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Using Ray in WordPress Development: Callers and Stack Traces - Tom McFarlin

TL;DR: Callers and Stack Traces are two indispensable tools for debugging code and Ray makes it simpler than most fully-featured debugging environments. This article covers how to both understand what they are and how to use them. If you’ve not… Continue Reading →

Using Ray in WordPress Development: Rendering Data and Data Structures - Tom McFarlin

TL;DR: We’ll see what Ray looks like when rendering data, data structures, and other information in the context of a custom WordPress plugin. We’ll also see how to leverage some of its built in functionality for making data structures much… Continue Reading →

Using Ray in WordPress Development: Introduction - Tom McFarlin

TL;DR: This is the first article in a series in which I’m going to walkthrough how to use Ray in WordPress development. From installation, plugin creation, and both beginner and advanced use of the application. Starting last summer, I started… Continue Reading →

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