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The Developer’s Advanced Guide to the wp-config.php File - Delicious Brains

How well do you really know wp-config? There’s a surprising amount of power in those few lines of PHP! This article is a tour of some bits of wp-config that you maybe didn’t know about, but really should. Do you… Continue Reading →

Managing WordPress Dev Environments With WP-CLI and Robo - Delicious Brains

Automating repetitive tasks is one of the best ways to save time in your development workflow. In my day to day work as a plugin developer, I often have to reset the database, reinstall a specific version of WordPress, install… Continue Reading →

How to Test Webhooks From Public APIs in Local Development - Delicious Brains

Webhooks are a mechanism for receiving notifications about events from disparate systems without having to continuously poll them. Also called Reverse APIs, they can be thought of as providing “API specs” that the consuming system needs to implement. One of… Continue Reading →

WP-CLI Packages: Supercharge Your WordPress Development - Delicious Brains

WP-CLI lets you do pretty much anything you can do in the WordPress admin, but faster and more efficiently with a command-line interface. WP-CLI packages take this even further by containing WP-CLI commands or extending the WordPress command line in… Continue Reading →

How to Design an MVP Web Page - Web Designer Depot

Learning how to design an MVP webpage or website could be one of the best things you can do as a site creator in today’s digital world. In a fast-paced landscape, where customer preferences and technology are constantly changing, most… Continue Reading →

How to Switch Your WordPress Site from HTTP to HTTPS - Delicious Brains

Just about every WordPress website should be served over HTTPS instead of HTTP, for reasons of both security and SEO. HTTP content isn’t encrypted, leaving your site vulnerable, and Google started using HTTPS as a ranking signal in 2014. It’s… Continue Reading →

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