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60 Awesome Web Development Tools to Use in 2021 - Kinsta Blog

There’s something romantic and exciting about opening TextEdit or Notepad and typing “<HTML>” to kick off a new project. It’s how many of us began our obsession with coding for the web. In 2021, web development tools do more than… Continue Reading →

How to Fix the 508 Resource Limit is Reached Error - Kinsta Blog

Coming across “Error 508. Resource Limit Is Reached” can put you off balance. It’s not a common HTTP error, but it can make both your site and webserver inaccessible. Try a free demo But fret not. This article will explain… Continue Reading →

PHP vs Python: A Detailed Comparison Between the Two Languages - Kinsta Blog

There’s a battle going on in the arena of software development, PHP vs Python. And it never seems to end. Try a free demo Developing a successful website or application starts with choosing a reliable programming language. With stiff competition to… Continue Reading →

Explore the 30 Best DevOps Tools to Look Out For in 2021 - Kinsta Blog

Seamless collaboration during the entire software development lifecycle helps teams complete projects successfully and achieve higher customer satisfaction. Not only does it result in faster deployment and delivery, but it also reduces friction among team members. DevOps tools tick off… Continue Reading →

How to Archive a Website: Our Mammoth Guide to Saving Your Site - Kinsta Blog

Maintaining your website involves having a dedicated backup strategy. While backups are essential, they’re not the only way to preserve your site. The natural extension to backup is to archive a website—though they’re complementary processes. Try a free demo There… Continue Reading →

Brave Browser Review: A Secure Browser With a Strong Backbone - Kinsta Blog

Forums and social media are a fervent battleground for the “browser wars.” There’s an intense show of support from users of one particular browser, directed towards the other side. Of course, this isn’t unique to browsers, but this Brave browser… Continue Reading →

GitLab vs GitHub: Explore Their Major Differences and Similarities - Kinsta Blog

When it comes to GitLab vs GitHub, what’s the best development platform for your team in 2021? Which one’s the best solution for your use case? Try a free demo Those are the key questions we’re answering in today’s post…. Continue Reading →

HTML vs HTML5: Learn the Crucial Differences Between Them - Kinsta Blog

HTML vs HTML5. What’s the big difference? If you’re looking to get into frontend development or work with code in WordPress, you need to know the difference. It can be especially confusing because some people may use the two terms… Continue Reading →

Your Complete Guide to HTML Fonts (or Web Fonts) - Kinsta Blog

If there’s one thing that’s most important to your website’s branding and appearance, it may just be fonts. A carefully chosen typeface can convey personality, make long passages of text more legible, and solidify your brand in people’s minds. Try… Continue Reading →

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