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15 Best New Fonts, September 2023 - Web Designer Depot

Nothing upgrades your designs like selecting the right font. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of using the same typeface over and over, so every month, we publish this roundup to freshen up your font menu.

Manage Your Event Vendors Using Notion WP Sync and ACF - WP Mayor

Discover the power of integrating Notion with WordPress. Enhance event sign-ups and vendor coordination with Notion WP Sync. A game-changer for event organizers! This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step tutorial on setting up these tools on your WordPress site. Transform… Continue Reading →

How Many People Are On Truth Social in 2023? - WP Dev Shed

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, business person, and philanthropist, has started his own social media app called Truth Social. How many people are on Truth Social now? Its users account for many male college- and university-educated… Continue Reading →

5 Marketing Tools Every Designer Needs - Web Designer Depot

Yes, designers do need marketing tools. From freelance graphic designers who need to land more work to designers who work for another company, there’s always a need to understand basic marketing.

How Many People Use Google in 2023? (Users Statistics) - WP Dev Shed

This is a question almost every person who uses the internet must have pondered upon at some point: How many people use Google in 2023? If you ask someone, what is the importance of Google in their life? Well, they… Continue Reading →

How Many People Use Discord in 2023? (Discord Users) - WP Dev Shed

Ever wondered how many people use Discord in 2023? Since starting its journey in 2015, Discord has come a long way.  Today, it is one of the most popular VoIp, instant messaging and digital streaming platforms in the world.  Well,… Continue Reading →

How Many People Use Instagram Shopping in 2023? (Top Stats) - WP Dev Shed

With just the snap of a finger, Instagram successfully turned itself into a leading e-commerce site. It capitalized on the influx of new app users after it was declared as 2021’s second-most downloaded social media app and gathered 545 million… Continue Reading →

How Many People Use TikTok in 2023? (Users Data) - WP Dev Shed

There is a big chance you have just finished scrolling through your TikTok feed before finding this article. Well, you are not the only one. Millions of people worldwide are drawn to this entertaining application nowadays.  TikTok amassed a great… Continue Reading →

Exciting New Tools For Designers, September 2023 - Web Designer Depot

At the end of another summer, we are all getting ready to knuckle down for some serious work in the fall. But we want to help you work smarter, not harder, so to that end, we’d like to present you… Continue Reading →

Instagram Trends for 2022 & Forecast for 2023 - WP Dev Shed

It would benefit you immensely to understand how vital your social media marketing strategy is. Instagram trends can either make or break you nowadays.  However, the latest tools and features on the Instagram platform can help you gain the edge… Continue Reading →

How Many People Use Twitter in 2023? [New Stats] - WP Dev Shed

Twitter is best known as a microblogging platform in the social media community. How many people use Twitter? This is today’s topic, so we will focus on this and other relevant data for your consideration.  Twitter is a platform where… Continue Reading →

Instagram Statistics 2023: Users, Demographics & Revenue - WP Dev Shed

Instagram experienced a huge amount of growth in the last few years, with some interesting new statistics coming to the fore. If you plan on implementing Instagram into your brand’s marketing strategy in 2023, it’s vital that you know as… Continue Reading →

Binance Statistics 2023: Users, Market Share & Revenue - WP Dev Shed

Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. This crypto exchange has only been around since 2017, so its growth is nothing short of amazing. Changpeng Zhao, OKCoin’s former CTO created Binance and worked with Blockchain info as well…. Continue Reading →

Metaverse Statistics 2023: Facts, Market Size & Applications [New Data] - WP Dev Shed

The Metaverse is a hot topic in the tech world; however, it became common knowledge among regular people when Facebook renamed itself “Meta”. The Metaverse is defined as a combination of various virtual worlds—popular ones being the Sandbox, owned by… Continue Reading →

27 Top SEO Companies in the World - WordPress Arena

SEO firms boost businesses by enhancing search engine rankings and operations. They create quality content, build high-quality links, and analyze data for effective outcomes. Proficient SEO analysts offer businesses various benefits and services for increased website traffic. These SEO companies… Continue Reading →

