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How to Create a Child Page in WordPress - WhatsWP

Creating a child page can be a problem which gets in the way to better run your WordPress site. WordPress has the default feature which allows pages to be hierarchical or standalone, which gives a page the possibility to have… Continue Reading →

JustHost VS FatCow – Budget WordPress Hosting Comparison - WhatsWP

The comparison between JustHost VS FatCow is on price, speed, uptime, features and technical support. Readers could learn about the two companies comprehensively and then make the right choice. Before the coming of details, we would like to give scores… Continue Reading →

Episode #171 – A Business Consulting Session with Seth Godin - WP Elevation

Watch the video of this podcast here. You’ve most likely heard of Seth Godin; he’s a New York Times best-selling author who is known for his marketing genius. As you might imagine he’s done the interview circuit countless times, so his advice… Continue Reading →

Com vs Net – What’s the Difference between Domain Extensions - WhatsWP

Which domain extensions should you choose: Com or Net? This is a question which has often been asked by our readers. This article answers how to make a choice between Com vs Net on the basis of their difference. What… Continue Reading →

WordPress Hosting Guide – Which Factors You Shall Consider - WhatsWP

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a popular content management system (CMS). With features as plugin architecture and template system, WordPress is easy to use. So far, it has been the most widely used blogging system…. Continue Reading →

How To Backup and Restore Your Database in cPanel? - WhatsWP

In this article, we will show how to backup and restore your database in cPanel. Before that, you will have learned the great importance of database backup which can save you much time and energy to restore your data in… Continue Reading →

Bisend VS GreenGeeks – Which to Choose - WhatsWP

With the desire for a Windows hosting solution, no doubt, you have no choice but to choose the former one between Bisend vs GreenGeeks. This is because GreenGeeks lacks the offering of Windows hosting service. However, things will be more… Continue Reading →

Episode #170 – Sell What You Believe in with Guy Kawasaki - WP Elevation

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit of BackgroundGuy rose to fame as Chief Evangelist at Apple, where he worked to show people all over the world how Apple products and software could make their lives better. He was raised… Continue Reading →

JustHost VS GoDaddy – Shared Web Hosting Comparison - WhatsWP

Which is the better host, JustHost or GoDaddy? It is hard to answer as two hosts are famous web hosting providers. Readers do have the need to learn about the two providers comprehensively and make a right choice.This JustHost VS… Continue Reading →

How to Embed Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress - WhatsWP

As far as we know, a great many our readers have the need to embed Facebook reviews in WordPress. Being one of them, you can find an easy solution to achieve the goal. Thanks to the recommended plugin, posting Facebook… Continue Reading →

HostGator VS HostMonster – Better Choice for Personal & Small Business Blogging? - WhatsWP

Here is the comparison between HostGator VS HostMonster, based on the pricing, hosting features, hosting performance and customer service. Readers can learn about the two companies in-depth, and know both of them are superb hosting providers. Both HostGator and HostMonster… Continue Reading →

How to Fix Add Media Button Not Working in WordPress - WhatsWP

Do you come across a situation where Add Media button fails to work as usual? With the need to upload media files, you are probably looking for how to get the issue solved. In fact, you are not the only… Continue Reading →

iPower WordPress Hosting Secret Revealed and Review - WhatsWP

This is an in-depth iPower WordPress hosting review, introducing its community reputation, price, features, speed & uptime, and technical support. Customers can learn about the overall services quality and easily verify whether the company can satisfy their requirements. Our professionalism… Continue Reading →

GoDaddy VS A2Hosting – Which is Better for Business Websites? - WhatsWP

GoDaddy and A2Hosting are two famous WordPress hosting providers in the industry. They provide similar products starting at a competitive prices, but which is the better choice for business websites? In order to help our readers have a precise understanding… Continue Reading →

Episode #169 – Differenciating with Hugh MacLeod - WP Elevation

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit About HughHugh is a cartoonist, creative director and co-founder of Gapingvoid, a company that transforms business through art. He is intensely interested in what makes people tick and combines that with what they… Continue Reading →

