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Question for You… - The WP Chick

This might be a little bit of a hard look in the mirror… because it is for me too, but hang with me for this. I talk a lot about #JustShowUP… and what that means in your business. When I… Continue Reading →

You Decide Where You Focus: 3 Reasons You’re NOT Undisciplined KDS: 071 - The WP Chick

I’ve officially been back in California for about a week and a half now. And I have to admit, it’s lovely to be back. There are a lot of things that need attention in this state, but it’s hard to… Continue Reading →

10 Best Hashtag Generator Tools – 2021 Edition - WP Dev Shed

How committed are you to your hashtags? If the answer is anywhere below “very”, you should start reconsidering your social media marketing strategy. Why? Because hashtags are so much more than silly or descriptive pieces. And we bring you the… Continue Reading →

5 Best Sites to Buy Clubhouse Followers - WP Dev Shed

Did you hear? There’s something brand new going on in the social media industry. Clubhouse has just hit the club and the Internet is already humming with all the dust it has raised. What’s the deal with Clubhouse? Why is… Continue Reading →

What Are Some Ways to Monetize a Podcast? - WP Dev Shed

Podcasts have become a popular form of education and entertainment. People listen to podcasts on their commute, when working, or when they want to relax by having someone talking in the background. Of course, there are few podcasts that exist… Continue Reading →

10 Key Principles For Five-Star Customer Service In Website Development Agencies - WPRiders

An old business mantra says that “the customer is the king.” I don’t think the customer is the king. My belief is that a balanced and fair working relationship where no one is the king, and both parties work together,… Continue Reading →

How To Create the Perfect Landing Page in WordPress - WPRiders

Winter Is Coming This may or may not be a Game of Thrones reference, but it’s definitely the truth. Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and soon enough we’ll start slipping on icy patches of sidewalk that nobody had… Continue Reading →

5 Tips for an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

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Whenever you are building a business, no matter what type of industry you’re in, exposing it online will give you… Source

14 Best Podcasts for Social Media Marketers - Elegant Themes

Podcast fans know how difficult it can be to find a great podcast with a host who’s easy to listen to and a stream of topics you’re interested in. Business and marketing podcasts are no different. We’ve rounded up the… Continue Reading →

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