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How to Filter Search Results in WordPress With Toolset and Elementor - WP Mayor

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a custom search form that lets visitors search and filter any content on your site. You’ll be able to do this with zero code required thanks to a combination of Toolset… Continue Reading →

Stratum Review: 20+ Business-Focused Elementor Widgets - WP Mayor

Stratum is a freemium extension for Elementor that adds 20+ new business-focused Elementor widgets and tons of style, layout, and customization options for those widgets. In this post, we’ll take it for a spin.

Top 10 WordPress plugins and why you should get them in 2020 - WPRiders

Have you ever tried eating a dish without the right condiments? The food most probably is still edible, but you won’t be able to actually enjoy it because it just doesn’t taste right. The same goes with WordPress. Although WordPress… Continue Reading →

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