curated List of Featured Themes Coming to the Theme Directory - WP Tavern

Themes are the face of WordPress. Like it or not, the average user is more interested in what their site looks like when they first begin using the platform than what the thousands upon thousands of plugins can do for… Continue Reading →

Download the Sixth FREE Theme Builder Pack for Divi - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation, thanks for joining us in a very special installment of our ongoing Divi design initiative.  Today we’re sharing the sixth theme builder pack that’ll help you set up a website from A to Z.  This theme builder… Continue Reading →

Rosa 2 — the First WordPress Restaurant Theme on Gutenberg - WP Blog

There are people who love Gutenberg and are confident that it will reinvent the entire experience in a very good sense, and there are people who are skeptical and quite afraid to adapt to the future. Both sides of the… Continue Reading →

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