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How To Find The Best Reseller Hosting for Your WordPress Business or Digital Agency - WPMU Dev

This guide to what makes a great reseller hosting platform will save you hours of doing painstaking research, and shows you how to pick the best reseller hosting company to partner with for your agency. If you are a digital… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide To Reseller Hosting: A Blueprint For Digital Agencies - WPMU Dev

The key to thriving in the highly competitive landscape of web development or digital services might lie in a game-changer … reseller hosting! Learn what reseller hosting is, how it works, and why it should be an integral part of… Continue Reading →

How to Improve WordPress Navigation Menu - WordPress Arena

A well-structured and organized navigation menu is essential for any website. It allows visitors to quickly find the content they are looking for, improving their overall browsing experience. In this tutorial, we will discuss various techniques to enhance and improve… Continue Reading →

Publishing Blog Posts via Email: WordPress and Blogger - WordPress Arena

If you want to add posts to your blog without opening the WP Admin and logging in, you can set up your WordPress installation to accept posts sent via email. This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Guide to Managing WordPress Multi Sites - WordPress Arena

If you are planning to run a WordPress multisite, there are several crucial steps you need to follow in order to set everything up correctly. It’s important to thoroughly follow these steps to ensure that your additional sites function properly…. Continue Reading →

Upgrade Your Hosting Experience with 2X SSD Storage and 10X Bandwidth - WPMU Dev

MORE BANDWIDTH, MORE SSD STORAGE SPACE, UNLIMITED VISITORS! WPMU DEV’s managed WordPress hosting now gives you everything you need to scale your business to even greater heights. We’ll keep this short and sweet because there’s a lot to take in…. Continue Reading →

Target Website Visitors More Effectively With SmartCrawl’s Location-Based Redirects - WPMU Dev

No one likes to be given the runaround…especially potential customers looking to buy from you! Learn how to use SmartCrawl‘s Location-Based Redirects to automatically send your site visitors to the right place based on their location. If you run a… Continue Reading →

Reseller: A Step-By-Step Setup Guide For Agencies, Web Developers & Freelancers - WPMU Dev

WPMU DEV’s Reseller is an end-to-end platform to sell hosting, domains, templates, SEO, and more through your own white-label portal, on your own domain. Learn how to easily set up automated Reseller for your business in this step-by-step guide. Reseller… Continue Reading →

G2 Summer Awards 2023 – How WPMU DEV Performed - WPMU Dev

How did WPMU DEV compare against other WordPress leaders in the areas of Managed Hosting, Web Hosting, and WordPress Site Management for the Summer 2023 quarter? Winners of 139 G2 Awards for Summer ’23! WordPress Management ToolsManaged HostingWeb HostingManaged HostingManagement… Continue Reading →

How to Merge Table Cells in a Table in WordPress?

Wondering how to merge one of more cells in a table within the default WordPress editor? Let’s get straight to the point here – note that I’m writing this on June 8th 2022: – You can’t (yet)! Not without some… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Business Email for Your WordPress Site

There has been considerable discussion about the statement that email is dead. We will not join these disputes but only add a few words. Long live email! It is still active and doing well, and there is no need to… Continue Reading →

Episode 82 – The Perfect Google My Business Post - Imagely Photography Podcast

Sometimes social platforms tell us exactly what they want to see. Exactly what will ensure the content is seen. What triggers the platform’s algorithm show your stuff. In this episode, we want to share exactly what Google shares that does… Continue Reading →

Episode 80 – The Travel & Tour Photography Business with Kevin Wenning - Imagely Photography Podcast

Kevin Wenning operates international bicycle tours designed for photographers. After several years of photographing client work in the studio & commercial projects, Kevin discovered travel photography. A couple of years into travel photography, he founded Intentionally Lost to combine his… Continue Reading →

438 – WP Cron and Action Scheduler - Your Website Engineer

Announcements WooCommerce 3.6 shipped Dashicons in WordPress 5.2 Is there a plugin for that? With more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard to find the perfect one. Each week, I will highlight an interesting plugin form the… Continue Reading →

Episode 79 – Changing Categories (and Tags) in Bulk - Imagely Photography Podcast

There was a question in the WordPress for Photographers group on Facebook asking about changing categories for a few hundred posts in bulk. Is there a way to change the category of 300 posts in a quick way? There are… Continue Reading →

