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JavaScript Frameworks – Angular vs Vue vs Ember: Tool to Choose - Template Toaster

Ronit’s team has been performing very well in this season of “WebHack”, an annual technical contest. Teams from various other colleges, comprising of geeky brains contest each year for the “Best Developers Gang” title. Ronit’s team is also the defending… Continue Reading →

Allowing Authors To Revise Published Posts - JustWP

There is no doubt that WordPress is a powerful blogging platform but thanks to its regular installation it doesn’t come fully equipped the way it has to be for multi-author blogs. If you are running a multi-author blog, then it… Continue Reading →

How To Fix “The Link You Followed Has Expired” Error in WordPress - Do it With WordPress

Are you seeing ‘The link you followed has expired’ error in WordPress? This error does not give much clues about what’s actually wrong, which is why beginners find it a bit difficult to resolve. In this article, we will show… Continue Reading →

How To Redesign A Website Without Losing Your Search Ranking - WordPress Arena

Every website in existence will need a proper redesign sooner or later. Some will need it to update their layout, colors and other visual elements. Others, on the other hand, may not need a redesign for aesthetic purposes but they… Continue Reading →

How to Make an SEO Friendly WordPress Site - WordPress Arena

Digital marketing is a complicated business. As the digital landscape persistently evolves and expands each day, marketing your content, products, and services online is getting harder and harder. As a beginner in the art of digital marketing, WordPress is definitely… Continue Reading →

What is HTML? The Basics Explained - Template Toaster

HTML an acronym for Hypertext Markup Language was developed by Tim Burners-Lee in the year 1990. Every web pages you see on the internet is written using one of the versions of HTML. HTML help the text to do more… Continue Reading →

How to Create an Online Course with WordPress (the RIGHT WAY) - Do it With WordPress

Did you know that you can create a successful online course with WordPress? Selling online courses is a popular online business idea that you can start with a very small investment and no technical knowledge. WordPress plugins make it easy… Continue Reading →

How To Fix “Failed To Load Resource” Error In WordPress - Do it With WordPress

Are you seeing “Failed to load resource error” in WordPress or your browser’s inspect tool? Many WordPress users find it difficult to figure out what resource or file is not loading, and more importantly why is it not loading correctly…. Continue Reading →

7 Principles of Risk Management for Running Successful Projects - Elegant Themes

Risk. I love that word. Every wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me has been born of risk. When we talk about risk management in business, we’re not just talking about the bold, brave business moves that may fail but… Continue Reading →

How to Easily Give Free Products to Your Customers on WooCommerce - BobWP

Would you like to be able to gift customers a free product without having to go through checkout? The post How to Easily Give Free Products to Your Customers on WooCommerce appeared first on BobWP – WooCommerce.

20 Best New Portfolios, July 2019 - Web Designer Depot

And now it’s July. I’d just like to tell my American and Canadian friends to hydrate properly, and the hangover should be gone by October, just in time for the sugar crash. While you recover, we’ve got more portfolios. Lots… Continue Reading →

Dropshipping Made Simple: A Step by Step Guide for WordPress - Do it With WordPress

Dropshipping has become a popular online business idea because it’s easy to setup, requires very little investment, and the market is huge. Unlike traditional eCommerce business that requires you to manage product inventory and handle shipping logistics, dropshipping allows you… Continue Reading →

9 Best Headline Analyzer Tools Compared (With a Deep Dive into How to Use Them) - Kinsta Blog

David Ogilvy, who is now known as the Father of Advertising, was one of the best copywriters who ever lived. And what did he have to say about the importance of headlines? “On average, five times as many people read… Continue Reading →

Learning How To Design Good Website Logos - JustWP

One of the most important customizable features you can put on your WordPress site is your logo. Every website needs a great logo to help it connect with customers and showcase your brand’s personality. But “great” is an overused word…. Continue Reading →

Rest API Chat Summary: June 27 - Make WordPress Core

This post summarizes the weekly REST API chat meeting for June 27, 2019. (Slack transcript). Weekly REST API component office hours are held every Thursday at 18:00 UTC in the #core-restapi room in the Make WordPress Slack. Ticket Review #43691… Continue Reading →