HostGator VS WebHostingHub – Personal WordPress Hosting Comparison? - WhatsWP

Many bloggers are hard to make a choice between HostGator VS WebHostingHub because they are both 2 famous WordPress hosting providers with similar features. In this article, we compare HostGator vs WebHostingHub for personal WordPress hosting demands based on price,… Continue Reading →

Why You Can’t Find .htaccess File in WordPress - WhatsWP

The deletion of .htaccess file is one of the solutions to troubleshoot WordPress errors. You can be one of the readers who have trouble finding .htaccess file. It will be a question where your .htaccess file is. In fact, there… Continue Reading →

How to Disable Search Feature in WordPress - WhatsWP

There is a fact that the search feature is useful for some WordPress sites. But it will also do harm to websites in some cases, leaving a bad impression on audience. Indeed, some WordPress sites can function better with the… Continue Reading →

Episode #168 – Business Development with Ben Fox - WP Elevation

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit of BackgroundAt 17 Ben pooled together all the money he made as a summer camp counsellor and bought his first computer. He joined some online forums where he learned how to import clothing… Continue Reading →

Beginner’s Guide to Troubleshoot WordPress Errors - WhatsWP

Unexpected WordPress errors are a pain to for you to deliver a better user experience. The 404 error are a typical example which can happen to your WordPress site. In fact, some steps can be taken on your side without… Continue Reading →

How to Block Ads in WordPress Websites - WhatsWP

As more and more people have realized the benefits of marketing online, advertisement now is ubiquitous on the websites. To be honest, having ads, especially spam ads, on your site may annoy your readers to some extent. As investigated, 76%… Continue Reading →

How to Add a Twitter Follow Button in WordPress? - WhatsWP

This tutorial introduces the detailed steps on how to add a Twitter follow button in WordPress websites. At the end of article, readers can learn the method to combine WordPress with Twitter to promote them in a more effective way…. Continue Reading →

How to Fix the WordPress Failed to Open Stream Error - WhatsWP

Endless setbacks are ahead of you to run a successful WordPress site. WordPress failed to open steam error is one of them which might happen to your hosting journey. Most often, the error will be so informative that you will… Continue Reading →

Episode #167 – From Full-Time Mum to Successful Entrepreneur with Sarah Pressler - WP Elevation

Watch the video podcast here. Sarah runs a successful business with Cindy Kendrick called Codebrain Media, a company which helps build custom websites, custom plugins, manages migrations and marketing. She also spends a lot of her time working with the team… Continue Reading →

How to Fix Custom Fields Not Showing in WordPress - WhatsWP

Additional information can be added to your posts and pages with the advance WordPress feature – custom fields. But they fail to show on your post editor, which might be an issue you face now. Everything seems to work as… Continue Reading →

Top 5 WordPress Themes for Wedding Websites - WhatsWP

With a choice of proper WordPress wedding theme, you can get a wedding website online quickly, notify everybody of the forthcoming wedding, and share wonderful memories. To narrow your scope to look for an ideal one, we have listed out… Continue Reading →

What is the Difference Between Post and Page in WordPress? - WhatsWP

The question “What is the difference between post and page in WordPress?” is answered in this professional article. After reading, you will have a clear idea of which content type to choose. This is a common question beginners will face…. Continue Reading →

GreenGeeks VS SiteGround – WordPress Hosting Comparison - WhatsWP

In the market, there are a wide array of WordPress hosting providers among which GreenGeeks and SiteGround may attract your attention. Thanks to the efforts, both have built their reputation in the industry. It is hard for you to tell… Continue Reading →

How to Manually Update a WordPress Plugin via FTP - WhatsWP

An error you may face during the hosting journey is: The one-click WordPress plugin has a failure to update. There is the need to fix the error which can mess up your website. Manually updating the plugin is the only… Continue Reading →

Episode #166 – NPL and Mind Mapping with Remkus De Vries - WP Elevation

Watch the video podcast here. Remkus has made a substantial name for himself in the world of website creation and is a force to be reckoned with! Tune in at the 6.20 minute to listen to Remkus’ story and how… Continue Reading →

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