How Many Passwords Does The Average Person Have in 2023? (KEY Statistics) - WP Dev Shed

Let’s face it, we all have multiple passwords to get access to our many sites, emails, and online subscriptions. Ever since the Internet, email, and any website that requires a password to gain access to it have been around, the… Continue Reading →

How Many Influencers Are There in 2023? New Data, Calculations & Charts - WP Dev Shed

Influencer marketing is a hybrid of old and new marketing tools that use endorsements and product mentions from individuals (influencers) through social media platforms, especially those with a dedicated social following and experts in their field. Influencer marketing works based… Continue Reading →

Slay Your Content With This ChatGPT WordPress Plugin - Web Designer Depot

Excited by the promise of AI but not sure how to get started? The look no further than this magical ChatGPT WordPress plugin.

15 Best New Fonts, August 2023 - Web Designer Depot

Fonts play a critical role in design, possessing the ability to evoke emotion, reinforce a brand identity, create hierarchies in a layout, and set the tone of your content.

15 Tempting Photoshop Alternatives - Web Designer Depot

Adobe Photoshop has been considered the must-have graphics software for professional digital creatives for decades. It is to image editing what Google is to online search: way back in 2008, Merriam-Webster added the verb ‘to photoshop’ to its dictionary (meaning… Continue Reading →

11 Ways to Build a Website for Free - Web Designer Depot

So, you need to build a website, and your budget is all but non-existent. Fear not; it is possible to get online for nothing using a site builder. Sure, you’re not going to win any awards, and forget about scalability…. Continue Reading →

How To Design a Killer Logo for Free - Web Designer Depot

The recent Twitter rebranding debacle has provided a reminder of just how important a good logo is to any company or organization. A good logo is a valuable asset — it creates brand recognition and establishes trust — while a… Continue Reading →

What Font Is This? How to Identify Any Font Like a Pro - Web Designer Depot

You know how it is – you’re browsing online, not even thinking about work, and then bam, there it is, a gorgeous typeface. You just have to have it!

How Many People Use Instagram Stories in 2023? (Full Stats) - WP Dev Shed

How many people use Instagram stories? Instagram Stories are vertical photos or videos with 15 seconds duration and automatically destroy themselves after 24 hours. It was introduced in 2016 and was inspired by Snapchat. Even though the idea was taken… Continue Reading →

6 Best LinkedIn Alternatives for Creative Freelancers & Agencies - Web Designer Depot

Before there was Facebook, X, Snapchat, or TikTok, there was LinkedIn. Launched in May 2003, two decades on it has over 900 million users in over 200 countries, the lion’s share of the online recruitment market, and is recognized as… Continue Reading →

6 Best LinkedIn Alternatives for Creative Freelancers & Agencies - Web Designer Depot

Before there was Facebook, X, Snapchat, or TikTok, there was LinkedIn. Launched in May 2003, two decades on it has over 900 million users in over 200 countries, the lion’s share of the online recruitment market, and is recognized as… Continue Reading →

Exciting New Tools for Designers, August 2023 - Web Designer Depot

Even the most extensive toolbox needs a refresh from time to time, so we’ve rounded up a selection of new tools for you to try.

WordPress Statistics 2023: Market Share, Usage & Popularity Facts - WP Dev Shed

If you are someone who is thinking about diving into the world of WordPress, but you’re not too sure where to begin, we think that this article is a good place to start. Here is what we believe to be… Continue Reading →

How Many People Have Smartphones in 2023 (Key Statistics) - WP Dev Shed

Smartphones are one of the most useful tools in the 21st century. They are all-in-one devices that easily fit in the pocket. Aside from the call and text features, smartphones can capture high-quality photos and videos, play games smoothly, connect… Continue Reading →

WordPress Market Share: How Many Websites Use WordPress in 2023? - WP Dev Shed

How many websites use WordPress in 2023, and what is the WordPress market share? Well, since its launch in 2003, WordPress has evolved from a blogging tool to the most commonly used and popular content management system (CMS) in the… Continue Reading →

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