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Gutenberg’s Custom Spacing Should Be Theme Controlled - WP Tavern

Adjusting padding on a Group block. When Gutenberg 9.0 landed earlier this week, it came with an experimental padding control for the Group block. Most users will not see it unless their theme has opted into supporting the feature using… Continue Reading →

Digging Into Recipe Card Blocks, WPZOOM’s Solution for Recipe Bloggers - WP Tavern

After publishing a post about the new Recipe Block plugin last week, several people were quick to point out that WPZOOM had released a recipe-related block plugin two years ago. Among them, was the plugin author, Pavel Ciorici. I had… Continue Reading →

Exploring Seedlet, Automattic’s Block-First WordPress Theme - WP Tavern

On August 26, Automattic launched a new theme titled Seedlet that focused on integrating with the WordPress block editor. A few days later, it was also live in the theme directory. The theme development team wanted to produce a… Continue Reading →

More Power in the Hands of WordPress Support Forum Users - WP Tavern

What level of control should users have over their WordPress support forum topics? That is the question at the heart of a recent discussion opened by Mika Epstein on the Make Support blog. The goal is to grant more power… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 8.9 Brings Block-Based Widgets Out of the Experimental Stage - WP Tavern

On Wednesday, September 2, Gutenberg 8.9 launched with a set of new features, enhancements, and several bug fixes. The development team took the block-based widgets system out of its experimental stage, making it the default experience for all plugin users…. Continue Reading →

WordPress Plugin Authors Should Avoid Confusing Users When Naming Blocks - WP Tavern

On May 4, the StudioPress development team made a small but significant user-facing change to its Atomic Blocks plugin (now rebranded to Genesis Blocks). It removed the “AB” branding from its block titles. This minor update changed block titles such… Continue Reading →

One Year After Beta, Elmastudio’s Aino Blocks Plugin Lands in the Plugin Directory - WP Tavern

One year ago today, Elmastudio launched a beta version of its Aino WordPress theme and Aino Blocks plugin. While the team pushed the theme live in the theme directory earlier this year, it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago… Continue Reading →

Elementor 3.0 Allows Users to Create a Personalized Design System - WP Tavern

Elementor version 3.0 was launched on Tuesday. This release is the first major update to the plugin in over two years and is one of the largest upgrades in its history. The new version focuses on a design system, a… Continue Reading →

WordPress Should Bump PHP Support on a Transparent and Predictable Schedule - WP Tavern

Juliette Reinders Folmer released a proposal for WordPress to drop old PHP version support on a fixed schedule. She wrote the proposal after Matt Mullenweg, WordPress co-founder and project lead, reached out to discuss solutions. This was after he closed… Continue Reading →

Exploring the First Block Patterns to Land in the WordPress Theme Directory - WP Tavern

For months, I have eagerly awaited the official release of WordPress 5.5, an update that promised to put the long-awaited block patterns system into the hands of theme designers. I may sound like a broken record at this point, but… Continue Reading →

Local Avatars in WordPress? Yes, Please - WP Tavern

It is an age-old question. OK, well, it’s really a 10-year-old feature request, but that is age-old in software development years. Should WordPress have a local avatar system? Let’s be honest. Most of us have kind of gritted our teeth… Continue Reading →

Struggles of Remote Work Half a Year Into the Pandemic - WP Tavern

This was supposed to be the year that ushered in a revolution in how we work. Remote jobs would become a common practice, spurred on by the global COVID-19 pandemic. A time when everyone would start paying attention to those… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.6 Wish List: Homepage Post Type Selection and Block Management - WP Tavern

With the WordPress 5.5 development cycle coming to a close, it is time to begin mapping out what features should land in WordPress 5.6 later this year. Earlier today, Chloe Bringmann asked the community to chime in with its wish… Continue Reading →

Are Plugin Authors to Blame for the Poor Admin Notices Experience? - WP Tavern

Last Thursday, Vova Feldman published an article asking that we stop blaming plugin authors for the plethora of admin notices that users are bombarded with each day. The real culprit? The lack of a notifications mechanism in WordPress core. Feldman’s… Continue Reading →

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