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On MAGA Caps and WordCamps - WP Tavern

Within WordPress circles, I don’t talk much about politics. I was raised to believe that politics and religion are not polite dinner topics. That belief generally extends to my work-life too. However, sometimes these topics crash into one another at… Continue Reading →

Key Takeaways From the First ‘Future of Themes’ Meeting - WP Tavern

There are few clear answers. As members of the core design, editor, and theme review teams joined for the inaugural biweekly meeting that may decide the fate, at least in part, of WordPress themes, it became clear that there is… Continue Reading →

Emoji Conbini and the Case for a Block Enhancements Directory - WP Tavern

In December of 2019, Nick Hamze, the owner of Sorta Brilliant, quietly launched Block Garden with a proposal for plugin authors to build block-based plugins off concepts, called seeds, from his site. He has since written extensively on the block… Continue Reading →

What You Can’t Forget for Your ECommerce Site - WordPress Arena

Setting up an eCommerce site is a great way for you to build up an income for your business. Not only will you be able to attract new customers, but you can allow them to get in touch from all… Continue Reading →

GoDaddy’s ‘Go’ WordPress Theme Offers a Page-Building Experience via the Block Editor - WP Tavern

GoDaddy launched its Go WordPress theme last week. It has been publicly available through its GitHub repository for several months, but the theme review team finally approved and set it live in the theme directory. Thus far, the theme has… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg Can Tackle the Problems the Fields API Tried to Solve - WP Tavern

The Fields API. Never heard of it? That’s OK. Outside of the inner development community, it is not widely known. The average WordPress user does not need to know about it. Before understanding how the Fields API fits into Gutenberg’s… Continue Reading →

Blocksy WordPress Theme Provides a Solid Block-Editor Experience - WP Tavern

Screenshot of the Blocksy theme blog posts page. Creative Themes dropped version 1.6.8 of its Blocksy WordPress theme yesterday. It was an update to a theme that is quickly becoming popular, having garnered 58 five-star reviews and one thousand active… Continue Reading →

Is There a WordPress Plugin for Everything? - WordPress Arena

WordPress plugins are great. Not only that, they are basically a necessity for any website, offering tons of features and functionalities to your website you would not have otherwise. What you may not be aware of, however, is that presently… Continue Reading →

Top Reasons for Slower Speeds in New York City - WordPress Arena

One of the biggest issues faced by the internet industry is slow speed. This is more common in bigger cities like New York because of more traffic and extensive usage. You cannot imagine your lives without a smooth and blazing… Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned by Stepping Outside WordPress Comfort Zone - WP Tavern

It was late summer in 2018. I was an aging developer who wasn’t quite sure where I fit into the WordPress world anymore. I had spent over a decade learning the ins and outs of the platform that launched my… Continue Reading →

Top 6 skills for a WordPress Developer - WordPress Arena

Anybody who has ever created a site on WordPress knows, that you don’t need a software developer. If you don’t care much about the end result, that is. Why is it important to work with a good WordPress developer? As… Continue Reading →

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