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How to Fix the “Cannot Modify Header Information – Headers Already Sent By” Error - Kinsta Blog

Most WordPress error messages give you an idea of what’s causing problems on your site. The “Warning: cannot modify header information – headers already sent by” error is no exception. If a PHP file cannot be executed due to a… Continue Reading →

What Is a Podcast? And How Do They Work? - Kinsta Blog

While the word “podcast” didn’t even exist 30 years ago, podcasts are now a daily part of many people’s lives. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-24″,”description”:”Want to test out the MyKinsta dashboard without opening a Kinsta web hosting account?… Continue Reading →

Angular vs React: A Detailed Side-by-Side Comparison - Kinsta Blog

Angular and React are powerful and popular JavaScript resources for building just about any frontend project you can imagine. Both facilitate the building of complex and trendy user interfaces for web projects. As a result, they’ve been making headlines frequently… Continue Reading →

What Is Google Cache? Everything Website Owners Need to Know - Kinsta Blog

Google’s web crawlers are constantly searching the internet for new and updated web pages. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-18″,”description”:”Want to test out the MyKinsta dashboard without opening a Kinsta web hosting account? Now you can! Visit to… Continue Reading →

Dark Patterns: Unraveling the Web’s Shady Side - Kinsta Blog

We love the web. We’d all have had to find different careers if it weren’t for Sir Tim Berners Lee’s amazing invention! Despite our passion, though, the web can be an unpleasant place. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-16″,”description”:”Want to… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Static Site Generators in 2021 (and When to Use Them) - Kinsta Blog

Many website pages are dynamic. That means a page’s content can change from session to session depending on who’s loading it, whether they’re logged in or out, and several other factors. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-08″,”description”:”Want to test… Continue Reading →

How to Resolve the “Remove Following Redirect Chain” Error (4 Methods) - Kinsta Blog

To keep your site in tip-top shape, you need to test it regularly. However, there’s one GTmetrix error message that’s been confusing WordPress website owners: “Remove the following redirect chain if possible.” Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-04″,”description”:”Want to… Continue Reading →

What Is the Average Laravel Developer’s Salary? Fresh Data for 2021 - Kinsta Blog

Despite what you may have heard, PHP isn’t dead — it’s more in demand than ever. Whether you’re a seasoned PHP developer or are just starting in the field, it’s wise to prepare the current salary data before you begin… Continue Reading →

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