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9 Proven Methods to Fix WordPress White Screen of Death (WSoD) - Kinsta Blog

Nothing is worse than browsing to your WordPress site and suddenly being met with the White Screen of Death (WSoD). This error makes your website inaccessible to both administrators and visitors. Try a free demo The WSoD can also be… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Using WordPress Permalinks - Kinsta Blog

A permalink is the link that is used to access a specific piece of content on your site. Try a free demo For example, the homepage at Kinsta is at, our blog is at and a single post… Continue Reading →

The WordPress Hooks Bootcamp: How to Use Actions, Filters, and Custom Hooks - Kinsta Blog

WordPress Hooks are one of the most important tools to have in a WordPress developer’s arsenal. They’re the foundation of WordPress plugin and theme development. You can use WordPress’ many built-in hooks to ‘hook into’ the WordPress Core with your… Continue Reading →

What’s New in PHP 8 (Features, Improvements, and the JIT Compiler) - Kinsta Blog

PHP 8 is expected to be released in December 2020 and will bring us a whole bunch of powerful features and great language improvements. Try a free demo Many RFCs have already been approved and implemented, so it’s time for… Continue Reading →

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