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How to Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags to WordPress Themes - WPMU Dev

When you’re doing social networking the right way for your website it can bring huge amounts of traffic. Social is all about the visuals so if you want to make your content work well you need to use all the right… Continue Reading →

25 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress Multisite Networks - WPMU Dev

Managing a WordPress Multisite network can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right tools. But what are the best tools for Multisite? There’s always a lot of discussion on the WPMU… Continue Reading →

Instagram Plugins for Fashion Bloggers - WP Dev Shed

Fashion is an aesthetic and visual art form – so it’s only natural that when starting a fashion blog many choose Instagram as their primary social platform of choice. If you’re looking to offer a seamless Instagram and blog experience… Continue Reading →

How to Add Lead Times to Your WooCommerce Products - WP Mayor

No one likes waiting around for their products to show up after ordering them. However, WooCommerce doesn’t include native functionality for providing lead times to your shoppers who purchase custom or out-of-stock items. Fortunately, WooCommerce Lead Time can help. This… Continue Reading →

Elementor Page Builder Plugin Review: Is It Worth All the Hype? - WP Recipes

Do you want an easy way to design your website without having to hire a professional developer? Starting a WordPress website with a solution like Elementor is one of the best ways. That said, before you jump in and start… Continue Reading →

How to Add Facebook Pixel WordPress With 5 WordPress Facebook Pixel Plugins - WP Blog

Every WordPress website, big or small, needs an audience to survive, just as a blog needs relevant people to consume its content, an eCommerce store needs buyers to buy its products. The audience is what keeps a website alive. Because… Continue Reading →

10 of the Best Plugins for Extending the Block Editor - WP Mayor

The Block Editor caused quite a stir when it was included in the release of WordPress 5.0. Despite the controversy, it’s opened doors for new kinds of development and helped to streamline editing and publishing for users. That said, there… Continue Reading →

Easy Steps to Install Forum in WordPress With 8 Top WordPress Forum Plugin - WP Blog

Having a well-built online site is all right. But it doesn’t have to stop with countless web pages of appealing content both written and visual. Why not give your readers and visitors a chance to reflect on what your site… Continue Reading →

How to Change the WooCommerce Default Quantity - WP Mayor

The WooCommerce default quantity is one, and there’s no way to change that in the plugin’s native settings. However, increasing that number can help you encourage more sales and make it easier for customers to purchase complete sets of items… Continue Reading →

9 Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins 2019 - WP Blog

Before we get started, I will give a brief introduction about what is WordPress RSS feed and the significance of WordPress RSS aggregator. What is RSS? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, but it could also mean Rich Site Summary… Continue Reading →

7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers - WP Mayor

Running a blog is a big responsibility. There are a lot of tasks to take care of in order to keep your site chugging along smoothly, and trying to juggle them all manually can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several… Continue Reading →

The Best WordPress Caching Plugins For Speeding Your Site Up - WP Recipes

Are you ready to boost the speed of your WordPress website with minimal effort? If so, you need to choose from one of the best caching plugins in the market. Using a WordPress cache plugin is one of the most… Continue Reading →

How to Add Top WordPress Google Fonts Manually & With Plugin - WP Blog

Let’s learn how to add Google fonts in WordPress. Your website’s design plays an integral part in delivering a great user experience to your visitors. And while there are many ways to give your design a great look, we’re going… Continue Reading →

6 Reliable Rich Snippet Plugins for WordPress (Compared) - WP Recipes

Are you looking for a better way to display your product reviews, recipes, or local business information in search results? Adding schema markup on your website that will display rich snippets in search results will help drive more highly qualified… Continue Reading →

Prodigy Commerce Review: A Hosted WordPress eCommerce Plugin - WP Mayor

In this Prodigy Commerce review, I’ll be looking at a new WordPress eCommerce plugin that uses the second approach. It can have you up and running with a secure, user-friendly eCommerce store in very little time.

