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Gutenberg 10.6 Adds Duotone Filters, Query Pattern Carousel, and Most-Used Tags Selector - WP Tavern

The Gutenberg development team has taken massive strides in the latest release. Version 10.6 of the plugin introduces several user-facing features and changes that upgrade the block-editing experience. The new duotone filter for images is just downright fun to play… Continue Reading →

‘Universal’ WordPress Themes Virtual Hallway Hangout Planned for May 14 - WP Tavern

Core contributor Jeff Ong announced an upcoming virtual hangout around the concept of universal themes. The meeting could cover much ground for theme authors learning how new and upcoming tools will fit into their workflows, businesses, and more. For an… Continue Reading →

Openverse: Why This Project Is Good for WordPress and the Web - WP Tavern

In today’s WP Briefing podcast episode, The Commons of Images, host Josepha Haden Chomphosy discussed the Openverse project with WordPress lead Matt Mullenweg. Automattic recently paid the non-profit Creative Commons organization for their Creative Commons Search engine. However, will… Continue Reading →

A Laptop and a Dream: Your Home Office Should Meet Your Needs - WP Tavern

I began my journey into remote work while teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in South Korea. I was 23 years old at the time. By day, I spent my time wrangling elementary and middle-school kids. At night, I… Continue Reading →

It Is Time for WordPress Theme Authors To Step Up Their Block Pattern Game - WP Tavern

Going through my routine this week, I skimmed the latest WordPress theme releases and found a new project that supported the block editor. It even shipped a few custom patterns. While the design was nothing extraordinary, it was a solid… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 10.5 Embeds PDFs, Adds Verse Block Color Options, and Introduces New Patterns - WP Tavern

I reach over to grab my phone to check the time. I am debating whether I should stay awake and watch one more episode of The Walking Dead — it would be my fourth, maybe fifth, binge of the series…. Continue Reading →

Churel Is a Colorful and Minimalist Block-Ready WordPress Theme - WP Tavern

WordPress theme development company Themix released its third free theme to the official directory this week. Churel is described as a theme for organizations and businesses that also works for traditional blogging. The development team has a keen eye for… Continue Reading →

Themes Set Up for a Paradigm Shift, WordPress 5.8 Will Unleash Tools To Make It Happen - WP Tavern

For much of WordPress’s history, the foundational elements of building a theme have been slow to change. Every so often, developers would get a new feature, such as child themes, featured images, nav menus, and template parts. Each of these… Continue Reading →

Recreating the Classic Wedding WordPress Theme Homepage With the Block Editor - WP Tavern

I simply do not understand it. For at least the better part of a decade, theme authors have asked for the tools to create more complex layouts with WordPress. They have asked for the ability to allow end-users to more… Continue Reading →

Enō: ‘Probably This Is the Best Blogging Theme Ever’ - WP Tavern

Sometimes a theme’s description is so moving that one must install, activate, and test the project. I often rail against the obviously keyword-stuffed text in the free WordPress theme directory. But, I am pleasantly surprised from time to time. Enō… Continue Reading →

Full Site Editing Is Partly a ‘Go’ for WordPress 5.8 - WP Tavern

Today, Josepha Haden Chomphosy announced the results of yesterday’s “go/no-go” demo and decision on whether Full Site Editing (FSE) would land in WordPress 5.8. The site editor and global styles are not landing in the next release. However, several other… Continue Reading →

FSE Outreach Round #5: Venturing out a Query Quest - WP Tavern

The Full Site Editing (FSE) outreach program is chugging along. Since December, it has called for and completed four rounds of testing. The latest round asks volunteers to provide feedback on the Query block, arguably one of the most crucial… Continue Reading →

Yet Another WordPress Block Library Plugin - WP Tavern

You are the team manager at a WordPress development company. You just spent the last couple of months directing the group of highly skilled developers that you oversee to create the latest and greatest block library for WordPress. Your developers… Continue Reading →

