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WordPress Web Design Trends For 2020 - WPMU Dev

Are you keeping up with the latest web design trends in the WordPress World? Looking ahead, we aim to show you some of the important design and technical features that are coming up. So, as you know, web design is continually evolving as… Continue Reading →

6 Minimalist WordPress Themes For The Minimalist Esthetic - WPMU Dev

Amidst a complicated and overcrowded online world, it’s refreshing to come across a clean and simple site that gets the message across. These six minimalist WordPress themes can help make your website one of them. “Less is More.” “Clean and… Continue Reading →

How Smush Is Saving The Planet One Image At A Time - WPMU Dev

Is the Internet’s skyrocketing carbon footprint (yep, it exists) a cause for concern? Can a simple image optimization plugin really help reduce carbon emissions? All is unveiled below. Truth be told, I was terrified to write and publish this post…. Continue Reading →

13 Best AdSense Alternatives For Your WordPress Blog in 2020 - WPMU Dev

Google AdSense is ‘THE’ advertising tool for monetizing your WordPress blog. But what if your account gets suspended, banned, or you can’t access it? Even worse, what if you’re not a fan of the Googs? There has to be an… Continue Reading →

The Top eCommerce Trends To Keep An Eye On in 2019 - WPMU Dev

New eCommerce trends emerge at a staggering pace. It’s hard to keep up-to-date with them all, so we’ve researched and collected the hottest eCommerce trends of 2019 in this post. eCommerce sales will account for 10% of money spent by… Continue Reading →

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