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Noteworthy Admin CSS changes in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

WordPress 5.3 will introduce a number of CSS changes in WordPress admin. While the necessity to improve wp-admin accessibility was previously raised in several Trac tickets, Gutenberg’s recent interface improvements made it necessary to improve the whole interface as well…. Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.3: Site Admin Email Verification Screen - Make WordPress Core

In WordPress 5.3, a new screen has been introduced to help ensure the site’s administration email remains accurate and up to date. The site’s admin email (as defined when installing WordPress, and found on the Settings > General page) is… Continue Reading →

The REST API in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

WordPress 5.3 contains a number of REST API improvements designed to make it easier and faster to work with API data from the block editor or other client applications. Register Array & Object Metadata As covered previously in this developer… Continue Reading →

PHP Native JSON Extension Now Required - Make WordPress Core

The PHP native JSON extension has been bundled and compiled with PHP by default since 5.2.0 (2006). However, a significant number of PHP installs did not include it. In order to ensure a consistent experience for JSON related functionality in… Continue Reading →

Enhancements to the Network Sites Screen in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

Changes to the database The introduction of Site metadata in WordPress 5.1 has opened up a lot of new possibilities for multisite. Save database version and date updated in multisite site meta In [46193], the database version and the updated… Continue Reading →

Expanded meta key comparison operators in 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

WordPress 5.1 introduced the compare_key parameter for WP_Meta_Query, allowing developers to perform LIKE queries against postmeta keys. (See #42409 and the related dev note.) WordPress 5.3 expands the options available to compare_key, so that developers have access to meta-key comparison… Continue Reading →

Use aria-label to ensure Posts and Comments navigation has proper context in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

Many themes (including bundled themes) use previous/next navigation in single post and pagination links in the posts/comments archives. The markup output is under the responsibility of core private function _navigation_markup, which prints out an unlabelled <nav> element: <nav class=”navigation post-navigation”… Continue Reading →

Changes to wp_die() HTML output in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

By default and before WordPress 5.3, the handler for wp_die() wraps error messages with a paragraph tag. For a number of wp_die() calls in WordPress, a plain text string is passed and the HTML displayed is valid:  wp_die( ‘This is an error message.’… Continue Reading →

Miscellaneous Developer Focused Changes in 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

Edited to include relevant ticket numbers for each External Library update. In WordPress 5.3, a large handful of small developer-focused changes were made that deserve to be called out. Let’s take a look! Passing Arrays to Supports Argument When Registering… Continue Reading →

Improvements in Media component accessibility in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

Form controls are still unlabelled in WordPress media views. Some don’t have associated <label> element, <aria-label>attribute or some have an empty label. Properly labeling form controls is essential for a basic level of accessibility, as labels give form controls their… Continue Reading →

Updates to Image Processing in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

WordPress 5.3 includes several enhancements to how images are used and post-processed after upload. When an image is uploaded to WordPress, alternate smaller sizes are automatically created. Some of these “intermediate” sizes are defined by core, and others by themes… Continue Reading →

WordPress and PHP 7.4 - Make WordPress Core

PHP 7.4 is in the final stages of its release cycle. As of the publish date of this post, version 7.4 RC3 has been released, and the final release of PHP 7.4.0 is scheduled for November 28, 2019. As the… Continue Reading →

Filtering nested REST response _fields in WP 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

WordPress 4.9.8 introduced the ability to limit the fields included in the JSON objects returned from the REST API, for example specifying /wp/v2/posts?_fields=id,title,author to return a list of posts with only id, title & author fields in situations where we… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.3 adds a “Show” button next to the password field on the login screen - Make WordPress Core

Many web services today display a Show button next to the password fields. The purpose being to help the user ensure that the password entered is correct. Note that a button already exists to show/hide the password in the New… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.3: Backbone Upgrade Guide - Make WordPress Core

In WordPress 5.3, the version of Backbone bundled with WordPress will be updated from v1.3.3 to v1.4.0. Developers who override on and off events on their models may run into a few issues if they have listenTo events being applied… Continue Reading →

Introducing handling of big images in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

The way WordPress handles large images has always been a topic of discussion for users and developers. There are generally two types of images that are uploaded: Images that have been edited or created in an image editing application. Photos… Continue Reading →

WP 5.3: Introducing the spread operator - Make WordPress Core

In WordPress 5.3, the PHP 5.6 spread operator has been introduced to WordPress in a number of places. Using the spread operator allowed for simplifying the code and improves performance – both in speed as well as memory use -,… Continue Reading →

WP 5.3 Supports Object and Array Meta Types in the REST API - Make WordPress Core

With WordPress 5.3, the register_meta functions (including register_post_meta) now support the ‘object’ and ‘array’ data types. Previously, the recommended solution to create complex meta-based Gutenberg blocks was to JSON encode the block’s complex attribute value, and pass that string to… Continue Reading →

WP 5.3 introduces new functions to add UGC attribute to links, and implements it to comments - Make WordPress Core

Since version 1.5, WordPress has used the wp_rel_nofollow() function to add a “nofollow” attribute to links. Version 2.3 introduced wp_rel_nofollow_callback() as a callback function to handle that addition, so developers were able to programmatically add a “nofollow” rel attribute value… Continue Reading →

Block Editor Theme-related updates in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

WordPress 5.3 includes a lot of additions and refactoring to existing blocks in order to support new features. Some of this features require special care from theme authors in order to optimize the Block Editor theme integration. The Group block… Continue Reading →

What’s new in Site Health for WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

The Site Health component of WordPress covers both the new self-service area under Tools > Site Health, and the error protection which provides means to access a site while it is experiencing technical difficulties. For WordPress 5.3, a handful of… Continue Reading →

New Block APIs in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

In addition to a number of improvements and features for the block editor, WordPress 5.3 comes with new Block-related APIs for developers. Server-side block style variations API It includes server-side helpers that simplify registering and unregistering block styles. Previously, in… Continue Reading →

Date/Time component improvements in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

Date/Time component encompasses all input, output, and storage of time and date information. Its code dates back to PHP 4 implementation in an early version and went through partial PHP 5 retrofit. For over a year and several WP releases,… Continue Reading →

Core Widgets: new aria-current attribute in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

When a page is created and users view it, its name appears in several widgets, however there is no visual or semantic indication that this link relates to the current page. Since it’s possible for authors to create multiple posts… Continue Reading →

Integer menu slugs are no longer supported from WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

Previously, menus could be registered with an integer slug. This used to cause unintended issues that are difficult to debug. Consider the following use of register_nav_menus: register_nav_menus( array( ‘primary’ => ‘Primary’, 1 => ‘First’, 2 => ‘Second’, ) ); The… Continue Reading →

Changes on Twenty Nineteen HTML structure in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

In some templates, Twenty Nineteen was using a <main> HTML element which was appearing as a direct descendant of a <section> HTML element. This resulted in markup errors on the following templates: 404.php archive.php image.php index.php page.php search.php single.php For… Continue Reading →

Changes to prevent search engines indexing sites. - Make WordPress Core

In WordPress 5.3 the method used to discourage indexing will change on sites enabling the option “discourage search engines from indexing this site” in the WordPress dashboard. These changes were made as part of ticket #43590. These changes are intended… Continue Reading →

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