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The Course & Product Platform I’ve Been Waiting For (FINALLY) - The WP Chick

I am beyond giddy that it feels like fall today. Windows open, cool breeze, sweatshirt on, hot cup of tea… ahhh… simple pleasures right? If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love my tools… Continue Reading →

Adding Social Icons in Essence Pro’s Header - Sridhar Katakam

This members-only tutorial provides the steps to register a custom “Next to Search” widget area and position it to the right of search in Essence Pro’s site header. Widgets placed in this widget area like social icons, for example, will… Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Genesis Blocks and Genesis Custom Blocks - Carrie Dils

Howdy! StudioPress recently released two free plugins to the repository: Genesis Blocks and Genesis Custom Blocks. Based on discussions I’ve seen on the Genesis Facebook group and in GenesisWP Slack, there’s some confusion and maybe I can help clear… Continue Reading →

Resolving PHP and PHP CodeSniffer Errors - Tom McFarlin

macOS is still shipping with PHP (though how this looks for future versions of the OS is likely going to change in some way.). Anyway, imagine you’re in a situation where you’re working on a project that requires three different… Continue Reading →

Going Nuclear For Unalloyed Benefit - Tom McFarlin

The longer I’ve kept this post in draft mode, the more work I’ve been doing to try to edit it to make it sound better than it actually does. And one of the things I dislike about blogging for myself,… Continue Reading →

Introducing Genesis DevKit from CobaltApps - Carrie Dils

I’ve long followed the work of Eric Hamm (creator of CobaltApps) and found his products useful. He recently launched a new plugin, Genesis DevKit, which aims to solve some common pain points for site builders who work with the Genesis… Continue Reading →

Setting Up PHP CodeSniffer Per Project - Tom McFarlin

A few years ago, I wrote a post about Setting Up PHP CodeSniffer in Visual Studio Code (and I’ve recently updated it, too). But it’s been four years since that post was originally written and, in that time, a lot… Continue Reading →

Email Marketing is the Ultimate Content Marketing for Driving Sales - The WP Chick

Email marketing is one of the MOST important types of content marketing you can do for your business… … yet so many people overlook it or don’t give it the attention it deserves. I heard from day one in this… Continue Reading →

Awesome WP-CLI: A First-Rate Starting Place - Tom McFarlin

One of the more challenging aspects of working with WordPress is working the fragmented nature of documentation. And I don’t necessarily mean the Codex nor do I mean the Developer Resources. But I mean the fact that there’s a ton… Continue Reading →

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