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Everything You Can Do to Make Your Marketing Resume Stand Out - Elegant Themes

Everyone wants to be a marketer. And why not? Contemporary and comfy office spaces, talented teams and the flexibility to try new things are enticing perks. But since so many people want to be in marketing, there’s a lot of… Continue Reading →

Hashtag In Marketing: Does Its Power Still Work? - WordPress Arena

Digital marketing is changing as the technology progresses, it adapts to new trends which means your advertising strategy needs to be reviewed from time to time in order to follow the pace of online trends. Content marketing, emails, SEO, and… Continue Reading →

Using the 5-Step Writing Process to Create Better Content - Elegant Themes

What’s your writing process like? When a writer hears this question, their first thought it, “None of your business.” Or, “It’s mine and I don’t want to tell you.” Even without the defense, the answer is, “Well, it changes. It… Continue Reading →

Using Throwback Thursday to Market Your Best Content - Elegant Themes

Brands and entrepreneurs should listen up: nostalgia marketing isn’t just amusing, it’s also lucrative. Evoking memories of days gone by makes people care less about money and, in turn, spend more. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to look back… Continue Reading →

Using Tweetdeck to Manage Your Brand’s Twitter Presence - Elegant Themes

When you rely on social media to interact with your audience and stay on top of your industry, you have to make the process as efficient as possible. Twitter is still a fairly straight-forward social media platform – there aren’t… Continue Reading →

13 Things All Successful Blogs Have in Common - Elegant Themes

“Blog” isn’t a four-letter word any longer. It’s not a joke or a waste of time. A blog can be an incredibly profitable, sound way of making a living. What’s interesting is that if you look at what top blogs… Continue Reading →

How to Use Social Media for Small Business in 2019 - WP Dev Shed

These days if you want to succeed as a small business owner, you really do need to be on social media. By which we mean any of the popular applications or websites that allows people to share content and connect… Continue Reading →

What is a Community Manager and What Do They Do? - Elegant Themes

We’ve talked about building a community from the ground up. But where do you go once that task is complete? You have dozens to hundreds (if not thousands) of people who love you. Each of whom now wants their moment… Continue Reading →

How to Get Free Stuff As a Content Creator - Elegant Themes

One of the hardest parts about being a content creator is coming up with ideas for content. What’s even harder is when you have fantastic ideas for content, but it’s based around a product or service that you don’t have… Continue Reading →

What Is a Media Kit? (And How to Create One) - Elegant Themes

If you’ve spent enough time on the web, you’ve probably noticed that some sites have pages dedicated to ‘media kits’. If you have your own brand, you may have even been asked for one by journalists or potential promotional partners…. Continue Reading →

How to Name a Blog or Podcast - Elegant Themes

Blogs and podcasts have stiff competition. There are so many out there that are competing for practically any keyword combination you can come up with. Unless you want to completely forgo your dreams of launching your project, though, you’ll need… Continue Reading →

NotificationX Review: Add FOMO-Inducing Notifications to WordPress - WP Mayor

Social proof and FOMO (fear of missing out) are two popular marketing strategies to boost your conversion rates and move your visitors to action. NotificationX is a freemium WordPress plugin that helps bring those two marketing strategies to your WordPress… Continue Reading →

Conversion Copywriting: How to Write Copy That Drives Users to Action - Gravity Forms Blog

Your website content should do more than entertain your readers. It should drive them to take action. That starts with your copy.  You can increase the number of people who engage with your brand and purchase products and services by… Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing Trends To Get Into Bed With Right Now - WordPress Arena

You might be on the lookout for marketing tips to get your business up and running or looking for a bit of inspiration. These days, there are so many different marketing trends out there that it can be hard to… Continue Reading →

5 Cool Instagram Features that Can Benefit Your Brand - WordPress Arena

Have you used all the features of Instagram for your business? If not, it is time that you do so. While this article is being written, more features are rolling to benefit brands. You need to use the existing ones… Continue Reading →

Going International With Your Website - WordPress Arena

Finally, the time has come to export your services or products and reach out to a global audience. You’ve made your market research and found out that international buyers make a likely target for your business. Before you expand overseas,… Continue Reading →

White Papers: What They Are and How to Write One - Elegant Themes

What is a white paper? Is it an extra-long blog post? An ebook in PDF form? A promotional tool to sell a product? Not quite. White papers have a purpose, format and style that are all their own. Today, white… Continue Reading →

A Guide to HARO for Content Creators and Marketers - Elegant Themes

Journalists get asked the same question over and over: “How do I get a story in the news?” The answer is: you can’t. Or, you can’t force a media outlet to cover your story. Usually, the process includes pitching a… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Using a Customer Journey Map - Elegant Themes

The customer journey is the process that your customers take when interacting with your company. It starts at the beginning, when they first learn about your company, and goes through to the end, when they complete your ultimate goal, like… Continue Reading →

6 SEO Marketing Tips for Financial Business Websites - WordPress Arena

SEO is a long run game; it’s never going to an end in just a couple of days. For small or large website owners, it’s essential to stay on the top of search engines results. There is no secret weapon… Continue Reading →

Beginner’s email marketing guide for small businesses - GoDaddy Garage

This article was originally published on July 16, 2015, and was updated on June 7, 2018, and August 5, 2019. Since you’re reading this email marketing guide, it’s probably safe to assume that you already see some value in email… Continue Reading →

10 Content Marketing Terms Every College Graduate Should Know - WordPress Arena

Digital content marketing is fast becoming one of the most effective means of marketing, promotion, and advertisement in the contemporary business industry. Companies are relying more and more on their digital marketing than ever before. The careers in the industry… Continue Reading →

A Content Creator’s Guide to Writing Faster and More Efficiently - Elegant Themes

As professional writers, we all have deadlines and clients expecting good work from us. But sometimes the words just don’t flow as fast as we want them to and it’s hard to be as efficient as our schedules require. Thankfully,… Continue Reading →

Boost Your Business by Leveraging Marketing Analytics - Elegant Themes

Once upon a time, marketers would spend all of their time creating and sharing promotional campaigns only to wonder if they even worked. Traditional marketing efforts were often un-trackable. You could form a shaky connection between marketing and how well… Continue Reading →

Grow It — Taking your Journey to the next level - GoDaddy Garage

This article is part of a multipart series. See the introductory post here. After the entrepreneurial dream has been hatched, after the basics required to create a venture have been put into place, and after the idea has been launched, true… Continue Reading →

How Local Businesses Can Use SMS Marketing to Drive New Customers - WP Dev Shed

One of the most popular misconceptions with SMS marketing involves the company’s size. Common sentiment holds that only corporations use text messages to advertise. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Visit your local restaurants and you’ll find many that… Continue Reading →

How Professional Writers Deal with Writer’s Block - Elegant Themes

We’ve all been there. That moment when we stare at the screen, our fingers on the keyboard,  and the words just aren’t flowing. They aren’t even making an appearance. A lot of the time the feeling is short-lived and after… Continue Reading →

Advertising vs Marketing: Using the Difference to Your Advantage - Elegant Themes

Despite being one of the more varied careers out there, the term marketing has become almost a buzzword among online businesses and brands. Depending on who you ask, their marketing strategy might not even share aspects with yours. One of the… Continue Reading →

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