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Episode 111 – Pivot and Shift with Jenny Midgley - Imagely Photography Podcast

Jenny Midgley is a digital content specialist, brand, and marketing photographer. She is the co-host of the Girls Who Do Stuff podcast, and wrangler of tiny humans; surviving on coffee and laughter and the occasional fries and milkshake. Jenny helps… Continue Reading →

Episode 110 – Conflicts and Placing Blame - Imagely Photography Podcast

In this episode, Scott talks about what happens when a plugin conflict breaks things on your WordPress site. Specifically, Scott addresses a recent major conflict between two popular plugins, WooCommerce and WP Rocket Cache. He offers advice to follow when… Continue Reading →

Episode 109 – What’s New in WordPress 5.5 - Imagely Photography Podcast

Dive into WordPress 5.5 with us and see what is new that will help you create new content with the amazing block editor. See how you can keep your site running fast and secure and how you can modify images… Continue Reading →

Speed Up Your Editing Workflow with Tourbox - Imagely

Tourbox is a compact device that sits on your desk. It looks like you’d pick it up and start playing video games. But you don’t. What I do is keep it at the back of my desk, under my monitors…. Continue Reading →

Episode 108 – Backups Backups Backups - Imagely Photography Podcast

Backups are an essential part of a photographers workflow. But it can be automated at times. Backups go beyond just ensuring photographs are redundant and safe. It also means your website and its data is redundant and safe. You also… Continue Reading →

Episode 107 – How to write better words for your photography site with Kimberley Anderson - Imagely Photography Podcast

Kimberley Anderson is the voice behind Red Curl Creative, a copywriting service for photographers and wedding professionals. A reformed wedding photographer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kim hung up her camera after a 20-year run, vowing never to eat saucy chicken on… Continue Reading →

Episode 106 – Brand Photographer or Brand Specialist with John DeMato - Imagely Photography Podcast

John DeMato is a branded lifestyle portrait photographer who collaborates with expert-based business owners to create an emotional connection with their audiences through persuasive visual storytelling. More than just a photographer, John sets his clients up for success beyond the… Continue Reading →

Episode 105 – Are You On The Right Path? - Imagely Photography Podcast

Page builders are a funny thing. At first glance, you most likely think that they will make your life easier as a website owner. The fact that you can design your site however you want with a beautiful drag and… Continue Reading →

Episode 104 – Your Sent Emails - Imagely Photography Podcast

A very popular issue that comes up in many WordPress forums, groups and even the Imagely support inbox are about how emails are sent. Depending on your host and how the server is set up, emails could come from an… Continue Reading →

Episode 103 – SEO Ear Candy with Corey Potter & Dylan Howell - Imagely Photography Podcast

In this episode, we talk to Corey and Dylan from Fuel Your Photos about their new podcast, SEO for Photographers. Not only will you learn about their new show, but you’ll also get some immediate action items to take away… Continue Reading →

Episode 102 – High Converting Headshot Photography Websites - Imagely Photography Podcast

When photographers only focus on one type of photography services it is much easier to create a website that is finely tuned for lead generation and customer conversions. In this episode, we will discuss recommendations for how headshots photographers can… Continue Reading →

Episode 101 – What to do during downtime in a pandemic - Imagely Photography Podcast

With all going on during the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought it would be important to educate you on things you can do when at home, or in the studio during downtime. What you will hear in this episode will help… Continue Reading →

Episode 100 – Celebrating Together - Imagely Photography Podcast

Today we are celebrating 100 episodes of WordPress education, around 3 years of this podcast and of course, we are celebrating WordPress. At the time of recording this WordPress 5.4 is around the corner. By the time this episode is… Continue Reading →

The WordPress Photography Podcast – 2020 Trailer - Imagely Photography Podcast

This is The WordPress Photography Podcast presented by Imagely. My name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz and I am your host and the Chief Community Officer here at Imagely. This is the podcast for photographers looking to learn and do more… Continue Reading →

Episode 99 – 4 Questions For Your Ads - Imagely Photography Podcast

Hulafrog surveyed a lot of local businesses and found that 80% of local businesses spend money on ads. However, 60% have a limited budget. That’s why we wanted to share some of the advice from Hulafrog, and our own advice,… Continue Reading →

Episode 98 – Photoshop and your website with Aaron Nace - Imagely Photography Podcast

