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July 2021 Hub updates: changelog & releases   - GoDaddy Garage

We built the Hub by GoDaddy Pro to streamline workflows and shave time off tasks that typically eat up a workday. But we aren’t done yet. July 2021 Hub updates You can keep track of our progress here, as we… Continue Reading →

Download a FREE Header & Footer for Divi’s Data Science Layout Pack - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away brand new freebies. Recently, we shared a brand new Data Science Layout Pack. To help you get… Continue Reading →

WordPress Vulnerability Report: August 2021, Part 1 - iThemes

Vulnerable plugins and themes are the #1 reason WordPress websites get hacked. The weekly WordPress Vulnerability Report powered by WPScan covers recent WordPress plugin, theme, and core vulnerabilities, and what to do if you run one of the vulnerable plugins or themes… Continue Reading →

How to Use the WordPress Embed Block - Elegant Themes

The WordPress embed block lets you embed WordPress posts as cards into your posts or pages. An embedded post will have its own layout and be nestled within your content, wherever you choose. If you were to add an embed… Continue Reading →

WP Migrate DB Pro 2.1 Released: Regular Expression and Case-Sensitive Find and Replace, Accessibility Improvements, and More - Delicious Brains

WP Migrate DB Pro 2.0 was probably our most significant update to date, and we were pretty excited to get it released to our customers. After four bugfix releases to 2.0, to address any reported issues, we were able to… Continue Reading →

Dev Chat Agenda for August 4, 2021 - Make WordPress Core

Here is the agenda for this week’s developer meeting to occur at August 4, 2021 at 20:00 UTC. Blog Post Highlights Bringing to your attention some interesting reads and some call for feedback and/or volunteers A Week in Core –… Continue Reading →

Diving Deep Into the Latest Gutenberg WordPress Editor (2021) - Kinsta Blog

When the WordPress block editor, or Gutenberg, launched in December 2018, we didn’t know what to expect. Sure, we’d had plenty of time to play around with its beta version, but we couldn’t predict how smoothly the actual launch would… Continue Reading →

Full Page Patterns Are Still the Missing Piece of Block WordPress Theme Development - WP Tavern

It was the early days of the Gutenberg project. Many on the Theme Review Team and those in design circles were trying to wrap their heads around this new concept called blocks. In particular, we wanted to know how it… Continue Reading →

What is a Website Backdoor? 4 Ways to Prevent the Hack - iThemes

Have you ever wondered about your website backdoor? Or did you know your website even had doors? Try to imagine for a moment that twelve months from now, your website has become so successful that your profits have doubled and… Continue Reading →

How To Remove Sidebars From Divi - Elegant Themes

Removing the sidebar from Divi’s default page template can easily be done when you are using the Divi Builder. However, since Divi’s default page templates (with the sidebar) still show on pages like 404’s and archives, you may want to… Continue Reading →

Upgrade/Install component meeting agenda for August 3, 2021 - Make WordPress Core

The next meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021, at 17:00 UTC and will take place on #core-auto-updates Slack channel with the following agenda: Status update on the rollback for failed plugin/theme updatesOpen floor, tickets awaiting review, triage – depending on who shows up Got… Continue Reading →

The Month in WordPress: July 2021 - News

WordPress is global in reach and open source in nature. And you would assume that what allows the software to be used by anyone would also enable it to be built by anyone. After all, your location doesn’t matter, and… Continue Reading →

15 Great Blog Post Ideas For Your Photography Website - Imagely

Find fabulous blog post ideas in this article as inspiration for your writing to drive more traffic to your website! We live in a digital age, and any budding photographer knows that having an engaging blog that showcases your photography… Continue Reading →

WordPress vs Joomla: a Comparison and Key Differences - Elegant Themes

WordPress isn’t the only modular content management system (CMS) that has an established base and active community. Joomla is also a free-to-install, open-source platform that thrives on its third-party support. Many developers work to extend its capabilities beyond what comes… Continue Reading →

10 Freebies Designers Can Use To Impress And Retain Clients And Make More Money - JustWP

There are two things a designer forever has the need for – more money and more resources. Well, we cannot (directly) help with the money part, we can see to your need for exceptional resources, which would (hopefully) get money… Continue Reading →

