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How to Handle Rejection with Dignity and Move Forward - Elegant Themes

The moment you become a part of the professional, working landscape, you have to acknowledge and prepare yourself for rejection. That’s not easy – rejection stinks, and it can feel similar to romantic heartbreak. Every successful professional has had to… Continue Reading →

Are You in a Toxic Relationship with Your Job? - Elegant Themes

When you hear the term “toxic relationship,” you may think about an ex-partner, your parents, a sibling or a college roommate. But you can have toxic relationships with people in your professional life, too, or even with your job or… Continue Reading →

20 Ideas To Grow Your Business In 2020 - iThemes

As any business owner knows, sustaining a business is much harder than starting one. Long-term success requires daily business planning, process managing and client satisfaction. That said, if your business has made it through 2019, your chances of succeeding in… Continue Reading →

The Future of My Business & The Kim Doyal Show - The WP Chick

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded a podcast and for what it’s worth, it’s been intentional. After giving myself some time last fall to process the loss of my Mom (which is still ongoing, but I think I’m on… Continue Reading →

A Booking Plugin for Your Photography Business - Imagely

Here is a secret. Many years ago we were in talks to acquire a beautiful booking plugin for WordPress. It was not just another booking plugin. It was one of the most beautiful booking plugins we have ever seen, and… Continue Reading →

10 Best Blogger Outreach Tools To Grow Your Website (And Business) - Blogging Wizard

Do you find outreach campaigns tiresome and monotonous? Blogger outreach tools may just be what you need to streamline this task. From tools that help you find influencers and popular blogs to ones that help you send and manage outreach… Continue Reading →

Advanced tips for building an amazing website for your local business - WP Dev Shed

In 2020 no one needs convincing of the value of a website. It is mandatory for all businesses. What is still less obvious is the difference between a good and bad website. A good website will rank well in Google,… Continue Reading →

Best Email Marketing Software for Business (2020) - Template Toaster

Email marketing software is a tool that lets you send customized emails to a large number of people at once. If you are looking for the best email marketing software tools for small business, then reading this post will definitely… Continue Reading →

Premium WordPress Themes for Local Business Websites - WP Dev Shed

So, you’re building a new website for your local business, excellent! The good news is that this has never been easier. The world’s most popular content management system, WordPress, makes it so easy these days to create a really beautifully… Continue Reading →

How to Protect Your Content Under the DMCA - WP Dev Shed

As a creator of digital content, you want to know your creations are protected from unfair copying and distribution. Unfortunately, the digital era has made it all too easy for anyone to redistribute content with just a few clicks. The… Continue Reading →

5 Cash Flow Tips for Freelancers - Elegant Themes

If you run a business, you want more money coming in than the amount going out – that much is a given. When you work as a contractor, you need to think of yourself as a company if you’re going… Continue Reading →

How to start a window coverings business with WordPress and WooCommerce - WordPress Arena

First, we came across this tip after one of our editors (looking at you Jeff!) from Australia happened to need custom made window blinds for his brand new home he had purchased. Being a tech-savvy person he knew all about… Continue Reading →

Introducing a new chapter, with Cory Miller as Post Status partner - Post Status

I created Post Status in January 2013 and started the Club in January 2015. January 2020 marks another huge milestone for this community and business. I’m very excited to share that Cory Miller is now an equal partner of Post… Continue Reading →

Can the Block Directory and Business Interests Coexist? - WP Tavern

WordPress.org is not an official marketplace for plugins and themes. Except for some plugins that are strictly SaaS products, all extensions to the platform are publicly available for the low cost of $0. Despite not directly selling through WordPress.org, the… Continue Reading →

2019 Year in Review: Double the Products, Double the Fun - Delicious Brains

TL;DR – We launched two new products this year (SpinupWP and WP Offload SES), kicked off a new chapter for WP Migrate DB Pro, made big improvements to WP Offload Media, and made significant progress cleaning up our sites. We’re… Continue Reading →

