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The WordPress wp-config.php File Explained - iThemes

The WordPress wp-config.php file is one of the most important files in your WordPress installation. Without the wp-config file, your WordPress website simply couldn’t function. In this post, we’ll cover an overview of the contents of the wp-config.php file, how… Continue Reading →

How to Update WordPress: The Essential Guide - iThemes

Knowing how to update your WordPress site is an important responsibility of being a WordPress website owner or admin. Keeping up with WordPress updates is vital to the security and overall functionality of your website. Fortunately, you’ve landed on the… Continue Reading →

WordPress Taxonomies: The Ultimate Guide - iThemes

WordPress taxonomies are something that many WordPress developers never use. Some have never even heard of a WordPress taxonomy. When WordPress 3.0 introduced hierarchical taxonomies nearly a decade ago, taxonomies became an even more useful tool in the toolkit of… Continue Reading →

The WordPress Database Explained - iThemes

The WordPress database provides the foundation of your WordPress website. Without a database, your WordPress website simply couldn’t function. The WordPress database powers your website to load and run, plus stores and saves the content of your blog, such as posts and comments, plus… Continue Reading →

How to Stop WordPress Spam: The Ultimate Guide - iThemes

No matter how big or small your WordPress site, unwanted WordPress spam in comments sections, site registrations and contact form messages are issues that you’ll need to address. Left unchecked, WordPress spam comments and spam user registration issues can quickly… Continue Reading →

The WordPress Block Directory: The Essential Guide - iThemes

The WordPress block directory is a new way that WordPress users can discover, install and test third-party WordPress blocks from within the WordPress block editor. Introduced in WordPress 5.5, the WordPress Block Directory makes it easier to find the WordPress… Continue Reading →

WordPress Permalinks: The Essential Guide - iThemes

WordPress permalinks provide the full URL address of a post or page on your website. Permalinks are the “permanent address” of where a specific piece of content is available on a WordPress website. The way your WordPress permalinks are formatted… Continue Reading →

WordPress User Roles and Permissions: The Essential Guide - iThemes

WordPress user roles and permissions offer access controls and privileges for your WordPress website. From Super Admin to Subscriber, every WordPress user who logs in to your website has a specific set of permissions or capabilities assigned. But how familiar… Continue Reading →

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