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Search Social Stream for Visual Composer - WP Solver

July 21st in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . In the past few months, we have covered plenty of social feed plugins that let you bring all your social networking updates to one place. Search Social Stream for Visual Composer… Continue Reading →

How to Add Taxonomy Images in WordPress - WhatsWP

For the better management of your posts, you will classify them into different groups on the basis of the similarities. There are some instances when you have the desire to add images to the terms of your taxonomies (categories, tags,… Continue Reading →

20 Top Photography WordPress Themes for a Stunning Portfolio - DART Creations

If you’re a photographer, your photography WordPress theme is critical to your website’s success – it’s going to have to present your best work to ensure more business for you.  As a photographer, it’s indispensable to run a photography site to… Continue Reading →

Block Ads to Bitcoin Plugin - WP Solver

July 20th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Many webmasters worry about their visitors using ad blockers. Considering that many websites mainly rely on ads to stay alive, that is a big problem. While you don’t want to be… Continue Reading →

How to Create Custom Call to Action Button in WordPress - WhatsWP

The tutorial is written for those who have the desire to learn how to create a custom call to action button in WordPress. As is known to you, CAT button is an important element of your WordPress site, which calls… Continue Reading →

6 Before After Image Comparison Plugins for WordPress - WP Solver

July 19th in Plugin Lists, WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Plenty of viral websites display before-after images to provide their visitors with more engaging content. Want to add your own before after sliders to WordPress with minimal coding? These… Continue Reading →

How to Show Today’s Date in WordPress - WhatsWP

It is a good way to show that you are still alive by having the current date on your WordPress site. Limited to knowledge, you may take it for granted that you do not have the ability to get the… Continue Reading →

Wheelsberry: Car Rental Landing Page for WordPress - WP Solver

July 18th in WordPress Themes by WordPress Jedi . Every business needs to have a professionally designed website these days. That applies to car rental businesses. Wheelsberry for WordPress is a landing page theme for these services. It allows your… Continue Reading →

How to Restore WordPress from Backup - WhatsWP

Bad things keep on happening on the internet. We usually lose our files and data while working on the internet, especially for WordPress based websites. This is why it is recommended to keep a backup of your WordPress website on… Continue Reading →

Keto Calculator Plugin for WordPress - WP Solver

July 17th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . I was introduced to the Keto diet a few years ago. It has helped many people manage their diabetes and even lose lots of weight. There are plenty of guides, recipes,… Continue Reading →

How to Add Ajax Comments in WordPress - WhatsWP

By default, WordPress will load the whole page when people submit their comments on the comment form. In this case, if there is an issue or error such as the invalid email address, the error message will show on the… Continue Reading →

The Best WordPress Twitter Plugins For Better Use of Twitter Platform - WhatsWP

After introduce some many Twitter techniques previously, we’d like to introduce some helpful WordPress Twitter plugins which are certainly going to make your Twitter experience easier. No matter if you want to add a “follow” button or you want to… Continue Reading →

Mediator for WordPress: Detect Ad Blocking Scripts - WP Solver

July 16th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Many of your visitors probably use an ad blocker to avoid seeing annoying ads on their favorite sites. Your ads may be harmless but they are going to get blocked by… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Interactive Reporting Plugin - WP Solver

July 15th in Viral, WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . WooCommerce makes it easy to bring your store online. You will still have to spend time and money on generating more leads and retaining existing customers with superior goods and… Continue Reading →

Techstore: Electronics AJAX WooCommerce Theme - WP Solver

July 14th in WordPress Themes by WordPress Jedi . Plenty of people buy gadgets and home appliances online these days. If you are in this business, you need to make sure you have a user-friendly website to better serve your… Continue Reading →

How to Display WordPress Posts Alphabetically - WhatsWP

By default, your WordPress posts are organized and displayed in descending chronological order. In other words, the newest post will be at the top of list while the oldest one will be at the bottom of the list. It is… Continue Reading →

How to Enable or Disable WordPress Automatic Update? - WhatsWP

As one of the most popular and widely-used content management systems, WordPress undergoes an uninterrupted process of update and refinement, with the aim to guarantee a high level of security and stability. Therefore, if you have built a website using… Continue Reading →

Dropping in Rankings: Why Isn’t My Website Getting Enough Visitors? - WP Aisle

It’s frustrating when your website is getting a steady flow of visitors and making sales and then things change for the worse. Even more vexing, many business owners are not SEO experts and cannot diagnose issues and at a loss… Continue Reading →

Specialty: WordPress Theme for Job Boards - WP Solver

July 13th in WordPress Themes by WordPress Jedi . In the past few months, we have covered plenty of online directory and job board themes here. Specialty is another elegant job board theme that lets you connect job hunters with… Continue Reading →

How to Find Pending Users in WordPress - WhatsWP

When new users fill out your WordPress registration form, they will receive an invitation email where they can click the activation link to create a password for their account. Sometimes, users are not able to click the link in their… Continue Reading →

The Best WordPress Sidebar Plugins for Website Sidebar Customization - WhatsWP

Customization has become the basis of attraction for every website. With the ever-increasing tools and attractive themes for WordPress sites, customization has been enhanced to a whole new level. One of the most vital parts of every website is the… Continue Reading →

Experts Agree Web Hosting Can Make Or Break A Business - WP Aisle

Today, almost all consumers access the Internet on a daily basis. Their reasons for doing so vary. Some shop online, while others leverage the Internet to perform in-depth research. The Internet undeniably offers a wealth of opportunities to business owners…. Continue Reading →

2 Calorie Counter Plugins for WordPress - WP Solver

July 12th in Plugin Lists, Viral, WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Fitness and diet websites are quite popular. Many people follow them to learn new tips to stay fit and lose weight. If you run such a site, it… Continue Reading →

How to Fix the Fail to Write File to Disk Error in WordPress - WhatsWP

WordPress is a powerful content management system which allows you to upload media files like images into your website. Sometimes, you may encounter a WordPress error with such words “failed to write file to disk error”. Indeed, it is quiet… Continue Reading →

Transfer WordPress to a New Host or Renewal? - WhatsWP

When the WordPress hosting account is about to expire, many people are frustrating that whether transferring to a new host or renewal the existing account. Even some people want to transfer their site, but hesitate to the complex migrating process…. Continue Reading →

Why is WordPress So Popular Among Small Businesses? - WP Aisle

Small businesses these days need an online presence but it can be quite difficult to end up with the proper presence in the event not much money is available. You need to be sure that you consider the most effective… Continue Reading →

Online Dating Theme for WordPress - WP Solver

July 11th in WordPress Themes by WordPress Jedi . There are plenty of niche dating sites around these days. Have you found a niche not already targeted by others? There is no reason not to start your own dating community… Continue Reading →

How to Start Content Curation in WordPress - WhatsWP

There is a new trend – Content Curation – which is helpful for you to be an expert in a certain field. The term might be new to you, however, you are probably a member of the WordPress site owners… Continue Reading →

The Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins to Better Track Your Site - WhatsWP

Within the internet world, the majority of website owners and bloggers use Google Analytics to keep track of the imperative statistics. This is a tool or service provided by Google, which allows the website administrators to check the traffic, conversions,… Continue Reading →

WP Image Hover Effects Pro: Apply Hover Effects On Your Images - WP Solver

July 10th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . So you would like to make your site look more dynamic? Adding attractive hover effects to your images is one way to do so. WP Image Hover Effects Pro is just… Continue Reading →

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