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6+ Examples of How to Use Empathy in Marketing - Elegant Themes

A lot of consumers and clients need to connect with your product on an emotional level before they buy it. Numbers and data, even including the amount of five-star reviews your product has, won’t cut it for every member of… Continue Reading →

A New Way to Learn from WordPress All-Stars: The Experts Corner - WP Mayor

Freemius launches Experts Corner, a free video series that features top experts in the WordPress ecosystem sharing their best tips for monetizing digital products.

4 Great Backlink Checker Tools to Boost Your Pagerank - Elegant Themes

Of all the SEO tips and advice out there, the one that remains consistent through every Google algorithm change is this: you need backlinks to rank in search results. Having other folks link to your site gives Google proof that… Continue Reading →

A Simple Guide to Spotify for Podcasters - Elegant Themes

Spotify made a lot of waves in the podcasting industry during 2019. They bought Anchor, a podcast host, began producing original content, and launched their very own podcasting dashboard on the platform called Spotify for Podcasters. To top it all… Continue Reading →

How to Easily Create Animated Videos for Your Content - Elegant Themes

Video content is growing in popularity, and can be a key method for marketing your business. However, you may not have someone on your team who’s comfortable in front of a camera, or the tools to create traditional high-quality videos…. Continue Reading →

7 Tools to Create Videos Online That Anyone Can Use - Elegant Themes

Video content is booming, which means more people than ever are in need of user-friendly and affordable ways to create videos online. With so many platforms to choose from, however, it can be difficult to discern which ones are actually… Continue Reading →

How Not to Bury The Lede in your Online Content - Elegant Themes

For the most part, writing has a single purpose: to communicate. That means that as writers, it is our job to get to the point as quickly and as concisely as possible. Burying the lede means the opposite of that…. Continue Reading →

How to Submit Your WordPress Site to Google News and Google Discover - Kinsta Blog

The aim of Google News is to filter through the world’s news and make timely news accessible to readers in a way that’s easy for them to read, understand, and put to use. Try a free demo So what does… Continue Reading →

Social Capital: How to Build It, Spend It, and Not Misuse It - Elegant Themes

Social capital is an idea that has been around for more than a century, though its meaning has shifted over time. In the past, social capital defined the way a group of people in a community came together to build… Continue Reading →

How to Leverage the Power of Twitter Chats to Improve Your Social Media Presence - Elegant Themes

Have you ever joined a Twitter chat? Did you know that they are a great way to improve your social media presence? If you ask any digital marketer or social media specialist how you can improve your online presence, they… Continue Reading →

AWeber vs Mailchimp Differences  - Template Toaster

AWeber vs Mailchimp is the biggest competitor you will come across while searching for the best marketing software. When you want to grow your business, marketing plays an important role. Especially marketing. In this differences guide, you will see which… Continue Reading →

Flodesk Email Management: Overview and Review - Elegant Themes

Flodesk is a fairly new email marketing platform that is affordably scalable and easy to customize. It’s a highly visual platform equipped with simple tools and aesthetically pleasing designs. If you’re looking for an affordable service that provides beautifully designed… Continue Reading →

Can a KOL Kickstart Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy? - Elegant Themes

Are you looking for help kick-starting your brand’s marketing strategy? If so, partnering with a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) could be your best bet for reaching your target audience and getting your brand marketing off to a great start. If… Continue Reading →

What is Bounce Rate, Why is it Important, and How Can You Lower It? - Elegant Themes

Bounce rate. Two words that strike fear into website admins everywhere. The idea that people come to your site, glance at your content, and then leave without interacting is everyone’s worst-case scenario. You can’t control people leaving your site. Eventually,… Continue Reading →

ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign Differences - Template Toaster

Struggling to build a legit audience? You need digital marketing tool that can help build an email list, create and send messages, and automate many necessary parts of your campaigns. ConverKits and ActiveCampaign are two options here. In this article,… Continue Reading →

SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign Differences - Template Toaster

If you are confused between SendinBlue and ActiveCampaign, then you’ve landed yourself onto the right page. We’re going to compare SendinBlue vs ActiveCampaign differences in terms of  email templates, reporting, automation, deliverability, customer support, and integrations. It can be exhausting… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management - Elegant Themes

When you build and maintain a positive brand image, more customers are likely to buy your product. Consistency breeds trust, which results in better customer sentiment, which can raise your reputation – it’s cyclical. On the flip side, even something… Continue Reading →

Agorapulse Social Media Scheduling and Social Listening Tool – An Overview and Review - Elegant Themes

It can be hard to choose the right social media tool for your team. Some tools have most of the features you need but are still missing important things your team needs. In the end, you could be stuck using… Continue Reading →

How to Use Twitter Trending Hashtags for Marketing Without Looking Like Spam - Elegant Themes

Twitter itself is a marketing tool, but within Twitter, there are even more opportunities to connect with your audience and get your content noticed. Creating high-quality content and encouraging shares from your audience is just a portion of your strategy…. Continue Reading →

HubSpot vs Mailchimp Differences - Template Toaster

In this HubSpot vs Mailchimp differences guide, you will learn about these two email marketing software in detail. Also, you will be sure why you should choose HubSpot over Mailchimp or vice versa. So, leverage this guide to decide which… Continue Reading →

Constant Contact vs Mailchimp Differences - Template Toaster

Constant Contact vs Mailchimp, does it sound familiar to you?  They are two best-known email marketing tools out there. And when you are building your online presence, the role of email marketing can not be overlooked. So, to help you… Continue Reading →

ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot Differences  - Template Toaster

Which is better among ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot? In this current era of the digital revolution, everybody wants the best for their business. Marketers look for solutions that can help them manage multiple campaigns and analyze them to create future reports…. Continue Reading →

Situational Crisis Communication Theory: What You Need to Know - Elegant Themes

It’s inevitable that your business will have to deal with a crisis at some point. And while your company may be able to keep a lot of crises at bay, when outside or uncontrollable factors come into play, you’ll have… Continue Reading →

Repurposing Content: How to Keep Your Marketing Pipeline Full - Elegant Themes

Content marketing is essential for many businesses and brands, but it can be time-consuming to keep your marketing pipeline full. One way you can save time and money in your content marketing is by repurposing content. Repurposing content means that… Continue Reading →

A Simple Guide to Getting Featured Snippets on Google - Elegant Themes

Google is always looking to provide better solutions to users’ problems. One of the ways it tries to do so is by delivering answers directly within its results pages to save searchers a click or two. These are what we… Continue Reading →

How to write a sales email in 5 steps - GoDaddy Garage

If you aren’t exactly sure how to write a sales email that connects with customers or prospects, you’re in the right place. We’re going to outline sales email tips that you can implement in five steps to create emails that… Continue Reading →

5 Tips for an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

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Whenever you are building a business, no matter what type of industry you’re in, exposing it online will give you… Source

14 Best Podcasts for Social Media Marketers - Elegant Themes

Podcast fans know how difficult it can be to find a great podcast with a host who’s easy to listen to and a stream of topics you’re interested in. Business and marketing podcasts are no different. We’ve rounded up the… Continue Reading →

NotificationX Review: Add FOMO-Inducing Notifications to WordPress - WP Mayor

Social proof and FOMO (fear of missing out) are two popular marketing strategies to boost your conversion rates and move your visitors to action. NotificationX is a freemium WordPress plugin that helps bring those two marketing strategies to your WordPress… Continue Reading →

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