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Customizing images with WordPress duotone filters - GoDaddy Garage

In version 5.8, WordPress duotone filters launched. Duotone filters allow content creators to add unique appearances to their photos without editing the photo files. Here you will want to consider how clients can make use of these colors. What options will… Continue Reading →

Advice From What I Know Now - Tom McFarlin

TL;DR: The rest of this stuff is just a short list of other things I would tell my previous self (or maybe someone else just entering the industry) if I were just getting started. At the beginning of the month,… Continue Reading →

One Month Left To Take the 2021 WordPress Annual Survey - WP Tavern

Last month, Josepha Haden Chomphosy announced the annual WordPress survey. If you have not gotten around to participating, it is still open for the rest of 2021, leaving everyone another 30 days to answer. The survey is relatively short. I… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.9 Revised Release Date Confirmed for January 25, 2022 - WP Tavern

Last week WordPress 5.9’s release leads found a consensus for delaying the release after missing the deadlines for Beta 1 due to significant blockers. At that time they proposed a schedule for moving forward, and that is now confirmed. Beta… Continue Reading →

How to Test a Web Form - Elegant Themes

Web forms are an integral tool for website owners who want to convert visitors into customers, members, subscribers, etc. And if you’re wondering why you’re not getting the donations, orders, registrations or signups you expected, it doesn’t necessarily mean you… Continue Reading →

Know Your Strength, Hire Your Weakness - Tom McFarlin

TL;DR: Though it’s obviously possible to be a full-stack WordPress developer (that is, someone who is capable of working on each level of the stack with complete competency), it’s more common to find people who are stronger in one area… Continue Reading →

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Website Using WPMU Dev? - JustWP

For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here. Businesses, agencies, and freelancers have a burning need to manage multiple WordPress sites in the most efficient way possible…. Continue Reading →

How to Use the Featured Product WooCommerce Block - Elegant Themes

Featuring a specific product in your online store can be an effective way to increase your sales. For instance, you may want to showcase your newest item on your home page, or promote it in a blog post. Fortunately, the… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.9 Delayed Until January 2022 - WP Tavern

photo credit: Tom Woodward WordPress 5.9 has been delayed due to significant blockers that could not be resolved in time for Beta 1, which was previously scheduled to be released November 16. The 5.9 release team came to the decision… Continue Reading →

How to Embed Google Reviews on Your WordPress Site (2 Methods) - Kinsta Blog

Displaying positive customer reviews is one of the most effective ways to promote your business’s reputation and increase conversions. However, simply copying and pasting this feedback on your site can reduce its legitimacy and even make it look fake. Try… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg: How to test the latest updates - GoDaddy Garage

WordPress has undergone quite a lot of change in the past three years. In WordPress 5.0, the Block Editor was released as part of the Gutenberg project. Since then, many new features have reached WordPress by starting in the Gutenberg… Continue Reading →

New Core Web Vitals Technology Report Shows Overall Pass Rate for WordPress Sites Decreases with Newer Versions - WP Tavern

Some new data from a recent Core Web Vitals (CWV) technology report produced by the HTTP Archive shows WordPress sites running newer versions have lower CWV pass rates. The original report was published in July by Rick Viscomi, one of… Continue Reading →

Understanding WordPress GUIDs: What They Are, and Why Change Them - Delicious Brains

The WordPress GUID is a unique identifier for individual posts, pages, media, and practically any other custom post type. As such, it’s a key element in rendering your WordPress content and powering the WordPress RSS feeds which allow you to… Continue Reading →

State of the Word 2021 Will Be Broadcast Live from New York City on December 14 - WP Tavern

WordPress executive director Josepha Haden Chomphosy announced today that the 2021 State of the Word will be held on December 14, between 10 am and 12 pm ET/3 pm and 5 pm UTC. For those who are new to the… Continue Reading →

Proposed Web Fonts API Not Coming to WordPress 5.9, Possibly Landing in Gutenberg First - WP Tavern

After what seemed like a shoo-in for WordPress 5.9, a proposed web font API was put on hold. The feature would standardize how theme and plugin developers load fonts and lay the groundwork for future user-facing features. Jono Alderson opened… Continue Reading →

