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Some Reading for January 2020 - Tom McFarlin

Remember at the end of 2019, I talked about reviving some of the Must Read articles that I used to write way-back-when? Though the month isn’t over yet, I’ve got plenty of stuff that I’ve found useful to fill the… Continue Reading →

The Future of My Business & The Kim Doyal Show - The WP Chick

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded a podcast and for what it’s worth, it’s been intentional. After giving myself some time last fall to process the loss of my Mom (which is still ongoing, but I think I’m on… Continue Reading →

Privacy is Hard: Web Browsing with 1Blocker - Tom McFarlin

When it comes to privacy and web browsing, I’ve talked Firefox in a previous post. In the same post, I also stated: I’m actually a fan of Safari for casually browsing the web. That browser coupled with 1Blocker makes it… Continue Reading →

Logo at the left and Nav Menu at the right in Essence Pro - Sridhar Katakam

This members-only tutorial provides the steps to customize Essence Pro to have a logo image appear at the left and navigation menu at the right in the site header. 1201px and above 1200px and below Tested in Essence Pro 1.3.0…. Continue Reading →

Slideout.js in Genesis - Sridhar Katakam

This members-only tutorial provides the steps to implement Slideout.js, a touch slideout navigation menu JavaScript in Genesis Sample. We shall show the widgets placed in a custom widget area in the side panel when the hamburger icon is clicked/tapped –… Continue Reading →

How to remove the background gradient for header hero in Essence Pro - Sridhar Katakam

Header Hero section of Essence Pro has a dark gradient on top of the image so that text is readable. Before: If you are looking to remove this gradient possibly because you want to use your own “dark” background image… Continue Reading →

Our Highest Sales Month Yet… - The WP Chick

Happy New Year! I have to admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about the New Year. Last year had more than it’s fair share of personal heartache. I completely anticipated the holidays being difficult this… Continue Reading →

How To Enter Your SSH Passphrase Once - Tom McFarlin

The idea behind have an SSH passphrase is security and I’m all for that. When it comes to working on a large project where you’re pulling updates from a repository and running to make sure all of the associated packages… Continue Reading →

Resources for Reading Before 2020 - Tom McFarlin

I’m not one for setting specific goals or making resolutions at the end of the year. But when I look back at this blog and how it changed over the course of 2019, it’s evident that I blogged far less… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays (For 2019) - Tom McFarlin

Every year, I try to take the time off from Christmas to New Year’s to be with family and friends and this year is no different. During my time off, I’ve spent a bunch of time with my family, seen… Continue Reading →

Restrict WooCommerce Subscriptions Creation Process to Specific User Roles - Remi Corson

Here’s how you can restrict the WooCommerce Subscriptions creation process to some specific user roles only. Since WordPress is based…

Quick Tip: Deleting a Git Tag - Tom McFarlin

When working with Git, there are a number of things that I find myself doing often enough that I assume I’m not the only one who has encountered the task. So I thought I’d start a set of posts related… Continue Reading →

Remove Empty Shortcodes 0.5.0 - Tom McFarlin

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a small plugin I was working on, Remove Empty Shortcodes, that will – as the name implies – remove empty shortcodes from posts and pages where shortcodes are no longer present. Today, I’ve… Continue Reading →

Deactivating WordPress Plugins with SQL - Tom McFarlin

If you inherit a WordPress codebase, regardless of the age of the project, there may be a lot of context that you don’t have as to why certain decisions were made or how things were implemented. This may include the… Continue Reading →

How To Fix the Referenced PHPCompatibility Sniff Error - Tom McFarlin

There are a lot of nice packages that we can use in our PHP-based projects and if you’re using Composer or GrumPHP, PHPCompatibility is one that I recommend including your projects especially if you’re writing code for something that’s going… Continue Reading →

Time Off 2019: Part 3 of 4 of Social Media Sabbaticals (No Time for Four) - Tom McFarlin

If you’ve followed along with the previous articles this year, you’ll notice that I didn’t actually take time off each quarter. Time Off 2019: Part 1 of 4 of Social Media SabbaticalsTime Off 2019: Part 2 of 4 of Social… Continue Reading →

Introducing Remove Empty Shortcodes - Tom McFarlin

Last week, I discussed everything that went my decision on retiring site memberships. For those who were members (or even read the initial idea), you may recall that I was using Restrict Content Pro to power the site. When retiring… Continue Reading →

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