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Episode 97 – Develop and Focus Your Photo Business with Alex Vita - Imagely Photography Podcast

Alex Vita is the man behind ForegroundWeb. He started many years with photography, and has been through the struggles of finding work, he did a bunch of weddings, had a portrait studio and learned to build photography websites on his… Continue Reading →

Episode 96 – Branding yourself then starting over years later with Jason Groupp - Imagely Photography Podcast

If you’ve ever met Jason Groupp, it was most likely a life-changing experience. You won’t forget his GQ ready outfit, with the perfectly balanced bow tie. Hailing from NYC, he shot lots of weddings around the globe and is the… Continue Reading →

Episode 95 – Swipe Up Without 10,000 Instagram Followers - Imagely Photography Podcast

If you have less than 10,000 followers on Instagram then you cannot natively do a swipe up inside of an Instagram Story. But there is a workaround that anyone can utilize. In this episode, we will show you exactly how… Continue Reading →

Episode 94 – Focus on Local with Christine Tremoulet - Imagely Photography Podcast

Christine Tremoulet is a brand photographer for speakers & coaches and also a coach for photographers. She launched her photo business in 2007 but she named WordPress in 2003. Yes, she named gave WordPress the name we’ve come to know… Continue Reading →

Episode 93 – Time-Saving Strategic Instagram Tools - Imagely Photography Podcast

In today’s episode, we dive a little deeper into what was discussed in Episode 92. We look at three tools that are designed to help save you time and to be strategic on Instagram. After listening or watching this episode,… Continue Reading →

Episode 92 – Making it happen on Instagram with Devin Robinson - Imagely Photography Podcast

Devin Robinson has grown his business, Anchor&Veil, into a high-end destination wedding business where he travels all over the world photographing weddings. He has been in ten different countries and over twenty states. His business now includes five other photographers… Continue Reading →

Episode 91 – What Your Photography Business Needs - Imagely Photography Podcast

In today’s episode, we are going to share three things your photography business needs, and an introduction to the new blog series. Joke of the day: When a friend retired from a lifetime as a photographer, he moved to an… Continue Reading →

Episode 90 – Automated Print Lab Fulfillment in WordPress - Imagely Photography Podcast

As you may know, NextGEN Gallery is already the most popular gallery plugin for WordPress with a million active users. For a very long time, NextGEN Gallery has been capable of doing so much related to galleries. In fact, it’s… Continue Reading →

Episode 89 – Too Much WordPress Stuff? - Imagely Photography Podcast

In today’s episode, we are going to start a conversation about adding plugins to your site. We will discuss security, backups, server strain, and even a term that gets thrown around a ton, bloat. Joke of the day: We all… Continue Reading →

Episode 88 – How Fast Is Your Photography Site? - Imagely Photography Podcast

Site speed is important for SEO these days. It always has been, but since Google switched to Mobile-First search and rankings, it puts more importance on speed. Fast sites mean fast mobile sites which means happy viewers which means happy… Continue Reading →

Episode 87 – Finances in Photography Business with Eric Rosenberg - Imagely Photography Podcast

Eric Rosenberg is a finance, travel, and technology writer in Ventura, California. He is a former bank manager and corporate finance and accounting professional who left his day job in 2016 to take his online side hustle full-time. He has… Continue Reading →

Episode 86 – How Chuck Norris Hired Me with Kylee Ann Maughan - Imagely Photography Podcast

Kylee started Kylee Ann Photography 8 years ago and has since grown from a one-woman amateur show to a full associate team. After a year of teaching Intro to Photography at the local technical college, she discovered that helping other… Continue Reading →

Episode 85 – Closing Out Season 3 - Imagely Photography Podcast

This is the last episode for season 3 of the WordPress Photography Podcast. Please excuse the poor audio in this episode. I am displaced from my studio for a few weeks as it’s repaired from water damage. So I recorded… Continue Reading →

Episode 84 – Do Good, Win $5,000 - Imagely Photography Podcast

Pardon the poor audio in this episode. I am displaced from my studio for a few weeks as it’s repaired from water damage. So I recorded this episode using my headphones and cleaned it up as much as I could…. Continue Reading →

Episode 83 – Quick Saving Drafts & Reusable Blocks - Imagely Photography Podcast

In today’s episode, we wanted to share two awesome tips for speeding up your content creation workflow inside the new block editor of WordPress. The first is the quick saving keyboard shortcut. Normally when browsing the web if you click… Continue Reading →

