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The Art of UX Writing - Web Designer Depot

UX writing is a critical component of user experience design. It’s the voice that guides users through a product, making interactions intuitive and efficient. But how do you master this craft?

YouTube Rolls out Curved Edges for Video Player - Web Designer Depot

After almost two decades of sharp right-angled edges, YouTube is unveiling a new screen layout featuring rounded corners for videos and thumbnails.

Unnerving AI App Lets you Chat with Anyone - Web Designer Depot

Oh God, make it stop. EmbodyMe’s Xpression Chat lets you talk to anyone you like, dead or alive. Has AI finally gone too far?

13 JavaScript Animation Libraries for Designers - Web Designer Depot

Animation is a good web designer’s secret weapon. To animate means to bring to life, and a few little animated touches can liven up even the dullest content.

Intel Releases Update for its Developer-Focused Mono Font - Web Designer Depot

Intel One Mono, an open-source typeface designed for developers, just received a new update. Version 1.3.0 promises several small improvements to make the typeface easier to use.

Threads Finally Unveils Web Browser Version - Web Designer Depot

Instagram head Adam Mosseri just announced that Threads is getting a web browser version. Could this be the feature that revitalizes the platform?

15 Best New Fonts, August 2023 - Web Designer Depot

Fonts play a critical role in design, possessing the ability to evoke emotion, reinforce a brand identity, create hierarchies in a layout, and set the tone of your content.

New X Glitch Wipes Out Almost a Decade of Photos - Web Designer Depot

Users were shocked to find that all of their images and links posted before December 2014 were broken.

Amazon’s New Rating System Gets One-Star Reviews - Web Designer Depot

Amazon just changed its rating system, and now every product looks like it has one star. This one could take some getting used to.

How To Write a UX Case Study That Wins More Work - Web Designer Depot

Crafting a compelling UX (User Experience) case study is an art in and of itself. It’s a process that demands clarity, story-telling, and an honest appraisal of your work.

UIColors Uses CSS to Generate Custom Color Scales for Designers - Web Designer Depot

UIColors lets designers input a hex code and immediately generate a custom color scale for their projects. It’s quick, easy, and surprisingly effective.

A Closer Look at the Paris 2024 Olympiad Posters - Web Designer Depot

To celebrate the arrival of the 2024 Olympic Games, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) collaborated with organizing bodies from around the world to design the Cultural Olympiad programme. Fourteen posters were created to celebrate the occasion.

15 Tempting Photoshop Alternatives - Web Designer Depot

Adobe Photoshop has been considered the must-have graphics software for professional digital creatives for decades. It is to image editing what Google is to online search: way back in 2008, Merriam-Webster added the verb ‘to photoshop’ to its dictionary (meaning… Continue Reading →

Apple Reverses Decision to Move iPhone End Call Button - Web Designer Depot

Apple’s iOS 17 preview launched last week. The update offers many new features, but users couldn’t get over Apple’s decision to move the call button. Now, they’ve reversed it. Rejoice!

WhatsApp Will Soon Allow You to Send HD Images - Web Designer Depot

The update is set to roll out to the public sometime over the next few weeks.

11 Ways to Build a Website for Free - Web Designer Depot

So, you need to build a website, and your budget is all but non-existent. Fear not; it is possible to get online for nothing using a site builder. Sure, you’re not going to win any awards, and forget about scalability…. Continue Reading →

533 – WordPress 6.3 - Your Website Engineer

Announcements Update to the ConvertKit plugin Transfer Google Domains to WordCamp US is coming! Your Website Engineer on YouTube Is there a plugin for that? With more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard to find the… Continue Reading →

Mom, Why has Elon Musk Changed the ‘X’ Logo Again? - Web Designer Depot

Elon Musk just added grungy white stains to the X logo. How long will this one last before it heads to the chopping block?

Exploring Neville Brody’s Geometric Typeface for England’s Lionesses - Web Designer Depot

Neville Brody, an iconic graphic designer, recently collaborated with Nike to design a modular, industrial typography for the England Women’s Football Kit.

7 Secrets of Designing an eCommerce Website - Web Designer Depot

Have you ever wondered why some ecommerce sites have you effortlessly gliding from page to page, product to cart, while others feel like trudging through digital quicksand? The answer lies in design.

YouTube Debuts Samples – A New Music Discovery Tool - Web Designer Depot

What do you get when you cross TikTok’s swiping with Spotify’s Discover feature? Enter Samples – YouTube Music’s new one-tap tool for finding new sounds.

Dear AI Lets Users Generate Intimate Letters in Seconds - Web Designer Depot

Dear AI is an artificial intelligence program that enables users to create thoughtful, handwritten letters for their loved ones. Is it a must-have timesaver or a worrying sign that we’ve delved too far into the doldrums of impersonal machine-generated content?

20 Best New Websites, August 2023 - Web Designer Depot

Welcome to our monthly round-up of what’s good on the web. This month we’re bringing you designs featuring inspiring uses of positive colors, large type, retro elements, illustrations, and so much more.

Microsoft Unveils New Default Office Theme - Web Designer Depot

Microsoft is in the process of beta-testing a new default theme for Office. The tech giant intends to release the change to the public in September 2023.

iOS 17’s New Call Screen Leaves the World Confused - Web Designer Depot

Apple’s iOS17 offers a host of exciting new features, but users can’t get over the new look call screen. Are we just adverse to change, or do we have good reason to be horrified?

How To Design a Killer Logo for Free - Web Designer Depot

The recent Twitter rebranding debacle has provided a reminder of just how important a good logo is to any company or organization. A good logo is a valuable asset — it creates brand recognition and establishes trust — while a… Continue Reading →

Bricolage Grotesque Launches to the Public - Web Designer Depot

Bricolage Grotesque, a free, open-source typeface, was unveiled to the public recently. The font offers the perfect blend of quirkiness, creativity and uniformity.

Air India Unveils Modern New Logo - Web Designer Depot

Air India just announced a colossal rebrand. The new logo is simplified, modernized, and more universal. Perhaps this is the airline’s opportunity to take flight in the global market.

Mastering The Product Design Process - Web Designer Depot

When we talk about product design, we mean designing an entire product. Although product design techniques can certainly be applied to smaller elements of projects, typically, this term refers to a holistic design approach that looks at all aspects of… Continue Reading →

WordPress Releases Version 6.3 “Lionel” - Web Designer Depot

WordPress just unveiled Version 6.3. Titled “Lionel”, the update promises more efficient development processes, improved ease-of-use, and better accessibility for developers.

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