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Clipboard Total Control for WordPress: Control What Happens When People Copy Text On Your Site - WP Solver

September 19th in Viral, WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Plenty of people copy text on your site, especially as your site gets more popular. Have you ever wanted to control what happens when people attempt to do that? Clipboard… Continue Reading →

How to Create Child Theme in WordPress & Why You Need It - WhatsWP

In order to make the overall appearance of the WordPress website unique and eye-catching, many webmasters now create their own custom themes or modify the existing themes based on the individual needs and preferences. However, according to our researches, only… Continue Reading →

Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce Reduces Abandonment Rate - WP Solver

September 18th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . All online store webmasters would love to reduce their shopping cart abandonment rate. We have already covered a bunch of plugins that help them do just that. Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce… Continue Reading →

A2Hosting VS HostGator – Which is the Better WordPress Hosting Provider? - WhatsWP

This comparison of A2Hosting VS HostGator is aiming at reviewing and comparing A2Hosting and HostGator two companies on WordPress hosting price, features, performance, reliability, security and support. All contents are trusted, coming with our editor’s real experience and in-depth reviews… Continue Reading →

Educator: Learning Management System for WordPress - WP Solver

September 17th in WordPress Themes by WordPress Jedi . Plenty of people are making a living sharing their knowledge with the world. If you have unique skills and knowledge to share with others, there is no reason you shouldn’t bring… Continue Reading →

15 WordPress Plugins for BuzzFeed-Like Sites - WP Solver

September 16th in Plugin Lists, Viral, WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . There are plenty of viral sites around with tons of content to help you kill time at work. If you are passionate about creating your own viral content,… Continue Reading →

FB-Eventify: Facebook Events Calendar for WordPress - WP Solver

September 15th in Viral, WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Millions of people are active on Facebook on a daily basis. That explains why many businesses are focusing most of their social media outreach efforts on Facebook and Instagram. If… Continue Reading →

How to Make a Resume Online in WordPress - WhatsWP

At present, creating an online resume has the enormous influence on job hunting, especially under the great employment pressure. Besides, there is an increasing number of employers performing online searches to learn more about people with whom they are to… Continue Reading →

WP Chatbot: Build Your Own WordPress Bots - WP Solver

September 14th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Chatbots keep getting smarter. You can now add them to your website without a huge upfront investment to better serve your customers. WP Chatbot lets you do that in a few… Continue Reading →

139 – Business Growth and Motivation with Pippin Williamson - WP Elevation

Watch the video of this podcast here. Pippin Williamson has reached the goal we all dream of- having a company that can run itself. But how did he get there? And what happens when you get there? First up, Cath… Continue Reading →

How to Add Google AdSense Ad to WordPress Sites? - WhatsWP

Google AdSense is one of the most effective tools that allow you to make money online. In this article, we just come out the detailed guidelines about how to add Google AdSense ads to WordPress sites for money generation. In… Continue Reading →

PrimusNote: Project Management System for WordPress - WP Solver

September 13th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Anyone who has managed complex projects in the past knows the importance of using the right tools to keep everything on the right track. PrimusNote is an interesting tool that turns… Continue Reading →

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress for Website Tracking - WhatsWP

We have already shared a lot of useful tips helping you increase the traffic and page views of your site easily. However, how do you estimate the value these tricks put into your site? After all, you need to keep… Continue Reading →

WP Ultimate Recipe for WordPress - WP Solver

September 12th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . There are plenty of awesome food recipe communities and blogs online these days. If you have unique recipes to offer the world, there is no reason you shouldn’t start and grow… Continue Reading →

BlueHost Review – Why BlueHost Is Still The Best Choice? - WhatsWP

This is an in-depth and comprehensive BlueHost review based on price, features, performance, reliability and technical support for their professional hosting plans. BlueHost, established in 1996, has grown to be a leader in the Linux based shared web hosting industry…. Continue Reading →

