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Magento Website Development: A Step-by-Step Guide to Follow - Template Toaster

If you’re reading this article, chances are you are looking for an easy way to launch your eCommerce website. More precisely a convenient means to begin Magento website development to strengthen your business. If so, then you have come to… Continue Reading →

Top Blog Sites for Bloggers (2019) - Template Toaster

If you’re reading this post, chances are you are new to blogging or you are confused about the available blog sites for blogger and can’t figure out which blog sites to choose to start a blog. On what basis you… Continue Reading →

Why Your Website Is Performing Poorly - WordPress Arena

A study by Ahrefs showed that 90.88% of all pages don’t get any traffic from Google Search. If your website isn’t ranking high in Google, here are a few mistakes you might be making. Many times, they are related to keyword research,… Continue Reading →

What is Bootstrap? Tutorial for Beginners - Template Toaster

The web development field is quite vast and chances are you have heard of Bootstrap at some level or the other. And if you’re still struggling what is Bootstrap, then you have come to the right place. Here at the… Continue Reading →

React vs Angular Comparison 2019: Speed, Flexibility, Testing, Architecture - Template Toaster

React vs Angular, is a topic of great fuss among both the experienced and beginner developers. We are here to settle it down with an unbiased and thorough analysis of React vs Angular. With all the key pros and cons… Continue Reading →

How to Add Drupal Webform on Site - Template Toaster

Drupal Webforms, since its inclusion in the set of Drupal modules has proved to be very useful as a solution to add contact forms. This plugin has made the whole process seamless. So, in this article, I will give you… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Performance and Traffic - WordPress Arena

Turn up your WordPress performance unilaterally with these 5 speed, traffic and management optimization tips. The post 5 Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Performance and Traffic appeared first on WPArena.

Tips to Improve your Digital Presence - WordPress Arena

Improving your digital presence doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, in this day and age, it is easier than ever before. If you want to find out more about that then simply take a look below. Optimize your Website… Continue Reading →

What is CSS? Beginner Guide to Get Started with CSS - Template Toaster

Whenever a developer or anyone thinks of setting up a professional website, money and time are the two major concerns. Fortunately, there are web design methods available which can help you craft a beautiful website effortlessly. And various styling coding… Continue Reading →

What is PHP? : PHP Tutorial for beginners - Template Toaster

Since the inception of the internet, it is flooded with web technologies. There are various programming languages to help you develop robust web applications. And one of the most common and reliable web technology that you will get to hear… Continue Reading →

How to Build One Page Website : Tutorial for Beginners - Template Toaster

One page websites are becoming a good alternative these days to conventional multi page websites. Website builder can be immensely useful in the building process of one page website with a matter of just few clicks and few easy steps… Continue Reading →

How to Create AMP Forms in WordPress (The Easy Way) - Do it With WordPress

Do you want to create AMP-friendly forms on your WordPress site? Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a Google project that makes websites load faster on mobile devices. While AMP offers a great mobile browsing experience by making your webpages… Continue Reading →

How To Fix The Email Deliverability Issue In WordPress? - WordPress Arena

There are a lot of errors will occur when we use WordPress as our blogging platform. Some of the major ones are, WordPress not logging in, WordPress admin getting refreshed, enabled directory browsing, etc… Well, we are going to show… Continue Reading →

Want To Add Google Fonts In WordPress Post Editor, Try Supreme Google Webfonts Plugin - JustWP

Love for Google is something that will be a never ending process so as that of the fonts Google offered. In the same way, fonts play an important role in your WordPress blog while if in case you didn’t know… Continue Reading →

How to Install OpenCart Manually: Step by Step Guide - Template Toaster

If you are new to OpenCart and struggling with the installation process, then this post is for you. Here at TemplateToaster website builder blog I will guide you on how to install OpenCart step-by-step.   OpenCart is a free and open-source… Continue Reading →

How to Create the Best Newsletter Design With The Help of Templates - WordPress Arena

