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The Gutenberg WordPress Plugin To Introduce a Table of Contents Block - WP Tavern

What was once likely viewed as plugin territory is now a reality as part of the Gutenberg project. Yesterday, the team merged a pull request for a Table of Contents (TOC) block into the plugin’s codebase. It was a contribution… Continue Reading →

GermanThemes Releases Block-Ready GT Basic WordPress Theme With Custom Patterns - WP Tavern

Today, GT Basic became the second theme from GermanThemes to go live in the WordPress theme directory. Like the company’s previous theme, GT Ambition, it is built around the block editor. It also introduces several custom block patterns. The theme… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Include Video on Your Law Firm Website - WordPress Arena

The key to effectively communicating with clients and potential leads is to relay the necessary information in a…

Ask the Bartender: Frustrations and Finding the Right WordPress Block Plugins - WP Tavern

Hello. I always supported the idea of a WordPress block editor as a whole, but lately, I’m a bit frustrated in that there are some blocks I need with urgency to work on a (non-visitor editable) wiki-like site (mostly a… Continue Reading →

Phoenix, a Block-Based WordPress Theme With a Sidebar - WP Tavern

Earlier today, the Phoenix theme was merged into the WordPress Theme Experiments repository on GitHub. Like all themes in the repo, it is not meant for use on a live site. It is a project to test new ideas for… Continue Reading →

Newspack Newsletters Now Live in the WordPress Plugin Directory - WP Tavern

Automattic released its Newspack Newsletters project to the WordPress plugin directory earlier today. It is the first Newspack-related plugin the company has made available outside of GitHub or its custom platform. Newspack is primarily a service geared toward small and… Continue Reading →

Design Lab Releases Artpop, a Block-Ready WordPress Theme - WP Tavern

Perhaps the fates have stepped in to prove a point. After I wrote a 2,000-word piece on the lack of quality themes in the theme directory, they decided to send a message. Not once, but twice this week, a new… Continue Reading →

GoDaddy Launches the Hub, a New Site, Project, and Client Management Experience for Web Professionals - WP Tavern

On Monday, GoDaddy officially launched the Hub by GoDaddy Pro, a dashboard that brings together all of its products, pro-specific tools, and solutions. The experience is geared toward website developers and designers, creating a central location to manage their client… Continue Reading →

Embed Any URL Into WordPress With the Bookmark Card Block - WP Tavern

George Mamadashvili’s Bookmark Card block is the sort of simple plugin that is easy to overlook. It is one of those plugins that suffers from the lack of block discoverability in WordPress at the moment. Like many other one-off blocks,… Continue Reading →

Rough Pixels Releases Empt Lite, a Block-Supported Freemium WordPress Theme - WP Tavern

Single post view. Empt Lite, the latest theme by Rough Pixels, landed in the WordPress theme directory today. Like most of the company’s prior work, the design is on par with the best free themes currently available. I have come… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 9.9 Adds Color Options for Social Icons, Includes Rounded Borders for Images, and Changes the Theme JSON Format - WP Tavern

Version 9.9 of the Gutenberg plugin landed earlier today. While it includes several minor UI improvements, the biggest user-facing change is the inclusion of icon and background color options for the Social Links block. Theme authors can now add support… Continue Reading →

Skinning the WordPress Admin, CSS Custom Properties on the Way - WP Tavern

Using CSS custom properties for the WordPress admin color scheme system is listed for the WordPress 5.7 milestone. It feels low-key enough that most would pass it over as a simple upgrade to keep up with the times. However, this… Continue Reading →

Upsells, Barriers, and the End/Beginning of the Quality $free Themes Era - WP Tavern

The theme directory is becoming little more than a crippleware distributor. I suppose it was inevitable given its reach, which can be worth $1,000s/month for theme authors. Justin Tadlock via Twitter As I think back on that tweet from… Continue Reading →

Ask the Bartender: How To Bulk Convert Classic WordPress Posts To Blocks? - WP Tavern

I was wondering if you could help me. I want to convert all of my old posts (about 600) to Gutenberg blocks. Do you know an easy way to do that? Philip I often get these short questions via private… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 9.8 Brings Rounded Borders To the Group Block and Moves the Site Editor Canvas Into an Inline Frame - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 9.8 launched yesterday with a few minor UI improvements. The development team added an initial implementation for border-radius support for the Group block that theme authors can opt into. They also moved the site editor into an iframe element… Continue Reading →

First Round of the FSE Outreach Program Concludes, Identifies Template-Editing Mode Problems - WP Tavern

The Full Site Editing (FSE) Outreach Program has now concluded its first round of testing. Its first focus area was centered on the template-editing mode introduced in Gutenberg 9.6. The volunteers involved with the project identified several pain points. Gutenberg… Continue Reading →

Custom Layouts Plugin Creates a Posts Display System for Both the Classic and Block Editors - WP Tavern

Ross Morsali, via his brand Code Amp, released the Custom Layouts plugin last week. The plugin’s goal is to provide a visual post layout builder for users of both the block and classic editors. For end-users, this is yet another… Continue Reading →

Kinsta Launches Free Local WordPress Development Tool - WP Tavern

Kinsta, a managed WordPress hosting company, announced its local development tool named DevKinsta earlier today. The tool allows developers to spin up new WordPress sites, including multisite support, in moments. Each site is automatically configured with Nginx, PHP, and MySQL…. Continue Reading →

A Multi-Theme System, the Decade-Long Wait for Grandchild Themes, and Themeless Templates - WP Tavern

Around 2010, child theming had finally caught its stride. Bigger theme shops were starting to take note, and some were implementing advanced parent themes that were meant to serve as a “framework” for creating child themes. The theme development community… Continue Reading →

Show and Hide Content via the Block Visibility WordPress Plugin - WP Tavern

Nick Diego’s Block Visibility is not the only plugin to take on the challenge of controlling when blocks are visible on the front end. Other plugins like EditorsKit do a fine job of it. However, Block Visibility is a solution… Continue Reading →

WordPress Proposal To Align Release Cycle With Industry Standard - WP Tavern

Yesterday, Francesca Marano opened a proposal for changing the phases of the core WordPress release cycle. It was a recap of a discussion the began in October 2020. The goal is to align the platform’s phases with the larger development… Continue Reading →

Blocked-Based Version of Twenty Twenty-One Nearing Readiness for the Theme Directory - WP Tavern

Twenty Twenty-One Blocks, now renamed to TT1 Blocks, is inching its way toward the WordPress theme directory. Kjell Reigstad mentioned the prospect in this week’s block-based themes meeting. Contributors to the theme, which is part of the Theme Experiments project,… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 9.7 Improves User Experience, Updates Reusable Blocks, and Brings Page Templates to FSE Themes - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 9.7 landed yesterday with several updates and improvements. Users should expect to see changes to the interface for block variations, transforms, and patterns. Reusable blocks are being worked on after what seemed to be a hiatus. Developers can also… Continue Reading →

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