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Episode 100: How to Lose 6 Figures the Easy Way - Wordfence Blog

The recent SolarWinds attack was incredibly sophisticated. What happens when that level of sophistication targets a homebuyer during one of the largest transactions of their lifetime? On this episode, we tell the story of an extremely difficult-to-detect spearphishing attack that… Continue Reading →

Episode 119 – Conversion Killers for Photography Sites with Jan Koch - Imagely Photography Podcast

Jan hosts the WP Agency Summit and consults businesses on hosting their own virtual events. His agency empowers community-driven businesses that serve digital agencies to host virtual events so they can grow their loyal audience and establish thought leadership. When… Continue Reading →

Podcast E359 – Listener Q & A - KitchenSinkWP

This week I answer listener questions.  [powerpress]

Podcast E358 – Tips for job seekers & hiring managers - KitchenSinkWP

This week I share tips for those looking for work and hiring managers. [powerpress]

Episode 118 – This Conversation with Jed Taufer - Imagely Photography Podcast

In this episode, we share a discussion between Scott and Jed on behalf of WHCC’s podcast, This Conversation. You will walk away from the 25-minute conversation will some really good, actionable advice for your photography website. Subscribe to This Conversation’s… Continue Reading →

Podcast E357 – WordPress Alternatives – PT 9: Drupal - KitchenSinkWP

This week I share a WordPress Alternative: Drupal [powerpress]

Podcast E356 – 10 Goal Ideas for 2021 - KitchenSinkWP

This week I share 10 goals to consider for your 2021 plan [powerpress]

Episode 99: SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack Affects Government and Fortune 500 Businesses - Wordfence Blog

Earlier this week, we learned that SolarWinds, the largest provider of network management tools for government and enterprise organizations fell victim to a supply chain attack. This attack affected their Orion network management system. Reportedly, 18,000 enterprise and government customers… Continue Reading →

Episode 117 – Pivot and Shift with Jamie Rose - Imagely Photography Podcast

Jamie Rose is the COO of Momenta Group, which operates Momenta Workshops and Momenta Creative. Jamie spent her early career in the halls of power as a Press Corps photojournalist covering Capitol Hill and the White House, primarily as a… Continue Reading →

Podcast E355 – The Hodgepodge Episode – Part 1 - KitchenSinkWP

This week I follow up with some topics from the past year aka “The Hodgepodge Episode” [powerpress]

Episode 98: How Application Passwords Work in WordPress 5.6 - Wordfence Blog

WordPress 5.6 was released this week with a new feature called application passwords. In this episode we talk about how application passwords work, where to find them in your WordPress installation, and why Wordfence decided to turn these off by… Continue Reading →

Podcast E354 – The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide - KitchenSinkWP

This week I share some ideas for holiday gift giving in 2020 [powerpress]

Episode 97: The Future of WordPress with PHP 8 and WordPress 5.6 - Wordfence Blog

With WordPress 5.6’s imminent release and the recent release of PHP 8, we talk about the rapid changes affecting the future of WordPress with new security features and new functionality available to both WordPress users and developers. We also review… Continue Reading →

Episode 116 – Celebrating Cyber Week - Imagely Photography Podcast

Today we are sharing some incredible news during Cyber Week here at Imagely. It is with great pleasure that we get to share with you our latest theme release. Today we launched Imagely 2.0, built on our next generation theme… Continue Reading →

500 – Ten Years of Podcasting - Your Website Engineer

Monday August 2nd, I put in my notice to quit my corporate job August 9th bought our first house in Dayton August 16th I went full time, work from home, self-employed with Launched Your Website Engineer in Nov of… Continue Reading →

Podcast E353 – Creating a news aggregation website - KitchenSinkWP

This week I talk about creating an news aggregator website [powerpress]

Podcast E352 – What I’m Thankful for in 2020 - KitchenSinkWP

This week I share what I am thankful for. [powerpress]

#549 WP-Tonic Round-Table Show on Friday, 20th of November, 2020 at 8:30 am PST - WP Tonic