13 of the Best Books on Freelancing You May Ever Read - Elegant Themes

What are the best books on freelancing? Whether you’re a veteran freelancer or just starting out, you need resources to help you on your journey. Luckily, there are plenty of seasoned freelancers and business owners who have shared their experiences…. Continue Reading →

5 Plugins Every Photography Site Should Have - Imagely

WordPress is an effective and powerful platform on its own. However, failing to invest in some quality photography site plugins to extend its native features could limit the design and functionality of your website. Fortunately, there are a variety of… Continue Reading →

Top 10 WordPress Themes for Business in 2020 - WP Blog

Nowadays, it is essential for your business to have a website. But, your site not only has to have a visually appealing theme, but it also has to attract visitors and customers. Therefore, you need to pick a suitable WordPress… Continue Reading →

G Suite vs Office 365: Which is Better for Your Team? - Elegant Themes

Are you trying to decide whether to get G Suite or Office 365 for your team? You’re not alone. Every business owner has to choose their core productivity tools at some point. And most of the time it’s a decisive… Continue Reading →

Vanity Phone Numbers: Everything You Need to Know for Your Website or Business - Elegant Themes

Vanity phone numbers are easy for customers to remember, which also makes them better for brands to promote. Examples of toll-free vanity phone numbers are 1-800-CONTACTS and 1-800-FLOWERS. For the customer, there’s little guesswork because the wording relates so closely… Continue Reading →

How to Get Freelance Clients Through Word of Mouth - Elegant Themes

Most referrals for freelance work come by word of mouth. In fact, freelance word-of-mouth referral is the most effective way to build a client rotation that stands the test of time. The numbers don’t lie: a recent survey featured in… Continue Reading →

The Best Video Hosting Options for Businesses and Content Creators - Elegant Themes

When most people think about video hosting options, their minds go to either YouTube or Vimeo. That’s not a bad thing, really. They’re both fantastic platforms with probably more positives than negatives. But what if we told you there were… Continue Reading →

How to Start a Fashion Blog in 2020 - Kinsta Blog

Fashion blogs are in vogue and now is a good time to start your own. You just need to know how to start one. With a little know-how and some elbow grease, you can start your own fashion blog on… Continue Reading →

How to make money from your Minecraft game server - GoDaddy Garage

Minecraft has virtually (pun intended) become a household name. At some point over the last decade, gamers around the world have tried this popular, pixelated, platform of digital delight. Non-gamers aren’t immune to the Minecraft madness either. No one can… Continue Reading →

5 Common Website Mistakes Photographers Make (And How to Avoid Them) - Imagely

As a photographer, you understand the old adage “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. It’s why you spend time and effort honing your craft and editing your work for clients. However, if you’re like many in the industry, you might… Continue Reading →

How to Formulate the Best Questions and Answers for Your FAQ Page - Elegant Themes

When you consider the “must-haves” on any website, an FAQ page is one of the essentials. Not all FAQ pages are created equal though. Some are standalone pages, others are more like a knowledge base or a welcome mat to… Continue Reading →

How to Deal With Difficult Coworkers - Elegant Themes

In every office, there’ll be at least one person you can’t stand. They’ll disagree with everything you say, talk behind your back, and perhaps even go as far as to sabotage you. Learning how to deal with those difficult coworkers… Continue Reading →

On the Eleventh Day of Giving: Freelance Business Book Bundle - iThemes

I am an avid reader and learner. It is the one thing that has been lifelong (thus far). So it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that I read a lot of books (if you forgot, just go read the… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Continuing Education and Professional Development - Elegant Themes

Continuing education is one of the best investments you can make in your future. By learning new skills and techniques, you can open up a world of opportunity. To put it another way, professional development is something that should never… Continue Reading →

Your Quick Guide to E-Commerce Photography - Imagely

If you want to start a photography business, choosing an area of specialty can be beneficial. Unfortunately, the type of work you’re most passionate about may not be the most lucrative. If you want to be financially successful as a… Continue Reading →

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