Display Digital Sheet Music With the WordPress Block Editor - WP Tavern

OSMD plugin output on the front end. PhonicScore, a company out of Vienna, recently released its OpenSheetMusicDisplay (OSMD) plugin. It is a WordPress block built for rendering digital sheet music in the browser. The OSMD plugin is built on top… Continue Reading →

Will Full Site Editing Land in WordPress 5.8? A Decision Is Forthcoming - WP Tavern

Yesterday, Josepha Haden Chomphosy announced the roadmap for deciding whether Full Site Editing (FSE) will land in WordPress 5.8. After the launch of Gutenberg 10.4 on April 14, a small group of core leads will participate in a go/no-go demo…. Continue Reading →

Yes, Comments Are Still Relevant, But We Need a Better System - WP Tavern

More and more, open comments are becoming a thing of the past. Large news organizations have kicked them to the curb. Frustrated bloggers who no longer desire all of the hassles with moderation shut down their forms. The conversations have… Continue Reading →

Calling All Themers: Design the Next Round of Query Block Patterns - WP Tavern

The Gutenberg plugin repository currently has an open ticket calling for community-contributed Query block patterns. These would launch alongside Full Site Editing’s inclusion in WordPress, which could be as soon as version 5.8 — no hard decision has been made… Continue Reading →

Twentig Now Upgrades the Twenty Twenty-One Theme Experience - WP Tavern

Twentig, the brainchild of sibling co-founders Diane and Yann Collet, now supports the Twenty Twenty-One theme. The developers originally built the plugin, which is hosted on, around the idea of “supercharging” Twenty Twenty. After its initial success, they have… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 10.3 Supports Default Image Sizes, Continues Normalizing Toolbars, and Categorizes Theme Blocks - WP Tavern

Version 10.3 of the Gutenberg plugin landed yesterday. Users can now define a default Image block size. The development team also continued work on normalizing block toolbars, created a “theme” block category, and added a padding option to the Verse… Continue Reading →

FSE Outreach Round #4: Building a Restaurant-Themed Header With Gutenberg’s Site Editor - WP Tavern

Anne McCarthy announced the fourth round of testing for the Full Site Editing (FSE) Outreach program last week. This testing phase calls for users to build a restaurant-themed header via the Gutenberg plugin’s site editor. Testing is open to anyone,… Continue Reading →

Creating Tiled, Masonry, and Other Image Layouts With Meow Gallery - WP Tavern

I am uncertain of how I first came across the Meow Gallery WordPress plugin. It was a pinned tab in my browser for a while, but it has recently become one of those projects that I keep coming back to…. Continue Reading →

10up Creates Classic Post Migration Route With Its Convert to Blocks WordPress Plugin - WP Tavern

Yesterday, 10up officially announced Convert to Blocks, a WordPress plugin for transforming classic posts into blocks. The goal is to provide users with a safe migration route for old content while removing the burdens of other options in the space…. Continue Reading →

Extendify Acquires Editor Plus, Introduces Commercial Templates in Its Plan To Improve Block Editing - WP Tavern

With the release of Editor Plus 2.7 in recent weeks, Extendify stamped its brand name on the plugin. The company officially acquired the plugin months ago. However, this was its first public outing as the new owner of a project… Continue Reading →

Insert Font Awesome Icons Into the Block Editor via the JVM Gutenberg Rich Text Icons Plugin - WP Tavern

Joris van Montfort, a freelance WordPress developer, released the JVM Gutenberg Rich Text Icons plugin over the weekend. The goal was simple: allow users to insert icons nearly anywhere in the block editor at the click of a button. The… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 10.2 Adds Spacers To Navigation Lists, Lets Users Categorize Template Parts, and Introduces Scoped Patterns - WP Tavern

Yesterday, version 10.2 of the Gutenberg WordPress plugin landed. Users can now add a Spacer block between Navigation items, categorize custom template parts, and pick between patterns when inserting the Query block. The user experience continues to improve in some… Continue Reading →

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