Born and raised on the quiet island of Kauai, Hawaii, Aaron Nace would be the first to tell you that his upbringing was anything but ordinary. Despite the perks of Hawaiian life, he moved with his mother, father, and two… Continue Reading →

Episode 97 – Develop and Focus Your Photo Business with Alex Vita - Imagely Photography Podcast

Alex Vita is the man behind ForegroundWeb. He started many years with photography, and has been through the struggles of finding work, he did a bunch of weddings, had a portrait studio and learned to build photography websites on his… Continue Reading →

Episode 96 – Branding yourself then starting over years later with Jason Groupp - Imagely Photography Podcast

If you’ve ever met Jason Groupp, it was most likely a life-changing experience. You won’t forget his GQ ready outfit, with the perfectly balanced bow tie. Hailing from NYC, he shot lots of weddings around the globe and is the… Continue Reading →

Episode 95 – Swipe Up Without 10,000 Instagram Followers - Imagely Photography Podcast

If you have less than 10,000 followers on Instagram then you cannot natively do a swipe up inside of an Instagram Story. But there is a workaround that anyone can utilize. In this episode, we will show you exactly how… Continue Reading →

Episode 94 – Focus on Local with Christine Tremoulet - Imagely Photography Podcast

Christine Tremoulet is a brand photographer for speakers & coaches and also a coach for photographers. She launched her photo business in 2007 but she named WordPress in 2003. Yes, she named gave WordPress the name we’ve come to know… Continue Reading →

Episode 93 – Time-Saving Strategic Instagram Tools - Imagely Photography Podcast

In today’s episode, we dive a little deeper into what was discussed in Episode 92. We look at three tools that are designed to help save you time and to be strategic on Instagram. After listening or watching this episode,… Continue Reading →

Episode 92 – Making it happen on Instagram with Devin Robinson - Imagely Photography Podcast

Devin Robinson has grown his business, Anchor&Veil, into a high-end destination wedding business where he travels all over the world photographing weddings. He has been in ten different countries and over twenty states. His business now includes five other photographers… Continue Reading →

Episode 91 – What Your Photography Business Needs - Imagely Photography Podcast

In today’s episode, we are going to share three things your photography business needs, and an introduction to the new blog series. Joke of the day: When a friend retired from a lifetime as a photographer, he moved to an… Continue Reading →

Episode 90 – Automated Print Lab Fulfillment in WordPress - Imagely Photography Podcast

As you may know, NextGEN Gallery is already the most popular gallery plugin for WordPress with a million active users. For a very long time, NextGEN Gallery has been capable of doing so much related to galleries. In fact, it’s… Continue Reading →

Episode 89 – Too Much WordPress Stuff? - Imagely Photography Podcast

In today’s episode, we are going to start a conversation about adding plugins to your site. We will discuss security, backups, server strain, and even a term that gets thrown around a ton, bloat. Joke of the day: We all… Continue Reading →

Episode 88 – How Fast Is Your Photography Site? - Imagely Photography Podcast

Site speed is important for SEO these days. It always has been, but since Google switched to Mobile-First search and rankings, it puts more importance on speed. Fast sites mean fast mobile sites which means happy viewers which means happy… Continue Reading →

Episode 87 – Finances in Photography Business with Eric Rosenberg - Imagely Photography Podcast

Eric Rosenberg is a finance, travel, and technology writer in Ventura, California. He is a former bank manager and corporate finance and accounting professional who left his day job in 2016 to take his online side hustle full-time. He has… Continue Reading →

Episode 86 – How Chuck Norris Hired Me with Kylee Ann Maughan - Imagely Photography Podcast

Kylee started Kylee Ann Photography 8 years ago and has since grown from a one-woman amateur show to a full associate team. After a year of teaching Intro to Photography at the local technical college, she discovered that helping other… Continue Reading →

Episode 85 – Closing Out Season 3 - Imagely Photography Podcast

This is the last episode for season 3 of the WordPress Photography Podcast. Please excuse the poor audio in this episode. I am displaced from my studio for a few weeks as it’s repaired from water damage. So I recorded… Continue Reading →

Episode 84 – Do Good, Win $5,000 - Imagely Photography Podcast

Pardon the poor audio in this episode. I am displaced from my studio for a few weeks as it’s repaired from water damage. So I recorded this episode using my headphones and cleaned it up as much as I could…. Continue Reading →

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