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How To Mitigate Side Effects in WordPress Development - Tom McFarlin

In software development, the concept of a side effect is generally understood to be something like this: In computer science, an operation, function or expression is said to have a side effect if it modifies some state variable value(s) outside… Continue Reading →

No One Cares About Clean Code (Or Do They?) - Tom McFarlin

If you’re around my age or have been in the industry since the early 2000s, you likely think of the phrase “clean code” being synonymous with the book by the same name written by Uncle Bob (or Robert Martin). From… Continue Reading →

You Rarely Get Greenfield Projects (Or Do You?) - Tom McFarlin

TL;DR: I’ve found this to be true in my career. In my experience, whether or not you get a greenfield project depends on your company or the nature of your team. If courses teach you’ll be building more greenfield projects… Continue Reading →

Colleges Don’t Teach Useful Software Development (Do They?) - Tom McFarlin

With regard to what I shared in the previous post – What Do You Expect From Being a Software Developer? – the author provided 10 things that I found worth sharing (and now considering). At the very least, it’s something… Continue Reading →

What Do You Expect From Being a Software Developer? - Tom McFarlin

Not everyone who works in software development has a degree in computer science (or a degree at all), and I’m not suggesting that you should. However, if you have ever taken a class, course, or degree program in computer science,… Continue Reading →

Why We Don’t Always Need Do Perform an Early Return - Tom McFarlin

The point is that I’m making is this: don’t perform an early return unless it makes the code easier to follow. Source

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