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Best Service Page Examples - iThemes

So you’re thinking of the best ideas to design your website and what your service pages should look like. Ultimately, the Service Page is not necessarily about your company but about what your company can offer the customer. So you… Continue Reading →

Longform Content: The Essential Guide - iThemes

If you run a website, you probably have heard the advice to write longform articles – that is, write pieces above 2,000 words. The idea is that the longer a piece of content, the better it performs. But, is that… Continue Reading →

What is an IP Address? 12 Things to Know - iThemes

If you hope for a snail mail letter to arrive at your intended location, you make sure to include the recipient’s exact address, including the house and street number, city, zip code, and country. This is how the USPS knows… Continue Reading →

9 Tips for the Perfect Team Page - iThemes

A team page can be a prideful display of the talents and abilities of your employees. Praising them publicly while highlighting their strengths and the benefits they bring to your brand is a positive, non-monetary incentive for productivity. Very few… Continue Reading →

What is SEO? A Beginner’s Guide - iThemes

SEO (search engine optimization) is a term that describes all the techniques used to improve a website’s rank in search engines like Google. Why does SEO matter? A higher search ranking increases users’ chance to see your website, making them… Continue Reading →

FAQ Pages: Best Practices & Tips - iThemes

It is well known that good customer service is essential for the success of any business. 95% of consumers believe customer experience is vital for becoming loyal to a company. Unfortunately, a top-notch customer experience requires lots of time and… Continue Reading →

What is Wireframing? A Beginner’s Guide - iThemes

What is wireframing? Simply stated, it’s one of the most essential aspects of the UX (user experience) design process. If you’ve dabbled in the complex world of user experience design, chances are that you’ve at least heard the term “wireframes”… Continue Reading →

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