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How to Bootstrap a Web Design Business - Web Designer Depot

Starting your own business is a process with a fair share of challenges. Even in the web design world, where you can potentially minimize costs by working from home and collaborating with freelance contractors, many expenses exist.  To run a… Continue Reading →

Why Zero Experience Designers Need A Chance - Web Designer Depot

Moving from studying design into the big wide world of web design is a daunting process. It’s a competitive and dynamic industry that’s growing all the time. It’s estimated that between 2020 and 2030, web designer jobs in the US… Continue Reading →

4 Founder-Led Brands That Are Done Right - Web Designer Depot

When you hear the word “leadership,” do you think of a particular person? If you’d been asked that question anytime before the 1900s, chances are you’d think of an accomplished politician or a battle-tested general. These were the people leading… Continue Reading →

What Even Is Web Design in 2022? - Web Designer Depot

The term “web design” refers to the process of planning, organizing, and editing content online. On the surface, it seems like a simple enough concept. However, the reality is what we consider “web design” can change over time, influenced by… Continue Reading →

How To Take Your First Steps in Web Design - Web Designer Depot

Are you a creative person looking for the perfect career path to take? If so, there are not many more creative professions than that of a web designer. However, becoming a web designer can be challenging, especially if you do… Continue Reading →

How to Find Web Design Clients in 2022 - Web Designer Depot

Do you find yourself stuck when finding new web design clients? Whether you own a web design company or work as a freelancer, expanding your audience and attracting clients can be challenging. Talking from experience: there are times when I… Continue Reading →

Side Hustles for Web Design Professionals: How to Make Some Extra Cash - Web Designer Depot

A career as a web designer can be extremely lucrative. The average web designer in the US makes around $50-55,000 per year, equating to an hourly rate of around $25. Of course, not every designer will automatically get a full-time,… Continue Reading →

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