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Beyond Prefixing: A WordPress Developer’s Guide to PHP Namespaces - WP Tavern

Prefix everything. It is an adage that is old as the WordPress software itself. Prefixing has been a standard for WordPress developers for so long that it’s hard to imagine doing anything different. But, the time has come for something… Continue Reading →

Coming in WordPress 5.3: What is the PHP Spread Operator? - WP Tavern

On October 9, Juliette Reinders Folmer announced on the core WordPress blog that WordPress 5.3 will use the spread operator. The spread operator was one of the new features made available in PHP 5.6, a version released in 2014. WordPress… Continue Reading →

PHP Native JSON Extension Now Required - Make WordPress Core

The PHP native JSON extension has been bundled and compiled with PHP by default since 5.2.0 (2006). However, a significant number of PHP installs did not include it. In order to ensure a consistent experience for JSON related functionality in… Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Use functions.php (And What You Should Do Instead) - WPMU Dev

Have you come across WordPress tutorials asking you to add code to your functions.php file to get something done? Don’t do it! Read below and find out why… I believe people who use WordPress can be separated into three broad… Continue Reading →

WP 5.3: Introducing the spread operator - Make WordPress Core

In WordPress 5.3, the PHP 5.6 spread operator has been introduced to WordPress in a number of places. Using the spread operator allowed for simplifying the code and improves performance – both in speed as well as memory use -,… Continue Reading →

Modern Software Engineering in WordPress (We We’re on a Break) - Tom McFarlin

Over the past few years, I’ve spent a significant amount of time writing about a lot of things on how to achieve certain things in WordPress. And I don’t regret it (after all, it’s my career and it’s even the… Continue Reading →

WordPress.org Bumps PHP Maximum for Plugin Directory to Version 7.2 - WP Tavern

The WordPress.org SVN system received a version bump to 7.2 on October 3. This change means that plugin authors can now use newer PHP syntax in plugins they submit to the official plugin directory. In the future, the version maximum… Continue Reading →

First Look at PHP 7.4 for WordPress Developers - WP Tavern

PHP 7.4 is slated for release on November 28, 2019. WordPress 5.3 will also include several commits that address deprecated features. It’s unlikely that most WordPress plugin and theme developers will be able to use the new PHP 7.4 features… Continue Reading →

Participating in Voices of the elePHPant - Tom McFarlin

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of writing the forward to Cal Evans book Using the WordPress REST API. Shortly thereafter, Cal asked if I’d join him on his podcast, Voices of the elePHPant, to talk a bit… Continue Reading →

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