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Pagely PHP 7.3 EOL — New Version Schedules - Pagely Blog

It’s that time of the year. The Holidays…. a bit of a break from the regular day to day, time with friends and family, or simply decompressing and focusing on […]

Finding The Who In ‘Who Should You Trust With Your WordPress Website?’ - WPRiders

What does a business need in order to gain success? To be honest, it needs quite a lot of things — a capable leader, a well-developed business plan, clear goals, and, most importantly, a great team. Although teamwork has a… Continue Reading →

Introducing Mercury: Dynamic Site Acceleration for WordPress - Pagely Blog

At Pagely, we’re notorious for unleashing groundbreaking products that push the limits of what it means to scale WordPress. Today, we’re pleased to announce our newest offering — Mercury, dynamic […]

What Can You Build With WordPress? - WPRiders

In today’s world, having a business and no website is like trying to drive a car with no engine. Sure, you can reach your destination if you get out and push your car, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.8 “Tatum” – Technical First Impressions - Pagely Blog

While most of the obvious flash in WordPress 5.8 is on the user-facing side of things, there’s some awesome quality of life improvements in here; focusing on improvements to blocks […]

Unauthenticated SQL Injection Vulnerability Discovered in WooCommerce - Pagely Blog

An unauthenticated SQL Injection vulnerability affecting versions of WooCommerce on more than 5 million websites on the Internet has been disclosed to the public by Automattic. Due to the nature […]

WordPress Security Updates: June 2021 - Pagely Blog

This article covers our public notifications related to major security issues our clients and the WordPress community should know about. We are always focused on prevention and the mitigation of […]

How Many WordPress Plugins Are Too Many? - WPRiders

Working in a field for a long period of time will not only make you more knowledgeable but will also make you more experienced, and with the right amount of experience, you’ll start noticing certain patterns whenever you have to… Continue Reading →

14 Key Questions To Ask When Searching For Ongoing WordPress Development Services - WPRiders

If your business is growing, then congratulations! You’re definitely doing one thing (or a lot of things) right. But a growing business brings forth a surge of new website visitors, and this generally means that you need a dependable development… Continue Reading →

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