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5 Web Design Trends for April 2022 - iThemes

There’s always something new to try with your digital designs. WordPress web design trends can include anything from color or typography refreshes to functionality upgrades. Here are five great trends that will keep your WordPress website looking fresh. 1. Hero… Continue Reading →

Future-Proofing WordPress: 2 Key Components - iThemes

A designer friend discovered a new website creation tool. It claimed to be super-easy to use. Just drag and drop. See results right away. No coding. What’s not to like about that? She built her new website and worked hard… Continue Reading →

10-Step Checklist To Ensure Your WordPress Website Is Secure - WPRiders

WordPress security is a crucial topic to consider for every website owner. According to PatchStach, a cybersecurity company focused on the WordPress environment, “Google quarantines around 10,000 suspicious websites every day and puts them on a ‘Google blacklist.’” According to WPScan, a… Continue Reading →

Homepage Examples: 8 Inspiring Ideas for Your Next Web Design Project - iThemes

Looking for homepage examples you can use as inspiration for your next web design project? Homepage design matters. And we’re with you, because we know that the right homepage design can give your business a competitive edge. Your homepage is… Continue Reading →

Top WordPress Tools & Resources for March 2022 - iThemes

Jumpstart your projects with the right WordPress tools. Every designer needs a few go-to resources to help make projects easier. Here are 8 new design tools and resources to explore. 1. Site Scan for Vulnerabilities .kb-image_d304b6-5e img.kb-img, .kb-image_d304b6-5e .kb-img img{filter:drop-shadow(0px… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Web Design Trends for March 2022 - iThemes

You can see that spring has sprung with some of this month’s trending web design trends. There’s a lot of color and visual interest that feels renewed and reborn – just like this time of year.  Here are five great… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Most Common WordPress Myths Debunked By Specialists - WPRiders

During some recent discussions with a fellow entrepreneur, the topic somehow turned to TV shows that we both enjoy, and one show that was brought up was MythBusters. There’s nothing like watching a team led by two likable guys use science… Continue Reading →

Top 10 WordPress Stats And Facts Every CFO Should Know - WPRiders

A few years ago, I had a friend who was facing a pretty common business dilemma — she wanted a website for her business, but she didn’t have any programming skills. Knowing my background in web development, she came to… Continue Reading →

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