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How to Add Twitter Feed to WordPress Site Manually & via WordPress Twitter Widgets - WP Blog

A rather common question among WordPress users, especially those who want to increase user engagement through social media platforms is “How to display recent tweets in WordPress site?” The answer to that is simple: use a WordPress Twitter widget. You… Continue Reading →

How To Buy A Domain That’s Already Registered In 2019 - WP Blog

Your domain name is important. Not only is it a crucial component of your brand, it serves many practical reasons and it also makes it easy for people to find and share your website with others. As such, you want… Continue Reading →

How to Add Top WordPress Google Fonts Manually & With Plugin - WP Blog

Let’s learn how to add Google fonts in WordPress. Your website’s design plays an integral part in delivering a great user experience to your visitors. And while there are many ways to give your design a great look, we’re going… Continue Reading →

How to Reset Your WordPress Website via WP Reset Plugin - WP Blog

Life doesn’t give you an undo button to rectify your mistakes. But fortunately, WordPress does. If you ever want your website to go back to how it was when you first installed it (but not delete and install again because… Continue Reading →

How To Fix ‘Fatal Error Allowed Memory Size Exhausted’ WordPress Error - WP Kube

The post How To Fix ‘Fatal Error Allowed Memory Size Exhausted’ WordPress Error is written by Editorial Staff and appeared first on WPKube. The “allowed memory size exhausted” error is one of the most common issues most WordPress users often… Continue Reading →

How to Add Facebook Comments on WordPress in 4 Easy Steps - WP Blog

So you want to add Facebook comments plugin on WordPress? Great. Facebook is insanely popular with around 2 billion active users per month, so of course, letting people comment using their Facebook profiles may be a good idea. The social… Continue Reading →

How To Change Your WordPress Theme – A Simple Guide - WP Blog

“How to change a WordPress theme?” is a common question among WordPress users, especially those who have just started working on their websites. These first-timers usually have a hard time switching from their current theme to a new one because… Continue Reading →

Create a Custom Login, Registration, & Password Page in WordPress - WP Blog

WordPress comes standard with various types of forms including login, registration, password protection, and contact forms, etc. However, these are simple boxes for the users with options to fill in emails or passwords only, and of course, you want something… Continue Reading →

Migrate WordPress from Localhost to Server – A Step-by-Step Guide - WP Blog

So your WordPress website is ready and now you want to move it from your localhost to live site/hosting, right. Building and testing your websites on your localhost is a good practice and even if something goes wrong, it doesn’t… Continue Reading →

WordPress Security Guide: 14 Pro Tips To Secure A WordPress Website - Shout Me Loud

Looking to improve the security of your WordPress website? Here I’m sharing all the tips and strategies that I have learned running this award-winning WordPress blog. Just to let you know, In recent times, WordPress has been highly targeted by… Continue Reading →

17 Top WordPress Maintenance Services in 2019 - WP Blog

Running and maintaining a WordPress website is crucial, especially for business owners who manage real-time services. However, some business owners lack the time and resources to both run and maintain their websites. If WordPress website maintenance is ignored, then websites… Continue Reading →

How to Download Plugins and Themes from GitHub - WP Blog

If you scroll through our blog, you will see a lot of articles on how to create a website on WordPress, or how to install a theme or a plugin on WordPress. This is time, I am going to show… Continue Reading →

How to Add Push Notification on Your WordPress Website - WP Blog

One of the best ways to keep your visitors coming back to your website is by adding push notifications on your WordPress website. If you’re wondering how to add push notification to your site, though, don’t worry because I’m going… Continue Reading →

How to Use WordPress do_shortcode - WP Blog

For many WordPress developers, shortcodes are a great way of extending the core functionalities of the WordPress core. In fact, all popular plugins now use shortcodes to integrate their features and options within posts and pages of the site. Table… Continue Reading →

WordPress Hooks – Everything You Need to Know - WP Blog

Here’s a question a lot of WordPress beginners might ask: what are WordPress Hooks, and what can they be used for? Well, WordPress is a highly customizable CMS that allows its users to make changes according to their specifications. Some… Continue Reading →

WordPress .htaccess File: What It Is and What You Can Do With It! - WP Blog

If you’re wondering what WordPress .htaccess file is, you’re on the right track because if you want to become a WordPress developer, then knowing what each file does in WordPress is important. Also, WordPress’ file structure is easy to understand… Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Add WordPress Favicon to Your Website - WP Blog

WordPress favicon is one of the most ignored aspects of website branding. And whether you have a brick and mortar business or an online presence, branding is a huge aspect of becoming successful. There’s a slight chance, though, that if… Continue Reading →

How to Embed WordPress iFrame With Or Without a Plugin - WP Blog

How to embed WordPress iFrame? What is WordPress iFrame and what does it really do? Great, you’re asking the right questions, and I’m about to answer all of them including how to embed with or without a plugin! Tabe of… Continue Reading →

How to Display Recent Posts Widget in WordPress - WP Blog

Showcasing your recently published content is one of the most simple ways of improving almost every website performance metrics. The good thing to know is that you can display your recently published content in high-traffic areas such as sidebars, after… Continue Reading →

How to Improve WordPress Search for Blogs and Online Stores - WP Blog

WordPress Search is an important feature that allows users to search for a certain keyword or a product on your site depending on your niche. And with WordPress, “Search” function comes built-in so you don’t have to install it separately…. Continue Reading →

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