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A Forminator Quiz Is the Answer to Collecting Emails and Generating Leads - WPMU Dev

Collecting leads has never been as much fun! Thanks to our free 5-star plugin, Forminator, you can now create engaging quizzes and capture emails simultaneously. Plus, you can easily manage your leads, integrate the emails with a 3rd party app… Continue Reading →

How to Set Up a Cron Job in cPanel Hosting (+ WP Cron) - WPMU Dev

Cron Jobs allow you to run scripts and automate repetitive tasks that can take up considerable time if done manually. In this post, we show you how to set up a cron job in cPanel and how to configure a… Continue Reading →

WordPress Theme vs Plugin – What is the Difference? - Template Toaster

Do you know the difference between WordPress theme vs plugin? Well, many people don’t. Recently, I have received an email that included a question from one of my clients. It says “what should I use for my website, a theme… Continue Reading →

How to Migrate a WordPress Multisite Subsite to a Single WordPress Site - WPMU Dev

Splitting a WordPress multisite network into single WordPress websites used to be quite challenging and downright clunky…until now! Shipper makes moving a website from a WordPress multisite network to a single WordPress install hosted on its own domain a breeze…. Continue Reading →

How to Customize the WordPress Dashboard - Template Toaster

Do you want a customized experience with WordPress? Or do you want to offer a customized experience for your clients or other third party users (like bloggers or freelancers). It  doesn’t matter why you want to customize your WordPress dashboard…. Continue Reading →

How to Simply Set Up Users & Roles in The Hub for You and Your Clients - WPMU Dev

With The Hub 2.0, you can give unlimited users multiple roles — even if they aren’t WPMU DEV members! All of this can be easily set up in a matter of minutes, allowing you the flexibility to give users access… Continue Reading →

How Web Hosting Affects Your Online Business and Its Security - WordPress Arena

Most people see web hosting has a necessary part of doing business. They understand that if they don’t have web … Read moreHow Web Hosting Affects Your Online Business and Its Security The post How Web Hosting Affects Your Online… Continue Reading →

How To Get The Most Out Of Using Hustle - WPMU Dev

Hustle is the ultimate email marketing and lead generation plugin for WordPress.  Learn how to get the most out of Hustle to grow your list and your business. Hustle gives you everything you need to get more customers…from growing your… Continue Reading →

How To Get The Most Out Of Using Beehive - WPMU Dev

Beehive Analytics is your all-in-one Google Analytics Dashboard, keeping you in the loop when it comes to your site traffic and making analytics less of a chore. Easily track your statistics straight from your WordPress dashboard and stay on top… Continue Reading →

Need Directions? Here’s How to Add Maps to WordPress - WPMU Dev

There are many reasons why you might want to add a map to your WordPress site. Do you have a shop and want to display your location? Or maybe you’re into real estate and need to show your latest listings…. Continue Reading →

Everything You Need for a Successful Online Retail Store - WordPress Arena

What makes some online retail businesses so successful? What are shoppers actually looking for? Surprisingly, the answer is not that … Read moreEverything You Need for a Successful Online Retail Store The post Everything You Need for a Successful Online… Continue Reading →

How Blockchain is changing your WordPress website - WordPress Arena

Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology with applications in various fields, such as finance, supply chain management, and cybersecurity. In a … Read moreHow Blockchain is changing your WordPress website The post How Blockchain is changing your WordPress website appeared first… Continue Reading →

Put the Smackdown on Spammers: 15 Top-Rated WordPress Antispam Plugins - WPMU Dev

If you have a WordPress site, there’s a good chance you welcome giving your users the option to comment on a blog, register for information, send you an email, or something else. It’s great to have folks communicate with you,… Continue Reading →

More Labels & Languages – The Hub Just Gets Better - WPMU Dev

Just when you thought we were done making The Hub better (okay, we’re never done), we spiced it up even further with custom labels and language translations! Languages and labels give you even more options to set up The Hub… Continue Reading →

How to Get the Most Out of Using Branda - WPMU Dev

Branda is your white-labeling , efficiency-increasing, admin-customizing connoisseur. She gives you the power to customize every aspect of WordPress, letting your brand flow from the front to back of your website. Here’s how to make the most of her skills…… Continue Reading →

Spice Up Your Sites: Customize Your WordPress Multisite Admin Areas With Branda - WPMU Dev

