Everyone knows WordPress is the engine behind a huge number of websites. As a website owner or manager you probably know the stress associated with managing lots of different WordPress installations. Each installation requires tweaks and maintenance, and the time rapidly adds up. Plesk created WordPress Edition to make it easier to manage multiple WordPress sites.

Plesk’s WordPress Edition can be used as the platform for  agencies managing multiple customer sites, affiliate marketers and SEO’s that run multiple PBNs that utilize WordPress.

WordPress Edition includes everything you need to efficiently manage multiple WordPress instances. The Plesk Onyx hosting platform is strengthen with WordPress Toolkit as a core WP management solution. WordPress Edition also includes important extensions to help you run WordPress sites, including a security scanner from Sucuri, Antivirus from Revisium, Backup to Cloud Pro, Uptime Robot and SEO Toolkit.

The core of WordPress Edition – WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit is without a doubt an excellent tool if used by system administrators with experience. Webmasters and developers will also benefit from the terrific flexibility and the overall control that WordPress Toolkit enables.

The benefits of WordPress Toolkit include:

  • Easy to install. WordPress Toolkit uses a one-click installer which does all the work for you. The installer downloads WordPress and creates a database including a dedicated user and also adds an admin account to WordPress. It automatically initializes WordPress, so it is ready to go out of the box.
  • Staging capabilities. The WP Toolkit lets you create a clone of your site so its easy to make changes to your site without affecting the live instance. You can experiment at will and once you are ready to reflect changes in your live instance you simply tap sync and it’s all done for you.
  • Plugin and Theme management. Managing lots of WP instances? You can install, activate and even deactivate a theme or plugin across all those instances. It is also possible to remove plugins and themes in bulk.
  • Easy security. You can scan all of your WordPress properties for security problems with just one mouse click. This way you can protect core installations without doing any manual work. The WP Toolkit’s security features cover all of the latest WP security recommendations and the WP codex’s recommended practices.
  • The toolkit includes the ability to activate restore points so that you can make use of a full backup should any WordPress instance break down. It’s an easy way to restore a WordPress website to a previous stable version.
  • Manage debugging. With the WP Toolkit you can manage the troubleshooting process through a single debugging interface covering all your WordPress domains.
  • SEO indexing. Prefer to block search engine indexing for some of your sites? You can control search engine indexing on a site by site basis with the WP Toolkit.
  • WP Maintenance. You can activate WP in its maintenance mode during the process of updating themes, plugins or WordPress itself.
  • Prefer accessing WordPress via a command line interface? The WordPress CLI is available across every WordPress instance. With WordPress CLI you can import a database, add users and update your themes as fast as you can type.
  • Smart Updates. This feature lets WordPress analyse updates before going ahead and installing them. Any updates considered dangerous will be flagged beforehand.


SEO Toolkit: boost your website’s organic traffic

Included in WordPress Edition is SEO Toolkit, a unique way to help you boost your site’s search engine ranking by analyzing and testing both your own website and your competitor’s sites. There are four modules included in SEO Toolkit: Site Audit, SEO Adviser, Rank Tracker and the Log File Analyzer.

  • Site Audit. Scan across the content of your website and SEO-check each URL. The tool gives you an Optimization Score that is based on SEO rules and good practice.
  • Rank Tracker. With Rank Tracker you can monitor your site and compare its position on popular search engines. Understanding where your site currently ranks will help you overtake your competition.
  • SEO Advisor. Find insight you can act on with SEO Advisor, a tool that helps you examine your site’s performance, giving you a single comprehensive task list that you can put into place.
  • Log File Analyzer. Want to know which bots have crawled you’re the links in your website and how often they do it? Inspect SEO-bot activity on your site with the Log File Analyzer.

Infrastructure control with Plesk Onyx

Do you want more than just a control panel? Plesk gives you total flexibility to manage, customize, automate, host, secure and control all your web projects including the infrastructure that supports it. With Plesk Onyx you can control your WordPress hosting solution with full reseller management capabilities and without any restrictions on domains.

Wrapping it up

WordPress Edition from Plesk can assist you in managing projects of all sizes and includes a variety of clever, unique features. We combined security and extremely high performance with full control over the infrastructure, all using Plesk Onyx – resulting in excellent value for money.