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#393 WP-Tonic Show We Discuss Website Security & Why It’s Important! - WP Tonic

We discuss WordPress and security one of the main selling points of WordPress connected to building a great online education platform for an eLearning entrepreneur is its flexibility and you have full control of your business platform i.e. you not… Continue Reading →

How to Make the Most of Your Workspace: 5 Questions to Ask - iThemes

Marie Kondo has been cleaning up with her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and her Netflix series, where she encourages people to declutter their homes and find contentment through tidying up. But what about your workspace—does it spark… Continue Reading →

7 Best CRM Software for Small Businesses (Compared) - Do it With WordPress

Are you comparing the best CRM software for small businesses? CRM software helps you manage customer relationships, increase sales, manage leads, and grow your business. Due to the critical role Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software plays in your business success,… Continue Reading →

WordCamps & the WordPress community - GoDaddy Garage

With its ease of use and flexibility, it’s no surprise that WordPress has amassed a large following (after all, it powers one-third of the internet — and growing!). Since WordPress is an open source software product, there’s no built-in customer… Continue Reading →

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce – Which One is Better? (Comparison) - Do it With WordPress

Do you want to create an online store? Are you confused about whether to use BigCommerce or WooCommerce? If so, then you’re not alone. WooCommerce and BigCommerce are two of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the market. The competition… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Custom WordPress Login Page (Ultimate Guide) - Do it With WordPress

Do you want to create a custom WordPress login page for your website? If you run a WordPress membership site or an online store, then many of your users will often see the login page. Customizing the default WordPress login… Continue Reading →

7 of the Worst Websites and How to Avoid the Same Mistakes - Newt Labs

Many of Newt Labs’ blog posts outline how important responsive design is and that you should do everything possible to ensure a good user experience for every visitor. Some readers consider this advice a no-brainer tip, but the following bad… Continue Reading →

20 Best New Portfolios, May 2019 - Web Designer Depot

Hello all, as Justin Timberlake once predicted, it is now May. Now that I’ve subjected you to the latest and greatest in boy band jokes from the ‘90s, let’s check out this month’s portfolios. It should be noted that as… Continue Reading →

5 Tools to Grow Your WordPress Blog - WP Dev Shed

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). There must be something about it that makes it so attractive to organizations and individuals looking to build a world-class website or blog. Of course just because your website runs… Continue Reading →

An Interview with Reyes Martínez of Frontity - Post Status

Reyes Martínez directs Digital Marketing and Communications at Frontity. She gave us some background and answered a few of our questions about the company and the project. PS: Can you give us an overview of Frontity’s history and how your… Continue Reading →

An Interview with Reyes Martínez of Frontity — a new WordPress framework - Post Status

Previously known as Worona, Madrid-based Frontity is close to launching their eponymous public beta, described on Github as both “an alternative rendering engine for WordPress,” and “a React framework to create WordPress themes.” Frontity, the framework, runs separately from WordPress… Continue Reading →

WordPress Vulnerability Roundup – April 2019 - iThemes

Unfortunately, April 2019 was a busy month for WordPress vulnerabilities. You don’t need to worry because our vulnerability roundup has you covered with what you need to know. We are going to cover what the exploits are and how they… Continue Reading →

27 Best Hotel WordPress Themes with Beautiful Designs (2019) - Do it With WordPress

Are you looking for the best WordPress hotel themes? Building a website for your hotel doesn’t have to be hard. WordPress hotel themes make it easy for you to start your hotel website, so more travelers can make a reservation… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Web Directory in WordPress (Step by Step) - Do it With WordPress

Are you looking to create a business web directory? Web directories are a popular online business idea, allowing you to monetize your website with user-generated content. Angie’s list, a popular web directory that helps homeowners find reliable contractors and service… Continue Reading →

5 Great Plugins for Bringing Live Chat to WordPress Sites in 2019 - WP Warfare

If you want to be sure you’re offering the best possible customer service experience, you need to add a live chat option to your website. More than 30% of customers expect it to be on your website – and that… Continue Reading →