Episode 82 – The Perfect Google My Business Post - Imagely Photography Podcast

Sometimes social platforms tell us exactly what they want to see. Exactly what will ensure the content is seen. What triggers the platform’s algorithm show your stuff. In this episode, we want to share exactly what Google shares that does… Continue Reading →

Episode 81 – GDPR Outside of Europe - Imagely Photography Podcast

There was a question in the WordPress for Photographers group on Facebook asking about adding a GDPR consent even if a photography business is not in Europe. Do I need a cookie consent/opt out pop up on my page for… Continue Reading →

Episode 80 – The Travel & Tour Photography Business with Kevin Wenning - Imagely Photography Podcast

Kevin Wenning operates international bicycle tours designed for photographers. After several years of photographing client work in the studio & commercial projects, Kevin discovered travel photography. A couple of years into travel photography, he founded Intentionally Lost to combine his… Continue Reading →

Episode 79 – Changing Categories (and Tags) in Bulk - Imagely Photography Podcast

There was a question in the WordPress for Photographers group on Facebook asking about changing categories for a few hundred posts in bulk. Is there a way to change the category of 300 posts in a quick way? There are… Continue Reading →

Episode 78 – Sensual Photos Dreamy Site with Molly Marie Keyser - Imagely Photography Podcast

Through the appropriate marketing, sales, and pricing strategies Molly Marie Keyser grew her boudoir photography business from .81 cents to 6 figures a year. In addition to being a photographer, Molly helps other photographers grow their boudoir businesses by being… Continue Reading →

Episode 77 – Block Editor Workflow Tips - Imagely Photography Podcast

For today’s episode we wanted to share some workflow tips for the new block editor in WordPress 5.0 and above. The new editor can actually speed up your content creation process, and not because of blocks specifically. But rather, because… Continue Reading →

Episode 76 – Branding Your Photography Business with Keith Stoeckeler - Imagely Photography Podcast

Keith Stoeckeler is the VP of Digital at MKTG, and his work encompasses web and app development, social and digital strategy, content development and video production, influencer marketing, and talent relationships, social listening and insights. Yes, MKTG does a lot… Continue Reading →

Episode 75 – Keyboard Shortcuts For Your WordPress Workflow - Imagely Photography Podcast

WordPress uses a standard system for keyboard shortcuts similar to most word processing software, like Word and Google Docs.  But it also has some exclusive shortcuts which are unique to itself as well as some which match forum shortcuts. An… Continue Reading →

Episode 74 – Diagnosing Broken Previews in WordPress - Imagely Photography Podcast

In this episode we discuss a popular question which has come up since WordPress 5.0 was released. Many people are finding their page and post Preview functionalities are broken. The Previews are either working, not showing updated information, or are… Continue Reading →

Episode 73 – Massive Brand Shift w/ Mike Allebach - Imagely Photography Podcast

Originally called “The Tattooed Bride Photographer”, Mike started a movement to make Tattooed Brides acceptable. He believes in the power of In Person Sales and Album Sales to create life long clients. Never having held a sales job in his… Continue Reading →

Episode 72 – What’s In Store For 2019? - Imagely Photography Podcast

Please consider leaving us a review on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts. Your review will help the podcast reach and educate more photographers like you. In this special episode celebrating the New Year, we look forward… Continue Reading →

Episode 71 – Sticky Clients, Like Glue w/ Nate Grahek - Imagely Photography Podcast

Nate is a photographer, educator, marketing technology nerd, and entrepreneur, He is passionate about helping others do more of what they love. After seeing his own portrait clients reaction to the custom mobile apps he was building for them, Nate… Continue Reading →

Episode 70 – Install Gutenberg Right Now - Imagely Photography Podcast

This episode is dedicated to preparing you for the major change coming to WordPress in version 5.0.  Gutenberg, which will be called the Block Editor in the upcoming WordPress version, will completely replace the visual editor as you know it… Continue Reading →

Episode 69 – Being Thankful and Thinking About 2019 - Imagely Photography Podcast

It’s Thanksgiving this week, so we want to take a moment to share some words of advice. Start thinking about your books and getting all your financial and tax stuff organized. The new year will be coming up fast now… Continue Reading →

Episode 68 – Making Client Onboarding Awesome w/ Latoya Dixon Smith - Imagely Photography Podcast

Latoya Dixon Smith is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Greenville, SC. She has been widely featured in publications, including The Huffington Post, 99U, and The Greenville Business Magazine. Along with photographing couples eager to create their own, new… Continue Reading →

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