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Block Navigation Plugin Provides Missing Context-Based Outline for the WordPress Editor - WP Tavern

Álvaro García wrote the first code for his Block Navigation plugin back in November 2018. It is one of those hidden gems that I wish I had known about two years ago as I began using the block editor. It… Continue Reading →

Something To Be Thankful For - WP Tavern

Over the past several weeks, I have received around four dozen emails, texts, PMs, and other messages related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Last year, we ran a roundup of deals happening throughout the WordPress ecosystem. However, we… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.7 Wish List: Save Block Editor Settings Per User - WP Tavern

WordPress 5.6 development is winding down as we begin to close out the beta testing round, inching toward the final release on December 8. That means it is time to think about what WordPress 5.7 will look like. This is… Continue Reading →

Genesis Block Theme Beta, StudioPress Pursuing a Block-First Future - WP Tavern

On November 11, StudioPress announced an open beta for its Genesis Block Theme. This is a pivotal moment, or at least one moment in a series of significant moments, for adoption of the block editor. Feel free to call me… Continue Reading →

Build Editor Blocks for Clients With the Genesis Custom Blocks Plugin - WP Tavern

In early September, WP Engine announced the launch of Genesis Custom Blocks, a block-creation plugin made possible by its StudioPress team. The concept should feel familiar to developers who have made use of Advanced Custom Fields and similar plugins. However,… Continue Reading →

Should WordPress Notify Users of Plugin Ownership Changes? - WP Tavern

Potential idea for showing plugin ownership change. That is the question posed by Ian Atkins in a recent ticket for WordPress. “I’ve experienced a few plugins change ownership, and it’s really not clear as a user, developer, and maintainer of… Continue Reading →

Proposal to Create an Expanded View or Overlay for the Block Patterns Inserter - WP Tavern

The “version 1.0” launch of block patterns in WordPress 5.5 was overall successful. However, it was easy to overlook the problems while waiting for this feature to land after months of anticipation. Now that we have had a couple of… Continue Reading →

Do Not Build Theme-Specific Block Plugins for WordPress, Please - WP Tavern

A few days ago, I came across a small library of blocks. As always, I was interested in seeing what this new plugin brought to the table. Would it surprise me with a block that has not been done before?… Continue Reading →

Editor Plus 2.1 Overhauls Block Controls UI and Adds Lottie Animations - WP Tavern

Yesterday, Munir Kamal released version 2.1 of the Editor Plus plugin. The biggest change is a complete overhaul of its design controls. The developer also added a new Lottie animation block. I probably sound like a broken record after covering… Continue Reading → Drops Over 100 Block Patterns, Carving a Path the Design Community Should Follow - WP Tavern

Automattic released over 100 block patterns to its users on last week. Patterns are a set of blocks that users can insert into their posts or pages for predefined yet customizable sections of content. Most of’s new patterns… Continue Reading →

Automattic Releases Spearhead, a Seedlet Child Theme Aimed at Podcasters and Content Creators - WP Tavern

Spearhead theme blog/posts page. Last Thursday, Automattic announced its new Spearhead theme to users, which primarily focuses on podcasters. However, the team has marketed it toward content creators in general. It is a child theme of the company’s recently-released… Continue Reading →

Full-Site Editing Is Not the End of Artistic WordPress Themes - WP Tavern

These plain canvas-like themes have until now been a choice for those who prefer it (those who like to design their own thing), but this article makes it sound like these types of themes should be the only choice in… Continue Reading →

Twenty Twenty-One Blocks Theme Launching as a Separate Project - WP Tavern

Twenty Twenty-One in the Gutenberg site editor. Last Friday, Themes Team representative Carolina Nymark announced the Twenty Twenty-One Blocks theme project. It is a block-based version of the Twenty Twenty-One default theme that is shipping along with WordPress 5.6. It… Continue Reading →

Carrd-Like Theme Experiment Provides a Glimpse Into the Future of Theming - WP Tavern

Carrd-like theme front page template. It is no secret that I think the future of theming with WordPress is bright, that the Gutenberg project will eventually pay off. As a former full-time theme developer, I lived through the years where… Continue Reading →

Dragging and Dropping Meta Boxes Might Not Be So Simple in WordPress 5.6 - WP Tavern

If you have been testing the latest development version of WordPress in the past week or so, you may have noticed that the ability to drag and drop meta boxes seemingly disappeared. This is not a bug. Nine days ago,… Continue Reading →

Yext Launches a WordPress Plugin To Connect To Its Answers Platform - WP Tavern

Last week, Yext launched its Yext Answers plugin to the WordPress community. The goal was to bring a platform that won the Best Software Innovation category of the 2020 Global Search Awards to WordPress. However, my experience was far from… Continue Reading →

Past Twenty* WordPress Themes To Get New Block Patterns - WP Tavern

Mel Choyce-Dwan, the Default Theme Design Lead for WordPress 5.6, kick-started 10 tickets around two months ago that would bring new features to the old default WordPress themes. The proposal is to add unique block patterns, a feature added to… Continue Reading →

Diving Into the Book Review Block Plugin - WP Tavern

Created by Donna Peplinskie, a Product Wrangler at Automattic, the Book Review Block plugin is nearly three years old. However, it only came to my attention during a recent excursion to find interesting block plugins. The plugin does pretty much… Continue Reading →

The Future of Starter Content: WordPress Themes Need a Modern Onboarding and Importing Tool - WP Tavern

Image credit: on Pexels. Starter content. It was a grand idea, one of those big dreams of WordPress. It was the new kid on the block in late 2016. Like the introduction of post formats in 2011, the developer… Continue Reading →

Are Block-Based Widgets Ready To Land in WordPress 5.6? - WP Tavern

Two weeks ago, the Gutenberg team put out an open call for block-based widgets feedback. I had already written a lengthy review of the new system earlier in September but was asked by a member of the team to share… Continue Reading →

Kick off Block-Based WordPress Theme Development With the Theme.json Creator - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 9.1 made a backward-incompatible change to its theme.json file (experimental-theme.json while full-site editing is under the experimental flag). This is the configuration file that theme developers will need to create as part of their block-based themes. Staying up to… Continue Reading →

Exploring Full-Site Editing With the Q WordPress Theme - WP Tavern

I have been eagerly awaiting the moment when I could install a theme and truly test Gutenberg’s full-site editing feature. By and large, each time I have tested it over the past few months, the experience has felt utterly broken…. Continue Reading →

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