Packaging & Pricing Your Offers with Michelle Hunter KDS: 035 - The WP Chick

Packaging & pricing your offers is so much more than “what the market will bear.” Which is why I asked Michelle Hunter to do a second live stream with me where we could go deeper into both offers and pricing… Continue Reading →

GoDaddy Q&A with Reseller and Owner of FXDomains, Michiel Kikkert - GoDaddy Garage

  Michiel Kikkert, a GoDaddy Reseller and owner of FXDomains, has grown his business to over 24,000 customers. Michiel Kikkert is the owner of FXDomains. With more than 13 years of experience and over 20,000 customers across the globe, he’s… Continue Reading →

Pro community update: Be your client’s local web expert - GoDaddy Garage

I love working on the web, and I love supporting local small businesses. That’s why I started freelancing as a web developer while in college. I wanted to help people get their ideas online, even if it just meant building… Continue Reading →

Design Your Website to Sell While You Work - Web Designer Depot

Design work is very time consuming. But it’s not just the labor you put into building websites that takes time and concentration. Because the projects you work on typically have a short shelf life, you’re constantly having to find new… Continue Reading →

Design A Logo For Your Company The Easiest Possible Way - JustWP

In order that your business can rise into another level of recognition, you need to realize that it does not all depend on how well you spend your money on making good products. Your products (or services) are only as… Continue Reading →

Funnel Me This… Funnel Packs are here! - The WP Chick

  Bear with me, after my ‘Oh for funnels sake’ headline all of a sudden I feel this need to come up with kitschy headlines when I write about funnels. This could be an interesting series. I feel like a… Continue Reading →

6 Powerful Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins: Schema Markup Made Easy - Blogging Wizard

Do you review products, publish recipes often or run a local business? Do you feel you’re not doing enough to optimize your content or business for Google’s ever-changing algorithm? In this post, we’re going to share a collection of WordPress… Continue Reading →

5 Signs That Web Design Is Reaching Its Own Industrial Age - Web Designer Depot

The Internet as a concept, and as a community, is much like a teenager: it’s struggling to establish its identity, everyone is trying to tell it what to do, and it tends to lash out at both people who deserve… Continue Reading →

#390 WP-Tonic Round Table Show Friday The 26th of April, 2019 At 8:30 am PST - WP Tonic

With Special Guest Lee Blue of The DoubleStack Podcast. Lee is the founder and lead instructor for DoubleStack. In 2002, Lee founded reality66, a web development firm in Virginia, and has been launching, marketing, and growing businesses online for over… Continue Reading →

How To Write Customer Focused Content For Conversions - Newt Labs

Despite the progress in technology, we still rely on the millennia-old skill to persuade people to buy our products. It’s writing. Creating outstanding content remains one of the core components of getting your website to the top. While copied content… Continue Reading →

41 Best Simple WordPress Themes You Should Try (2019) - Do it With WordPress

Are you looking for the cleanest, simple and easy to use WordPress theme for your website? Many WordPress themes come with tons of options making it difficult to set up and use. However, beginners look for simple and flexible themes… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Connect With Your Users - Web Designer Depot

Who’s your audience? It sounds like an easy question, but it’s not. Knowing your audience helps keep eyeballs on your site, website traffic up, and visitors eagerly returning to your site to consume your content, and buy your products. But… Continue Reading →

WPblab 124 – Why Even WordPress Professionals Need To Hire - WP Watercooler

We know you know your business. You work magic for your clients, maximize their SEO, send amazing drip campaigns, write their content, and even build their site. But what about your own website? The saying about the cobbler’s kids having… Continue Reading →

How to Create A Question and Answers Site in WordPress - Do it With WordPress

Do you want to build an online question and answer community like StackOverflow or Quora? Question and answer websites are fun, highly engaging, and very helpful. These websites make money from user-generated content which makes them an easy to start… Continue Reading →

How to Create WordPress Staging Site with WP Staging - WP Blog

Imagine you want to install a new feature on your website. What’s the best way to do it? On a WordPress Staging website. A live site is not a safe zone for testing/installing new tools and plugins because if something… Continue Reading →

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