CSS Chat Summary: 29 July 2021 - Make WordPress Core

The meeting took place here on Slack. @notlaura facilitated and @danfarrow wrote up these notes. Housekeeping @Dave Ryan offered to run next week’s meeting on 05 July 2021 @ 9pm UTC) – thanks Dave!Custom Properties (#49930) @notlaura shared her draft… Continue Reading →

Editor Chat Agenda: 4 August 2021 - Make WordPress Core

Facilitator and notetaker: @jorgefilipecosta This is the agenda for the weekly editor chat scheduled for Wednesday, August 04, 2021, 04:00 PM GMT+1. This meeting is held in the #core-editor channel in the Making WordPress Slack. WordPress 5.8 final release.What’s new in Gutenberg 11.2.0 RCWhats next in Gutenberg:… Continue Reading →

The Secrets to Wow Your New Hires During the Onboarding Process - WP Dev Shed

In the modern competitive talent landscape, businesses must strive to create an employee onboarding experience that can attract, engage, and retain the top talent. The onboarding process is a critical component of bridging the gap between the employers and the… Continue Reading →

Termly Acquires GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent Banner, Turns Free Plugin Into a Commercial SaaS Product - WP Tavern

Company A sells its plugin. Company B picks it up and moves forward with an overhauled version that looks and feels much different than the original. Users are outraged by the changes. It seems to be a repeating theme in… Continue Reading →

A Week in Core – August 2, 2021 - Make WordPress Core

Welcome back to a new issue of Week in Core. Let’s take a look at what changed on Trac between July 26 and August 26, 2021. 24 commits24 contributors85 tickets created7 tickets reopened58 tickets closed Pending the appointment of the… Continue Reading →

How to Evaluate the Cost of Your Actions: 3 Tips for Getting the Most Value - iThemes

Do you think about the cost of your actions today? It’s easy to get caught up in doing things without considering the foundation those actions are laying for tomorrow or the resources those actions require. Every action you take right… Continue Reading →

Get a FREE Data Science Layout Pack for Divi - Elegant Themes

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you. This time around, Kenny and… Continue Reading →

Editor chat summary: Wednesday, 28 July 2021 - Make WordPress Core

This post summarizes the latest weekly Editor meeting (agenda, slack transcript), held in the #core-editor Slack channel, on Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 14:00 UTC. WordPress 5.8 WordPress 5.8 was released on 20th July check out the release post for a… Continue Reading →

The Best WordPress Hosting for Photographers - Imagely

The WordPress hosting industry changes rapidly with new technologies, new businesses, and businesses that no longer exist. So we decided to update our original recommended WordPress hosting article with some of our current favorites. These recommendations are determined from combining… Continue Reading →

WP Briefing: Episode 14: The Art and Science of Accessibility - News

In this episode, Josepha Haden Chomphosy discusses the nuances of building accessible software, the differences between access, usability, and accessibility, and how this all applies to the WordPress project. Have a question you’d like answered? You can submit them to,… Continue Reading →

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website (3 Methods) - WP Kube

The post How to Migrate Your WordPress Website (3 Methods) is written by Tom Rankin and appeared first on WPKube. Despite the varied number of ways to create and design your WordPress website, there’s still much confusion over getting your… Continue Reading →

Call for CSS contributors! Help implement custom properties in WP Admin. - Make WordPress Core

WordPress needs your CSS chops! In #core-css, we have been working for over a year to devise how to implement custom properties for WP Admin in order to allow extended flexibility of color schemes, e.g. dark mode and high contrast…. Continue Reading →

How to Toggle Blog Post Excerpts on Hover in Divi - Elegant Themes

Toggling blog post excerpts on hover can be an effective way to keep a compact grid layout for your blog posts without abandoning those excerpts altogether. The idea is to hide the excerpts initially and then toggle their visibility when… Continue Reading →

How to Use the WordPress Classic Block - Elegant Themes

The WordPress Editor’s Classic Block is intended to help ease the transition between WordPress’s legacy TINYMCE editor and it’s newer block-based editor (known as Gutenberg). When the new editor was introduced into WordPress Core, all posts and pages on an… Continue Reading →

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