436 – Speed Up Your Site By Lazy Loading Images - Your Website Engineer

In today’s episode, we look at how to speed up our site by adding a lazy loading images plugin. View on

435 – Getting Your PHP Version Current - Your Website Engineer

In today’s episode, we talk about how to update to PHP 7.2 and the performance boosts you’ll see by running the latest version. View on

Episode 78 – Sensual Photos Dreamy Site with Molly Marie Keyser - Imagely Photography Podcast

Through the appropriate marketing, sales, and pricing strategies Molly Marie Keyser grew her boudoir photography business from .81 cents to 6 figures a year. In addition to being a photographer, Molly helps other photographers grow their boudoir businesses by being… Continue Reading →

Episode 77 – Block Editor Workflow Tips - Imagely Photography Podcast

For today’s episode we wanted to share some workflow tips for the new block editor in WordPress 5.0 and above. The new editor can actually speed up your content creation process, and not because of blocks specifically. But rather, because… Continue Reading →

Episode 76 – Branding Your Photography Business with Keith Stoeckeler - Imagely Photography Podcast

Keith Stoeckeler is the VP of Digital at MKTG, and his work encompasses web and app development, social and digital strategy, content development and video production, influencer marketing, and talent relationships, social listening and insights. Yes, MKTG does a lot… Continue Reading →

Episode 74 – Diagnosing Broken Previews in WordPress - Imagely Photography Podcast

In this episode we discuss a popular question which has come up since WordPress 5.0 was released. Many people are finding their page and post Preview functionalities are broken. The Previews are either working, not showing updated information, or are… Continue Reading →

425 – WordPress Block Editor’s Hidden Features - Your Website Engineer

Announcements WordCamp Dayton on March 1 and 2 Is there a plugin for that? With more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard to find the perfect one. Each week, I will highlight an interesting plugin form the… Continue Reading →

424 – Convert Existing Posts to Gutenberg Blocks - Your Website Engineer

Announcements WooCommerce Blocks is Now a Feature Plugin, Version 1.3.0 Introduces 6 New Blocks WordPress 5.1 Beta 2 Is there a plugin for that? With more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard to find the perfect one…. Continue Reading →

Episode 73 – Massive Brand Shift w/ Mike Allebach - Imagely Photography Podcast

Originally called “The Tattooed Bride Photographer”, Mike started a movement to make Tattooed Brides acceptable. He believes in the power of In Person Sales and Album Sales to create life long clients. Never having held a sales job in his… Continue Reading →

422 – Creating Reusable Blocks in WordPress 5.0 - Your Website Engineer

Announcements Introducing the 2019 ‘Anything Is Possible’ List Jetpack’s Blog highlights how to build a barber shop website, a school website and more! Is there a plugin for that? With more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard… Continue Reading →

Episode 71 – Sticky Clients, Like Glue w/ Nate Grahek - Imagely Photography Podcast

Nate is a photographer, educator, marketing technology nerd, and entrepreneur, He is passionate about helping others do more of what they love. After seeing his own portrait clients reaction to the custom mobile apps he was building for them, Nate… Continue Reading →

Episode 69 – Being Thankful and Thinking About 2019 - Imagely Photography Podcast

It’s Thanksgiving this week, so we want to take a moment to share some words of advice. Start thinking about your books and getting all your financial and tax stuff organized. The new year will be coming up fast now… Continue Reading →

Episode 68 – Making Client Onboarding Awesome w/ Latoya Dixon Smith - Imagely Photography Podcast

Latoya Dixon Smith is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Greenville, SC. She has been widely featured in publications, including The Huffington Post, 99U, and The Greenville Business Magazine. Along with photographing couples eager to create their own, new… Continue Reading →

Episode 66 – Personal Brand Photography w/ Jamie Swanson - Imagely Photography Podcast

Jamie Swanson is a former wedding photographer, now a personal brand photographer and founder of The Modern Tog. Jamie has an immense amount of tools and resources available for photographers, from starting a business, setting prices, getting more clients and… Continue Reading →

WPWeekly Episode 327 – Truth, Misinformation, and Good Ideas - WordPress Weekly

In this episode, John James Jacoby and I discuss what’s new in the world of WordPress. First, we talk about Syed Balkhi’s growth accelerator fund and learn that Jacoby pitched a similar idea to Balkhi at WordCamp Miami 2017. We… Continue Reading →

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