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Best Self: 5 Points to Guide You into Living Your Best Life - iThemes

Are you living your best life? The answer has surprised many people because the last few years have shifted focus, priorities, and understandings of what the best life may look like. In this article, we’ll share ideas on what it… Continue Reading →

Client vs. Customer: What’s the Difference? - iThemes

Knowing the difference between client vs. customer may not be the highest priority for building your business, but it can be a valuable distinction to consider. In this article, we’ll talk about the differences between client vs. customer and how… Continue Reading →

What is a WordPress SideBar? 3 Ways to Use a Sidebar Effectively - iThemes

What is a WordPress sidebar and why are they so valuable to you as a WordPress website designer? We all know how important it is to create compelling content that draws in new readers and users to our WordPress sites…. Continue Reading →

Do I Need a Website Designer for WordPress? 12 Things to Consider - iThemes

Finding a website designer for WordPress or finding the time to build your website on your own are both challenging options. Either you will have to invest your time or you will have to invest your resources. Your website is… Continue Reading →

Customer Feedback: 20 Questions For Better Customer Surveys - iThemes

Customer feedback helps you to understand the needs of your clients and how well you meet them. Every service or product you create is meant to solve a problem or fulfill a need. The only way to know if you… Continue Reading →

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