MeMe Generator WordPress Plugin - WP Solver

September 11th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Plenty of viral sites create and share fun memes all the time. You don’t need fancy tools to design new memes. Not when you can use plugins such as MeMe generator… Continue Reading →

NameCheap vs GoDaddy – Shared Hosting Comparison - WhatsWP

Both NameCheap and GoDaddy are award-winning domain name registrars that have been trusted by millions of webmasters all over the world. But how about their web hosting services? Have they done the same good job in web hosting as they… Continue Reading →

Grab Taxi: Responsive Online Taxi Theme for WordPress - WP Solver

September 10th in WordPress Themes by WordPress Jedi . Plenty of people use Uber, Lyft, and other ride share services these days. Good old taxis are still in demand though. If you run a taxi cab business, you should invest… Continue Reading →

5 Domain Availability Check WordPress Plugins - WP Solver

September 8th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Domain checkers have been around for quite a while. They allow you to check the availability of any given domain and even find new domain name ideas. Would you like to… Continue Reading →

Detailed PSD to HTML Tutorial for Beginners - WP Aisle

When the question is about converting the design into HTML, PSD to HTML conversion is the best option available! PSD to XHTML or HTML5 is a very popular method that helps web users to develop a truly dynamic and hooking… Continue Reading →

3 Make or Break Features Your WordPress Host Needs to Have - WP Aisle

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, powering  a vast multitude of sites in different parts of the world. That’s why it’s not surprising that web hosting companies have been offering WordPress-specialized hosting solutions. But what makes these… Continue Reading →

Animer: WooCommerce Theme for Pet Shops - WP Solver

September 7th in Theme Lists, WordPress Themes by WordPress Jedi . So you are passionate about taking care of injured animals? Maybe you would like to sell your own pet foods. Whatever the case, you will need to have a… Continue Reading →

How to Fix WordPress Post Sharing Error in Facebook Using Facebook Debugger - WhatsWP

Facebook is a great platform for online sharing. This social networking platform has a large number of active users on a daily basis. In this case, once you have massive Facebook followers, your shared links can get more chances to… Continue Reading →

138 – Providing Quality Support with Dustin Meza - WP Elevation

Watch the video of this podcast here. Dustin is the director of customer experience operations at WP Engine. He has seen the business grow exponentially. He began four years ago as the 47th employee, and things have taken off from… Continue Reading →

GetCab: WP Theme for Online Taxi Services - WP Solver

September 6th in WordPress Themes by WordPress Jedi . With the rise of Uber and Lyft, more people now rely on their smartphone to summon a ride and get to their destination in a more affordable fashion. If you have… Continue Reading →

Quiz Cat: WordPress Quiz Builder - WP Solver

September 5th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . Here is another plugin that lets you add fun quizzes to your website to keep your visitors engaged and encourage them to come back for more. Quiz Cat lets you create… Continue Reading →

Does Windows Hosting Support PHP Scripts like WordPress Effectively - WhatsWP

Recently, some of our readers are inquiring about whether they can host a PHP based website with the Windows hosting. The answer is definitely YES. As compared with Linux hosting, however, Windows hosting may not be an excellent choice for… Continue Reading →

Category Posts Widget for WordPress: Display Recent Posts from a Single Category - WP Solver

September 4th in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . WordPress already comes with a bunch of default widgets for you to use to add content to your sidebar. If you have a premium plugin or theme, chances are they come… Continue Reading →

How to Install phpList for Better Email Listing and Management - WhatsWP

As e-mail has become an integral part in our daily life, more and more webmasters have realized its importance for the website marketing and management. There are a lot of related tools available online helping you manage the mailing lists… Continue Reading →

Build A Meal for WordPress: Nutrition Calculator Plugin - WP Solver

September 3rd in WordPress Plugins by WordPress Jedi . So you enjoy sharing dieting tips and fitness hacks with your audience? You can always provide more value to your visitors by investing in the right fitness tools and diet calculators…. Continue Reading →

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