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Back to Basics: What are Proxies? - Codegeekz

What are proxies? You’ve heard people talk about them, but you aren’t sure what proxies actually are. Sounds familiar? Well, we’re here to clear up any confusion you may have[…]

5 Best Video Downloading Apps - Codegeekz

The use of the smartphone is not limited to calling and texting to others. There are lots of apps available on different platforms for Android users, which can help the[…]

Consider Long Tail Keywords for More Targeted Traffic and Higher Profits - Codegeekz

Long tails give your targeted visitors the green light to buy what you’re selling. When it comes to digital marketing, many businesses focus primarily on getting as much website visitors[…]

Getting Big on a Budget: 5 Creative Advertising Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank - Codegeekz

You want to grow your brand recognition and increase your website’s conversion ratio, but hiring a big-name marketing firm to make it happen just isn’t in your company’s budget right[…]

What Is White Label SEO and Why Should Your Agency Be Using It? - Codegeekz

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an essential part of marketing in the digital age. But because the best practices are always evolving, it can be tough for business owners[…]

Cost Saving Ideas for Companies: 4 Tips for Success - Codegeekz

Your business doesn’t have to be going through hard times before you think about saving money. Remember every dollar you save has a direct effect on your bottom line. But[…]

The Best Android Apps of 2019 - Codegeekz

With mobile phones becoming a part of everyday life for virtually every single human being in the world, developers have always had a hard task when it comes to creating[…]

Why You Should Use Managed PHP Hosting Instead of Shared Hosting - Codegeekz

The web world is getting huge transformation with the rise of cloud technology, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other tech domains. These technologies are steadily moving into our everyday[…]

How to Easily Convert Your Videos from MKV to MP4 with WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe? - Codegeekz

When you download your video files you might have noticed that these are in the MKV or Mp4 formats. These two are the most dominating file formats in for downloading[…]

Useful Tips to Make Your Freelancer Career Successful - Codegeekz

Just tired of working for others…is it better to give freelancing a try? When I can channelize my energy to work for myself and grow then why should I work[…]

Key Considerations When Designing a Multilingual Website - Codegeekz

Designing a multilingual website is more complicated than you think. Sure, you can use translation apps and translation plugins. Everyone does it because it’s mostly free, convenient, and you get[…]

Why Should Users Install 9apps? Is it a Good Move? - Codegeekz

Your android device can become effective, productive and absolutely enjoyable only if you have the best applications installed. What type of applications do you have? Do you use an application[…]

Machine Learning and Python – Why it Deserves Your Attention! - Codegeekz

It started with a question, “Can Machines Think?” in Alan Turing’s paper, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, published in 1950 and now, more than half a century later we are closer[…]

Start Writing Effective Papers Right Now - Codegeekz

It may be difficult to say for sure what it is the hardest part of a student’s academic journey. Some note that it’s juggling part-time jobs and study that puts[…]

Why You Should Use Established Platforms When Starting a Business - Codegeekz

Starting a company and selling a product has changed wildly over the last few decades. Nowadays, even physical products often debut online rather than in brick and mortar shops, which[…]

The Android Games Mods Can Help the Gamers to Up Their Gaming Experience - Codegeekz

The number of games available on the Google Play Store with in-app purchase feature is massive in number. Nowadays, almost every game comes with this feature where the users need[…]

Why Should You Learn Chef? - Codegeekz

Chef is an open source configuration management tool written in Ruby and Erlang. It provides system administrators a foundation of APIs and libraries so it becomes easier to perform tasks[…]

How to Improve Your Email Outreach Process with CRM - Codegeekz

Email marketing is easily one of the most effective ways of reaching and engaging your target market. A recent marketing study revealed that every $1 pumped into email marketing generates[…]

Defend Yourself from Devious Marketers and Identity Thieves via WHOIS Protection - Codegeekz

After registering a new domain, the contact information of the site owner is put on display on the WHOIS database for the public, which means anyone with or without hidden[…]

Benefits of Learning the Chef Software - Codegeekz

What is Chef? Although the name tricks a lot of people into thinking it has something to do with culinary arts, Chef is actually a type of configuration management software[…]

Things to Discuss Before Hiring Professional Web Design Services - Codegeekz

Brands pump millions of dollars in online marketing, often ignoring the most critical component of the campaign – the website. An appealing business website is half the battle won, because[…]

Post High Authority Posts to Boost your Brand! - Codegeekz

Robust SEO strategies have become a must for businesses to keep their brand ahead in the race. This is especially true with regard to the ever-changing Google algorithms, updates to[…]

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