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Join the Plugin Review team! - Make WordPress Plugins

We’re happy to announce the reopening of applications for the Plugin Review team! Our team is looking for new members who believe in our mission of guiding plugin authors in responsibly transforming their innovative ideas into reality and ensuring a… Continue Reading →

⏱️ Time-Saving Tips: Using AI to Streamline Divi Website Development - Elegant Themes

Our Divi Cyber Monday Sale is about giving you the best deals on the products you need to build stunning websites quickly and efficiently. That’s why today we’re delighted to share some time-saving tips to build Divi websites even faster… Continue Reading →

Document Management And How To Use It In Business - WP Dev Shed

In our digitized world, individuals might ask, what is document management? It has surpassed its traditional boundaries, morphing into an integral part of contemporary business operations.  Document management embodies the systematic handling of documents, enveloping their creation, storage, organisation, and… Continue Reading →

Synthesia AI Review 2023 (A Must-Have for Video Creators?) - Elegant Themes

Struggling with clunky production setups and marathon editing sessions? Synthesia AI is transforming traditional video editing by making video creation as easy as typing text into a document. It does this by overlaying several layers of AI to create a… Continue Reading →

PSA: Fake CVE-2023-45124 Phishing Scam Tricks Users Into Installing Backdoor Plugin - Wordfence Blog

The Wordfence Threat Intelligence Team has recently been informed of a phishing campaign targeting WordPress users. The Phishing email claims to be from the WordPress team and warns of a Remote Code Execution vulnerability on the user’s site with an… Continue Reading →

X-post: Embracing Matrix for Enhanced Communication - Make WordPress Plugins

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X-post: Embracing Matrix for Enhanced Communication - Make WordPress Core

X-comment from Comment on Embracing Matrix for Enhanced Communication

X-post: Embracing Matrix for Enhanced Communication - Make WordPress Accessible

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Accessibility Team Meeting Agenda: December 1, 2023 - Make WordPress Accessible

This is the proposed agenda for the weekly Accessibility Team meeting on Friday, December 1, 2023, 16:00 UTC. Updates from working groups Design Documentation General Gutenberg Media Meta Themes Open floor If you want to have a topic added to… Continue Reading →

Real-Time Slack Communication with Your Kinsta Hosted Python Application - Kinsta Blog

In the realm of high-performance hosting and versatile development tools, Kinsta stands out as a leading platform catering to WordPress, applications, databases, and even free Static Site Hosting. Slack, renowned for its Slash Commands, seamlessly integrates with Kinsta-hosted apps and… Continue Reading →

Earn up to $10,000 for Vulnerabilities in WordPress Software – 6X Rewards in the Wordfence Holiday Bug Extravaganza! - Wordfence Blog

At Wordfence our mission is to Secure The Web. WordPress powers over 40% of the Web, and Wordfence secures over 4 million WordPress websites. Today we are announcing that for the next 20 days, Wordfence will be paying out some… Continue Reading →

Summary, Dev Chat, November 29, 2023 - Make WordPress Core

Notes from the weekly WordPress developers chat which took place on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at 20:00 UTC in the core channel of Make WordPress Slack. Start of the meeting in Slack. Props to @hellofromtonya for facilitating the live meeting and @webcommsat for preparing the… Continue Reading →

30 November Support Team meeting - Support Everything WordPress

The weekly support meeting will be held on Thursday, November 30 2023, 17:00 UTC in #forums on Slack. (a Slack account is required) New meeting on APAC time We recently discussed the possibility of having an Asia-Pacific (APAC) meeting, and @jordesign offered to… Continue Reading →

10 BEST Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers (Nov 2023) Real & Cheap - WP Dev Shed

Are you looking to buy YouTube subscribers? There is certainly no harm in admitting that you need help from time to time with your YouTube growth and engagement. If you are growing a YouTube channel, and you’ve been struggling with… Continue Reading →

X-post: Create Tours for Make P2s - Make WordPress Core

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Hallway Hangout: Performance End of Year Review 2023 - Make WordPress Core

Following up on the prior performance related hallway hangout for WordPress 6.3, and hallway hangout for WordPress 6.4, @flixos90 @joemcgill and @clarkeemily will be co-hosting an upcoming end of year hallway hangout to review the WordPress performance enhancements from 2023,… Continue Reading →