5 Mind-Blowing WordPress Giveaway Plugins to Boost Conversions - WP Recipes

Are you looking for a better way to drive traffic to your site, engage your target audience, and encourage people to convert? WordPress giveaway plugins are a unique option for doing just that. In fact, the right giveaway plugin will… Continue Reading →

How to Reset Your WordPress Website via WP Reset Plugin - WP Blog

Life doesn’t give you an undo button to rectify your mistakes. But fortunately, WordPress does. If you ever want your website to go back to how it was when you first installed it (but not delete and install again because… Continue Reading →

Link Whisper: Improve Your Internal Linking Strategy - WP Mayor

Internal linking may not seem all that important, but it can help your site grow significantly if you’re smart about it. That said, as you add content to your site it gets harder to remember the topics of each post… Continue Reading →

WPML’s New String Translation Reduces Page Load Times by 50% - WP Mayor

If you are looking to translate your WordPress website then the most popular way is by using WPML. One of its criticisms has been its slow load page times. However, WPML has now revamped its String Translation which will reduce… Continue Reading →

Comparing WordPress Backup Tools – Here’s What We Found! - WP Mayor

On WooCommerce websites important transactions are happening all the time, but finding a good WooCommerce backup solution is not easy. Here are a few recommendations to help you make that decision.

10 Best WordPress Donation Plugins in 2019 - WP Blog

In many cases, online nonprofit organizations are able to secure funds faster by reaching out to donors worldwide. Donors can simply press a button and the amount is transferred to the intended nonprofit organization. If you have a nonprofit website… Continue Reading →

5 of the Very Best WordPress Forum Plugins - WP Mayor

Forums are a smart solution for increasing engagement on your WordPress site. In order to set one up, however, you’ll need a WordPress forum plugin. There are several to choose from, including both premium and free options. In this post,… Continue Reading →

MalCare vs Sucuri vs Wordfence vs SiteLock vs iThemes Security – A Comparison - WP Mayor

While there is no such thing as “100% protection from hackers,” the security plugins discussed in this write-up can go a long way in protecting your website from most of the online threats. Which is the best security solution for… Continue Reading →

How A Simple WordPress Plugin Can Make Your Life Easier - WPRiders

As a blogger and entrepreneur, you want to build strong relationships with your audience by answering their comments and using the feedback you’ve gathered to create better content. Or, as a blog reader, you’d like to quickly check the relevant… Continue Reading →

7 Things You Need To Know When Choosing a Membership Plugin - WP Tonic

To build a successful membership site in WordPress, you’ll need a powerful yet flexible membership plugin. Given the wide variety of membership plugins to choose from, finding the right option for your specific needs can be difficult. In this article,… Continue Reading →

Podcast Episode 46: Zero Day Vulnerability in Rich Reviews Plugin Exploited In The Wild - Wordfence Blog

We chat with Mikey Veenstra to talk about the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team’s work tracking a series of active attacks on an unpatched vulnerability in the Rich Reviews plugin for WordPress. With an estimated 16,000 installations, attackers are targeting unauthenticated… Continue Reading →

WordPress Essentials: 17 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Every Website in 2019 - WP Blog

WordPress plugins are components that can be integrated into the WordPress core. Users download various plugins because the WordPress core lacks additional functions such as Contact Form 7 for signup or Sucuri for a complete scan of your WordPress website…. Continue Reading →

An Introduction to the Mong9 Editor for Building WordPress Pages - WP Mayor

The new WordPress Block Editor is intriguing, but very limiting. At the same time, traditional page builder tools can be overwhelmingly complex. If you’re looking to easily create better posts and pages, it can help to find a simple yet… Continue Reading →

RafflePress Review: A Flexible WordPress Giveaway Plugin - WP Mayor

In our hands-on RafflePress review, I’ll be taking a look at a new freemium plugin that helps you run smart giveaways where you can give visitors entries in exchange for completing tasks, like sharing a tweet about your giveaway or… Continue Reading →

How to Add a YouTube Video Gallery to Your WordPress Site - WP Mayor

Incorporating videos into your website content strategy can help keep visitors on your pages and increase conversions, too. However, displaying videos can be tricky, since media files take up a lot of storage space and can slow your site down…. Continue Reading →

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