Using different templates can be helpful when it comes to newsletter design. Click here to learn how to make a great newsletter by using templates. What if you could make a newsletter that everyone actually wanted to read? Digital newsletters… Continue Reading →

JavaScript Frameworks – Angular vs Vue vs Ember: Tool to Choose - Template Toaster

Ronit’s team has been performing very well in this season of “WebHack”, an annual technical contest. Teams from various other colleges, comprising of geeky brains contest each year for the “Best Developers Gang” title. Ronit’s team is also the defending… Continue Reading →

Allowing Authors To Revise Published Posts - JustWP

There is no doubt that WordPress is a powerful blogging platform but thanks to its regular installation it doesn’t come fully equipped the way it has to be for multi-author blogs. If you are running a multi-author blog, then it… Continue Reading →

How To Fix “The Link You Followed Has Expired” Error in WordPress - Do it With WordPress

Are you seeing ‘The link you followed has expired’ error in WordPress? This error does not give much clues about what’s actually wrong, which is why beginners find it a bit difficult to resolve. In this article, we will show… Continue Reading →

How To Redesign A Website Without Losing Your Search Ranking - WordPress Arena

Every website in existence will need a proper redesign sooner or later. Some will need it to update their layout, colors and other visual elements. Others, on the other hand, may not need a redesign for aesthetic purposes but they… Continue Reading →

How to Become an Influencer in a Niche With Minimal Effort - WP Mayor

Becoming an influencer in a new niche can take considerable time if you go the traditional route of starting a blog/social media account/podcast and start producing content slowly about the topic of choice. I like to accelerate that process by… Continue Reading →

#409 WP Tonic Show With Special Guest Dave Foy of Designbuildweb.co - WP Tonic

How To Create High Converting Landing Pages With Elementor We going to be discussing in this episode how WordPress can now be a direct competitor to SaaS platforms like Clickfunnels, with the right combination of free tools. We also are… Continue Reading →

How to Restore WordPress From A BlogVault Backup - WP Site Care

If you have a WordPress site, it doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a pro — there will come a time when things slip out of your control. It could be something as minor as an error as… Continue Reading →

How to Use WordPress to Create Your Wedding Website - WP Mayor

Wedding websites are becoming a popular way to share your big day with friends and family. By keeping all your guests’ information in one place, a wedding website is a useful tool planning your event. Plus, it’s paperless! WordPress can… Continue Reading →

Why WordPress? 7 Benefits of WordPress websites - GoDaddy Garage

Why WordPress? I’ve been a professional blogger working on more than 100 clients’ blogs in the last 10 years, as well as posting to my own work and personal blogs, and I say this with all certainty and authority: If… Continue Reading →

Escrow Payment Solutions For Your Online Marketplace - WPRiders

You’re about to make an online transaction. What is the first thought that comes to your mind? “I hope this seller keeps his promise and doesn’t send me something that bears little resemblance to the product I was promised or… Continue Reading →

407 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Violette De Ayala Founder of FemCity - WP Tonic

How To Build A Real Community Based Highly Profitable Online Membership Business Violette has managed to build a real online community with her FemCity brand we discuss how she did it and the lessons she has learned. Violette created FemCity… Continue Reading →

How to Use Shopify and WordPress to Create Your E-Commerce Store - WP Mayor

Both Shopify and WordPress can be excellent tools for building your e-commerce store. In fact, you can actually integrate the two, in order to take advantage of each platform’s key benefits. Let’s explore how you can add Shopify ‘Buy’ buttons… Continue Reading →

How to Increase WordPress Max Upload File Size Limit - WP Blog

By default, WordPress and your hosting provider limit the file upload size because of technical reasons. Users who need to upload files that exceed the pre-set limit often get an error and the operation fails. Increase WordPress Max Upload File… Continue Reading →

How to start a clothing line in 7 steps - GoDaddy Garage

When thinking about how to start a clothing line, the phrase “clothing line” might trigger a montage of movie-esque clips in our brains. Images of colorful fabric tufts being thrown in the air. Designers surrounded by crumpled papers staring at… Continue Reading →

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