#549 WP-Tonic Round-Table Show on Friday, 20th of November, 2020 at 8:30 am PST Lauren We discuss this week’s best WordPress & internet news stories. We also have a great panel of WordPress community and marketing internet junkies. This Week… Continue Reading →

The Best Hosting Solutions for BuddyBoss - WP Tonic

Choosing the right hosting solution for BuddyBoss can be difficult if you don’t know what features to look for. You need a hosting provider that offers great site performance, inexpensive hosting plans, and helpful customer support. BuddyBoss is a social… Continue Reading →

EP376 – WordPress – Comments, Comments Comments – WPwatercooler - WP Watercooler

This week on WPwatercooler we’re talking about WordPress comments. Panel: Jason Tucker @jasontucker Steve Zehngut @zengy Sé Reed @sereedmedia Jason Cosper @jasoncosper John James Jacoby – @jjj Check out Bridget’s new book “Keys to Being Social: Being Real in a… Continue Reading →

Episode 96: Hosting Provider Failures and Incident Response Preparedness - Wordfence Blog

Two hosting providers experienced outages this week. GoDaddy had a brief outage affecting numerous systems on Tuesday, November 17. had an extensive outage due to ransomware that affected all systems. We discuss what types of incident response preparations site… Continue Reading →

Episode 115 – Pivot and Shift with Marika Moffitt - Imagely Photography Podcast

Marika Moffitt is a story-driven pet photographer serving pets and their people in the Greater Seattle Area and beyond. As the owner of Dirtie Dog Photography, Marika focuses on helping her clients stay connected to the animals they love by… Continue Reading →

EP177 – Hashtags – What, When, Why, How to Use in WordPress Marketing - WP Watercooler

Do you copy others in their marketing efforts? To some extent we all do. But is their audience the same as yours? Is their marketing person skilled? Or are you just following the influencer? In this episode, Jason and Bridget… Continue Reading →

#548 WP-Tonic Show Special Guest Brian Messenlehner The Co-Founder and President of AppPresser - WP Tonic

We Interview The Co-Founder and President of AppPresser Brian Messenlehner is the Co-Founder and President of where he currently leads our custom development services effort in building and maintaining custom iOS apps, Android apps, WordPress websites, and everything in… Continue Reading →

Podcast E351 – Listener Q & A - KitchenSinkWP

This week I answer listener questions [powerpress]

#547 WP-Tonic Round-Table Show on Friday, 13th of November,, 2020 at 8:30 am PST - WP Tonic

We discuss this week’s best WordPress & internet news stories. We also have a great panel of WordPress community and marketing internet junkies. Special Guest Panelists This Week Are Heather Wild & Brian Gardner This Week Show’s Sponsors Kinsta:… Continue Reading →

Episode 95: Critical Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities Affect Over 100K WordPress Sites - Wordfence Blog

Three critical privilege escalation vulnerabilities in the Ultimate Member plugin put over 100,000 sites at risk. We also talk about the Page Experience metric to be added as a ranking signal for Google search in May 2021 and what this… Continue Reading →

EP375 – WordPress – Democratizing Publishing and Democracy! - WP Watercooler

This week on the WPwatercooler we’re going to be discussing if we are democratizing publishing when using WordPress Panel Jason Tucker @jasontucker Steve Zehngut @zengy Sé Reed @sereedmedia Jason Cosper @boogah Morten Rand-Hendriksen @mor10 Check Out Bridget’s New Book “Keys… Continue Reading →

The Top 12 WordPress Forum Plugins - WP Tonic

Discussions forums are a useful platform for enabling people to connect with one another and have conversations with like-minded people about shared interests They help share ideas, log conversations, build communities, and are highly extensible. Moreover, you can easily find… Continue Reading →

EP176 – Prepping Your Clients for Their Web Content - WP Watercooler

You’re hired to build a website. Maybe it’s in WordPress or Squarespace. The client pays you. You ask for the content. Now what? Regardless of the tool, Wix, Squarespeace, WordPress, ClassicPress, you still need content. You may be using a… Continue Reading →

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