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How I Saved My Design Agency & Tripled My Profits - Web Designer Depot

There was a point at which I was very close to losing my business, and I didn’t realize how close. I wasn’t always a good planner, and I didn’t plan to start an agency. One day I was a freelance… Continue Reading →

How to Use AR in Brand Experiences - Web Designer Depot

AR (Augmented Reality) continues to build as one of the most exciting technology innovations to appear in recent years. More accessible than virtual reality experiences, since no specialist headset is required, AR has quickly emerged as a crucial tool for… Continue Reading →

How to Prepare for the Immersive Web - Web Designer Depot

Websites as we know them are going to change very soon. The days of text, images, and basic interactions in a 2D browser window have served us well, but virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences are getting better all the… Continue Reading →

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