How to Create a 4-Corner Fixed Navigation with Divi - Elegant Themes

A unique navigation design can give any website a bit of an edge. 4-corner fixed navigation, for example,  is a good way to give viewers more options to interact with your website’s design. In fact, it adds another layer to… Continue Reading →

Asknicely NPS Software: An Overview and Review - Elegant Themes

AskNicely lets brands collect net promoter score (NPS) customer feedback at any point in the customer journey and from any channel. The software is for anyone who cares about delivering a great customer experience – support departments (obviously), entrepreneurs and… Continue Reading →

Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Mask - Elegant Themes

Divi Mask is a third-party plugin for Divi that adds a new module to the Divi Builder with some unique styles for images and backgrounds. It places a mask over the image so the image takes the shape of the… Continue Reading →

How to Creatively Use Divi’s Row Borders to Create a Stunning Hero Section Design - Elegant Themes

Your page’s hero section usually sets the bar for the rest of the page. It also plays a major role in your visitors’ first impression. With Divi, you can create amazing hero sections using the built-in options only. Now, if… Continue Reading →

Podcast Episode 27: Liquid Web COO Carrie Wheeler talks Leadership and Transitioning from Tech - Wordfence Blog

Liquid Web COO Carrie Wheeler chatted with Mark at WordCamp Atlanta about her path from developer to leadership in the tech field. She talks about the three things all people look for in their jobs and how to provide context… Continue Reading →

How to Embed Bing Maps in WordPress - Do it With WordPress

Do you want to embed Bing Maps on your WordPress website? If you are looking for a Google Maps alternative, then Bing Maps is the right candidate for you. Similar to Google Maps, you can use Bing Maps to show… Continue Reading →

How to Use a Pomodoro Timer to Increase Productivity - Elegant Themes

Social media, gossipy co-workers, and any number of other tempting distractions can easily pull you away from your work. Plus, long hours plugging away at the same tasks can lead to boredom and inefficiency. The odds are really stacked against… Continue Reading →

How to Code a “Click to Tweet” Button - Web Designer Depot

With Instagram, Snapchat and other “young” social media platforms taking over the internet, Twitter still remains one of the most popular marketing channels. It has around 326 million active users per month which means that your target audience is likely… Continue Reading →

What Is Outbound Marketing? (And Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It) - Kinsta Blog

Outbound marketing is about reaching “out” to potential customers. It’s what people think about when they hear the word “marketing” — cold calls, billboards, TV ads, radio ads, flyers, etc. Sounds a bit old-fashioned, doesn’t it? But these are all… Continue Reading →

WordPress Contact Form : Add in Three Steps - Template Toaster

There are numerous things that call for your attention while creating a website. One of them is having a contact form. It can enhance your site’s credibility to a great level. Having a WordPress site is no less than a… Continue Reading →

How to Recreate ET’s Layout Pack Previews with Fan-Out Hover Effects in Divi - Elegant Themes

One of the cool features of the new website design of elegantthemes.com is the premade layout pack previews on the Divi product page. What makes this design unique is how each layout pack is featured with three separate images that… Continue Reading →

WPBeginner Turns 10 Years Old – Reflections, Updates, and a WordPress Giveaway ($124,000+ in Prizes) - Do it With WordPress

Wow, it’s the tenth fourth. Today, WPBeginner is officially 10 years old — feels unreal to type this! Like every year, I want to take a few minutes and do a quick recap of all the major things happening in… Continue Reading →

The Best Free Hand Lettering Fonts - WP Dev Shed

It’s hard to beat a handwritten letter. You get it in the mail, open it up and smell the paper as you read the words between each blue line. But…who writes letters anymore? It’s the digital age – a time… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Upgrade WordPress to PHP 7 Now Rather Than Later - Elegant Themes

If you pay attention to the latest news from the WordPress community, you may have noticed the recent buzz regarding PHP 7. However, non-technical users may have a hard time understanding what PHP 7 is and why it matters for… Continue Reading →

Editor chat summary: Wednesday, 3 July 2019 - Make WordPress Core

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting on Wednesday, 3 July 2019, 14:00 WEST held in Slack. The agenda followed can be found here. Task coordination @nerrad Implemented the first pass at a potential solution for the element interpolation i18n problem https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/16374. @youknowriad Worked… Continue Reading →

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