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Best Affiliate Marketing Stats for 2021 - WP Loop

With the appearance of blogs, channels, and social media accounts, affiliate marketing has quickly become a key digital marketing strategy. While it has been around for some time, the popularity and practice of affiliate marketing significantly took off back in… Continue Reading →

Internet of Things (IoT) Stats, Facts and Trends in 2021 - WP Loop

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making quantum leaps towards the future. The industry is rapidly expanding as the markets’ needs grow beyond our wildest estimations and forecasts. Powered by the latest sensors, cutting-edge software, big data, AI (artificial intelligence),… Continue Reading →

Social Media Statistics for 2021: 54 Stats You Need to Know - WP Loop

Social media today is unrecognizable compared to the social media of the early 2000s. It’s no longer a place solely for sharing every thought that pops into your head (although that depends on who you ask). It’s now a place… Continue Reading →

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