How To Use WordPress Themes Wisely For Your Site Enhancement? - WP Dev Shed

WordPress themes are the backbone of any website built on this platform, offering overload design and functional capabilities. However, the key to enhancing your site lies not in choosing a theme but in using it wisely. A well-chosen and utilized… Continue Reading →

Everything You Need to Know About Installing WordPress in a Subdirectory - Delicious Brains

In this article, we look at the benefits and limitations of installing WordPress in a subdirectory, how to install and manage subdirectory installs, and how to move WordPress core out of and into a subdirectory for an existing site. One… Continue Reading →

5 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Event Attendees in 2023 (Cheap & Instant) - WP Dev Shed

If you want to buy Facebook event attendees, but you’re not sure where to begin with this, then we think that we’ve got what you need to get going. When it comes to creating an event on Facebook, especially if… Continue Reading →

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance: A Testament to Our Commitment to Security, Availability, and Confidentiality  - Pagely Blog

We’re pleased to announce that Pagely has recently become SOC 2 Type 2 compliant – an achievement that underlines our commitment to implementing rigorous security measures and ensuring seamless system availability and confidentiality.   For the uninitiated, SOC 2 – System… Continue Reading →

What is Virtual Patching? - iThemes

Along with hacked user accounts, vulnerable plugins are the most common threat vector criminals use to break into WordPress sites. As vulnerabilities emerge, software vendors release security updates or “patches” that fix the vulnerabilities in their code. Vigilant site owners,… Continue Reading →

WordPress Vulnerability Report — November 29, 2023 - iThemes

Since our last report, 138 new vulnerabilities have been publicly disclosed. Security patches for 49 plugins and one theme are available now, so run those updates as soon as possible. If you’re a Solid Security Pro user, the version management… Continue Reading →

How To Build and Deploy Microservices With Python - Kinsta Blog

In modern software development, microservices have emerged as a pivotal architecture, enabling scalability, flexibility, and efficient management of complex systems. Microservices are small, independent applications that perform specific tasks, allowing for flexible deployment and scaling. This modular approach to software… Continue Reading →

16 Best Crypto Arbitrage Bots & Trading Platforms for Bitcoin in 2023 - WP Dev Shed

In a hurry?The best crypto arbitrage bot and trading platform in 2023, as found in our independent testing, is Pionex! Crypto arbitrage bots are trending right now. When it comes to the world of cryptocurrency investing and trading, there are many… Continue Reading →

#101 – Pooja Derashri on Creating Educational WordPress Content - WP Tavern

Transcript [00:00:00] Nathan Wrigley: Welcome to the Jukebox podcast from WP Tavern. My name is Nathan Wrigley. Jukebox is a podcast which is dedicated to all things WordPress. The people, the events, the plugins, the blocks, the themes, and in… Continue Reading →

X-post: Create Tours for Make P2s - Make WordPress Accessible

X-post from Create Tours for Make P2s

How To Find The Best Reseller Hosting for Your WordPress Business or Digital Agency - WPMU Dev

This guide to what makes a great reseller hosting platform will save you hours of doing painstaking research, and shows you how to pick the best reseller hosting company to partner with for your agency. If you are a digital… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide To Reseller Hosting: A Blueprint For Digital Agencies - WPMU Dev

The key to thriving in the highly competitive landscape of web development or digital services might lie in a game-changer … reseller hosting! Learn what reseller hosting is, how it works, and why it should be an integral part of… Continue Reading →

10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes in Nov 2023 (Cheap & Instant) - WP Dev Shed

Are you looking for the best place to buy YouTube likes? I’ve got you covered! For most people, YouTube is a pretty hard industry to crack. Back in the day, it was all about finding funny, entertaining videos that you… Continue Reading →

Dev Chat agenda, November 29, 2023 - Make WordPress Core

The next weekly WordPress developers chat will take place on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at 20:00 UTC in the core channel of Make WordPress Slack. Welcome and housekeeping All are welcome to join Dev Chat. Dev Chat summary from November 27, 2023 – props to… Continue Reading →

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