Branda is your ultimate tool for customizing your multisite network. Inject a slice of personality into each of your sites’ admin areas and decide whether this power sits with just the Network Admin, or with individual site admins. In this… Continue Reading →

How to Make the Perfect Popup with Hustle - WPMU Dev

A perfect Popup must catch the reader’s eye at the right moment, compel them to take action immediately, move subscribers automatically to the next step in the relationship, and deliver consistent results every time…like the perfect salesperson! This is a… Continue Reading →

How to Get the Most Out of Using Forminator - WPMU Dev

Forminator is WPMU DEV’s 5-star form-builder plugin. It lets you easily create forms, quizzes, polls, collect payments from Stripe & PayPal, and much more — for free! “Amazing plugin, it really seems that only your imagination can limit its uses.”… Continue Reading →

Impress Clients Before They Even Log In With a Custom Login Page From Branda - WPMU Dev

Branda is the ultimate tool for white labeling the front and back-end of your WordPress site. One of the many tricks up her sleeve is the ability to create custom login pages to ensure that every inch of your site… Continue Reading →

Creating the Perfect Contact Form with Forminator - WPMU Dev

Contact forms not only let visitors get in touch with you, they are also essential for lead generation. With our free 5-star Forminator plugin, adding a contact form to your WordPress site is easy, as this guide will show you!… Continue Reading →

Create an Easy Payment Form (for free!) with Forminator - WPMU Dev

Selling items on WordPress has never been as streamlined, thanks to Forminator, our 5-star forms plugin. You can set up your shop quickly and efficiently with free payment options like Stripe and Paypal integration, customizable product features, discount codes, and… Continue Reading →

How To Completely Customize The WordPress Admin Area With Branda - WPMU Dev

Branda gives you the power to white label WordPress, letting your brand flow from the front to the back-end of your site. In this guide, we’ll show you how to renovate your admin area with some of Branda’s most impressive… Continue Reading →

Free Wildcard SSL For Multisite Subdomains Now On WPMU DEV Hosting - WPMU Dev

Setting up SSL on Multisite subdomains was complex and expensive…until now! WPMU DEV hosting with Free Wildcard SSL automatically included on all hosted sites solves this issue! One of the most powerful features of WordPress is that you can set… Continue Reading →

How to Get the Most Out of Defender Security - WPMU Dev

Keeping your WordPress site safe often requires no more than the click of a button with Defender, our 5-star WordPress security plugin. Defender protects your site 24/7 against hackers, malicious code, SQL injections, and much more. This guide shows you… Continue Reading →

Remove or Improve – Is It Time to Get Rid of Your WordPress Admin Bar? - WPMU Dev

Fed up with your WordPress admin bar getting in your way when viewing your site? Need a simple plugin to help you tweak it a little, or if your mind’s set on it, remove it completely? Read on for a… Continue Reading →

Episode #216 – Pete Everitt Reveals How to Manage a Successful Agency (and More) - WP Elevation

Finding the right tools to manage your business, hiring the right team members to support it, and having enough hours in the day to get everything done — sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Pete Everitt of SO… Digital Communications sheds light… Continue Reading →

Episode 82 – The Perfect Google My Business Post - Imagely Photography Podcast

Sometimes social platforms tell us exactly what they want to see. Exactly what will ensure the content is seen. What triggers the platform’s algorithm show your stuff. In this episode, we want to share exactly what Google shares that does… Continue Reading →

Episode #215 – How to Use Sales Funnels to Level Up Your Business with Dave Foy - WP Elevation

I know, I know… “Sales funnel” is a bit of a buzzword at the moment. But this episode of the WP Elevation podcast — featuring brilliant teacher Dave Foy — is going to change how you view sales funnels and… Continue Reading →

Episode 80 – The Travel & Tour Photography Business with Kevin Wenning - Imagely Photography Podcast

Kevin Wenning operates international bicycle tours designed for photographers. After several years of photographing client work in the studio & commercial projects, Kevin discovered travel photography. A couple of years into travel photography, he founded Intentionally Lost to combine his… Continue Reading →

438 – WP Cron and Action Scheduler - Your Website Engineer

Announcements WooCommerce 3.6 shipped Dashicons in WordPress 5.2 Is there a plugin for that? With more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard to find the perfect one. Each week, I will highlight an interesting plugin form the… Continue Reading →

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