Meet WPMU Dev, Your One-Stop Shop For All Your WordPress Requirements - JustWP

For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here. WPMU Dev is in the business of offering quality service and high performance and this is evident in the… Continue Reading →

Play By The Rules and Be Careful What You Write - Tom McFarlin

TL;DR: If you’re going to write about WordPress, it’s important to determine about which you primarily want to write. Is going to be less subjective material such as code or more opinionated material such as op-eds? Further, know that whatever… Continue Reading →

Block Pattern Modal Explorer Coming to WordPress 5.9 - WP Tavern

It has been a long year since Paal Joachim Romdahl’s proposed an alternative block pattern experience. In November 2020, he opened a ticket on the Gutenberg GitHub repository to explore an overlay-based approach to viewing, searching, and inserting patterns into… Continue Reading →

AMP Has Irreparably Damaged Publishers’ Trust in Google-led Initiatives - WP Tavern

The Chrome Dev Summit concluded earlier this week. Announcements and discussions on hot topics impacting the greater web community at the event included Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative, improvements to Core Web Vitals and performance tools, and new APIs for Progressive Web… Continue Reading →

WordPress Block Pattern, Reusable Block, or Template Part - GoDaddy Garage

WordPress is roughly halfway through the biggest upgrade process that the open-source software has seen since it began. The Gutenberg project and WordPress Block Editor has brought forward so many new terms and features. Keeping up with all the new… Continue Reading →

You Should Write About Your Work - Tom McFarlin

TL;DR: Despite the fact there are more resources that ever for learning how to accomplish what it is you want to accomplish within WordPress, it’s less common to find someone who is facing the same problem under the same constraints… Continue Reading →

WordPress Has Never Offered an Ideal Writing Experience - WP Tavern

It needed to be said. I know some of you loved writing in the classic editor. I know some of you enjoy the current block editor. Some of you may have even been thrilled with the platform’s earlier attempt at… Continue Reading →

Where to Start With WordPress Development? - Tom McFarlin

TL;DR: WordPress has both an active economy and a large community. Often times, you’ll hear the phrase “WordPress community” to encompass both facets. A case can be made as to how this has given WordPress such a massive level of… Continue Reading →

WordPress’ Gutenberg Demo Page Is Getting a Redesign - WP Tavern

The official Gutenberg demo page on may soon be getting an update that better reflects the editor’s capabilities and showcases the design creativity available through patterns. Automattic-sponsored designers Beatriz Fialho and Kelly Hoffman have submitted a prototype for consideration… Continue Reading →

WordPress Then, WordPress Now - Tom McFarlin

TL;DR: The experience in writing for WordPress and developing for WordPress has become a much different experience in the last decade, let alone five years, so much so the difference between the two is so wide it feels like two… Continue Reading →

The Best Web Hosting Services To Power Your Website - Blogging Wizard

Do you need a web host for a new project but aren’t sure what type of hosting provider to use? In this article, we have 10 web hosting services to…

How To Create A Multilingual WooCommerce Store (Easy And SEO-Friendly) - Blogging Wizard

Are you trying to set up a multilingual WooCommerce store but not sure where to start? Making WooCommerce multilingual is a great way to… Create a more shopper-friendly store by…

The State of HTML Email in WordPress in 2021 - Delicious Brains

One question that I’ve been asked a few times while working on WP Offload SES is how it handles HTML email. By default, WordPress sends out all emails as plain text, and even though plain text emails perform better, it’s… Continue Reading →

Best Free Slider Plugins for WordPress - Imagely

If you are here you might have decided to set up a powerful presentation tool — slider — on your website. We live in a fast-paced world where users (or customers) have limitless options to choose from, they don’t have… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Pro Photography Website With Imagely and NextGEN Pro: A Beginners’ Guide - Imagely

A digital camera is more than a way to capture still moments. It’s also a creative outlet to help you show others your vision and viewpoint in certain situations. However, social media might not always be the best way to… Continue Reading →

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