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Why Website Security Matters to Your Business - iThemes

Have you ever thought about why website security matters to your business? If you lock your office door when you leave at the end of the day, or you keep your money in a safe, you have a basic idea… Continue Reading →

7 Myths About Virtual Call Centers Debunked! - WP Dev Shed

Virtual call centers use modern technology to provide an excellent customer experience, but they face a few misconceptions. Old-school managers think remote agents aren’t as productive, and many think call centers are expensive. However, virtual call centers provide an environment… Continue Reading →

4 Data Security Measures Software Services Need to Take - WP Dev Shed

Lately, there’s so much noise in the media about data breaches and compromises that it can be difficult for businesses, consumers, and the general public to understand their exposure and pinpoint real threats. The chance is they will place this… Continue Reading →

Catch FSE Is a Bold, Business-Friendly WordPress Block Theme - WP Tavern

And another theme shop hops on the block bandwagon. Catch Themes’ first block-based theme, Catch FSE, landed on over the weekend. The company is one of the most prolific authors in the official WordPress theme directory, touting a total… Continue Reading →

How To Make Money On Instagram In 2022: 9 Ways To Profit - Blogging Wizard

If you spend a good chunk of your day working on the content of your Instagram account, don’t you think it’s about time that you get paid? That’s exactly what…

The Rise Of Digital Marketing (Such As SEO) For Businesses In Australia - WP Dev Shed

Businesses in Australia are benefitting from the increasing trend of using digital media in advertising to generate organic traffic. Marketers are taking advantage of the expanding digital landscape and the opportunities it presents. This is seen in the rise of… Continue Reading →

Side Hustle Ideas: 50+ Legit Ways To Earn Extra Money In 2022 - Blogging Wizard

Picking up a side hustle is a great way to supplement your 9-to-5 and earn a little extra cash on the side. However, if you’ve ever Googled ‘side hustle ideas’…

How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Maintenance Agency for Your Business [Complete Step by Step Guide] - WPRiders

WordPress started in 2003 as a blogging platform and made a phenomenal transition to an excellent CMS that now powers 43% of all websites, according to the latest statistics provided by W3Techs. But like all software, things occasionally go wrong,… Continue Reading →

10-Step Checklist To Ensure Your WordPress Website Is Secure - WPRiders

WordPress security is a crucial topic to consider for every website owner. According to PatchStach, a cybersecurity company focused on the WordPress environment, “Google quarantines around 10,000 suspicious websites every day and puts them on a ‘Google blacklist.’” According to WPScan, a… Continue Reading →

7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Law Firm’s Web Design - WP Dev Shed

We live in a time when the Internet is our go-to when it comes to looking for information – and this includes legal matters as well. Therefore, if you are a lawyer, people will try to look you up online… Continue Reading →

5 Tips For Creating An Efficient CRM System - WP Dev Shed

One of the most prominent IT systems in the modern business world is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. As the name implies, its main function is to regulate and manage customer relationships. Large enterprises and small businesses alike use… Continue Reading →

Top 16 Google Forms Alternatives (Free and Paid) - Kinsta Blog

There are almost endless uses for forms. You can build an email list, register new users, or solicit feedback from your customers. With the right tools, you can even analyze your form responses to learn more about your audience. One of… Continue Reading →

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022 - WP Dev Shed

You probably already know that Instagram is one of the fastest-growing marketing tools of the current generation. For this reason, anyone can create an Instagram profile, and make money with a bit of patience and a few tricks up their… Continue Reading →

10 Ways To Make Your Customers Happy Over The Call - WP Dev Shed

To make someone happy, you can give them flowers. To make your employees happy, you can give them a promotion or a higher paycheck.  But, what to do to make your customers happy over the call?  If this question is… Continue Reading →

WP Engine, Pantheon, and Others Drop Support for Russian Business Customers - WP Tavern

WordPress managed hosting company WP Engine has joined Acquia, Fastly, Gatsby, Netlify, and Pantheon to begin booting Russian companies off their platforms. In addition to the joint protest, each organization has also pledged support to the Open Observatory of Network… Continue Reading →

Seven Top WordPress Trends You Should Watch In 2022 - WPRiders

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular content management solution that now powers around 43% of all websites. The reason for WordPress’s success is its versatility and the ease of creating many kinds of websites built with its help. Without any further ado,… Continue Reading →

Podcast E419 – Business Goals vs Systems - KitchenSinkWP

This week I talk about Business Goals vs Systems [powerpress]

Podcast E416 – My Tips On Making Business Decisions - KitchenSinkWP

This week I share tips on making decisions [powerpress]

How to start a web design business - GoDaddy Garage

Starting a web design business relies heavily on the right knowledge and resources. To help you get started, we’ve developed this ebook. It’s free to download and includes more than 100 pages packed with tips and tricks for getting your… Continue Reading →

Top 10 WordPress Stats And Facts Every CFO Should Know - WPRiders

A few years ago, I had a friend who was facing a pretty common business dilemma — she wanted a website for her business, but she didn’t have any programming skills. Knowing my background in web development, she came to… Continue Reading →

Podcast E398 – Creating content to grow you business - KitchenSinkWP

This week I share why and how creating content to grow your business.  [powerpress]

Podcast E394 – 8 reasons why to start a business - KitchenSinkWP

This week I share 8 reason why you should start a business. [powerpress]

Episode 131 – A Profitable Photography Business with Tanya Smith - Imagely Photography Podcast

In this episode, Tanya Smith shares advice for photographers of all experiences and genres to make their businesses more profitable and less busy.

Episode 130 – Efficiency in Your Photography Business with Peter LaGregor - Imagely Photography Podcast

In this episode, we talk to Peter LaGregor about running a photography business as a side hustle instead of a full-time career. We touch on strategy in business, photography, editing, and delivery.

Podcast E380 – The 6 month business check-in - KitchenSinkWP

This week I talk about the 6 month business check-in.  [powerpress]

Episode 99: SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack Affects Government and Fortune 500 Businesses - Wordfence Blog

Earlier this week, we learned that SolarWinds, the largest provider of network management tools for government and enterprise organizations fell victim to a supply chain attack. This attack affected their Orion network management system. Reportedly, 18,000 enterprise and government customers… Continue Reading →

Episode 97 – Develop and Focus Your Photo Business with Alex Vita - Imagely Photography Podcast

Alex Vita is the man behind ForegroundWeb. He started many years with photography, and has been through the struggles of finding work, he did a bunch of weddings, had a portrait studio and learned to build photography websites on his… Continue Reading →

Episode 58: Leadership and the Business of WordPress Plugins: Lessons from the Yoast Black Friday Ad - Wordfence Blog

Yoast, the SEO plugin installed on 9 million WordPress sites, ran a Black Friday sale, experimenting with an ad in the WordPress admin dashboard. The internet furor was dramatic, and Yoast’s CEO Marieke van de Rakt took ownership, showing exceptional… Continue Reading →

Episode 91 – What Your Photography Business Needs - Imagely Photography Podcast

In today’s episode, we are going to share three things your photography business needs, and an introduction to the new blog series. Joke of the day: When a friend retired from a lifetime as a photographer, he moved to an… Continue Reading →

Podcast Episode 49: Building Business Through Community with Lindsey Miller - Wordfence Blog

At WordCamp Minneapolis, our Lead Customer Service Engineer Tim Cantrell chats with Lindsey Miller about her work as Partner Marketing Manager at LiquidWeb. Tim and Lindsey also talk about the challenges of being a remote worker, and how the connections… Continue Reading →

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