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Customizing images with WordPress duotone filters - GoDaddy Garage

In version 5.8, WordPress duotone filters launched. Duotone filters allow content creators to add unique appearances to their photos without editing the photo files. Here you will want to consider how clients can make use of these colors. What options will… Continue Reading →

5 tools to help simplify the WordPress backend - GoDaddy Garage

Clients often only see the frontend of a site. Rarely do they see web developers and designers working hard to make the backend cleaner, more organized, and to make it, simply, work. Countless hours go into testing every bit of… Continue Reading →

Geoffrey George: Webpages by Geoff - GoDaddy Garage

Geoffrey George operates Webpages by Geoff, building and redesigning websites out of his office in Saint Ignatius, Montana. Follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The Who: Given a business name is so central to a brand, we tend to put a lot… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Wednesdays: How to create a membership site with WooCommerce - GoDaddy Garage

As the ecommerce market becomes more competitive, brands must devise new ways to differentiate themselves. To do this, many create a membership program with WooCommerce to reward the brand’s most loyal customers. Whether through discounts, community building or simply increased… Continue Reading →

9 questions to determine your ideal client  - GoDaddy Garage

You already know you need to identify your ideal client. The process starts with visualizing the person most likely to buy your service or product, and then describing them in full detail from demographics to their emotional state. You’ve described… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg: How to test the latest updates - GoDaddy Garage

WordPress has undergone quite a lot of change in the past three years. In WordPress 5.0, the Block Editor was released as part of the Gutenberg project. Since then, many new features have reached WordPress by starting in the Gutenberg… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Wednesdays: How to create a multi-vendor marketplace with WooCommerce - GoDaddy Garage

Online marketplaces are the next wave of digital commerce. Over 60% of all online spending in 2020 occurred via digital marketplaces. People enjoy buying from marketplaces because they make shopping easy. Businesses like selling through them for the same reason…. Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Wednesdays: How to set up your Google Shopping product feed for success - GoDaddy Garage

Google remains one of the most widely utilized traffic sources for ecommerce businesses. While merchants have traditionally relied on the standard text-based search ads to gain exposure, the growing popularity of Google Shopping is helping businesses reach even more of… Continue Reading →

WordPress Block Pattern, Reusable Block, or Template Part - GoDaddy Garage

WordPress is roughly halfway through the biggest upgrade process that the open-source software has seen since it began. The Gutenberg project and WordPress Block Editor has brought forward so many new terms and features. Keeping up with all the new… Continue Reading →

6 types of products you can sell with WooCommerce - GoDaddy Garage

WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce solution in the world. At this very moment, there are over 3 million live websites that sell with WooCommerce. The main attraction of WooCommerce is that it is entirely open-source and fully customizable. Users… Continue Reading →

October 2021 Hub updates: changelog & releases - GoDaddy Garage

We built The Hub by GoDaddy Pro to streamline workflows and shave time off tasks that typically eat up a workday. But we aren’t done yet. October 2021 Hub updates You can keep track of our progress here, as we… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Wednesdays: WooCommerce mobile optimization guide - GoDaddy Garage

Today, over half of all internet usage comes from mobile devices. If you’re not optimizing your store to cater to multiple screen sizes, you’re going to miss out on a large segment of your target audience. That’s why we have… Continue Reading →

5 ways for pros to organize WordPress for efficiency - GoDaddy Garage

We’ve all probably heard it and maybe even live by it: Organization is the key to success. This applies to everything, from your business to your home, all the way to the websites you work on. Many web developers start… Continue Reading →

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