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Increase Your Shares With These 5 Free WordPress Social Media Plugins - WPMU Dev

Integrating social media with your site is an important way to help spread the word about what you have to offer, whether you run a basic blog or a corporate multinational. There are many plugins available to help increase your traction on Facebook,… Continue Reading →

Enhancements to the Network Sites Screen in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

Changes to the database The introduction of Site metadata in WordPress 5.1 has opened up a lot of new possibilities for multisite. Save database version and date updated in multisite site meta In [46193], the database version and the updated… Continue Reading →

Why Subdomains For Multisite Is A Very Bad Idea - WPMU Dev

Aaargh… which is better: subdomains vs. subdirectories! One site says we have to use subdomains for Multisite, and another says — no way, that’s wrong. What’s a dev supposed to do? … Or a WordPress user. … Or an eCommerce… Continue Reading →

10 Of The Best Multisite Plugins For Creating a Better User Experience - WPMU Dev

With big Multisite networks (like our sister site Edublogs) around the web setting the bar so high, basic functionality just doesn’t cut it anymore. These days users expect an easy-to-use site/network that provides them with a better user experience. I… Continue Reading →

The No-Plugin Guide for a Multilingual WordPress Site Using Multisite - WPMU Dev

Don’t let the limits of language limit your website’s reach on the World Wide Web. People from all over the world visit your website. If you’re serving content in only one language, you’re pushing many interested visitors away. Having a… Continue Reading →

How To Set Up eCommerce on WordPress Multisite in Under 10 Minutes - WPMU Dev

In this post, we’re going to help you get a store, and even a network of online stores, set up in under 10 minutes. Did you know eCommerce could be this simple? To be honest, setting up almost anything in… Continue Reading →

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