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Optimize Your WordPress Site with Database Cleaner - WP Mayor

How bloated is your WordPress database? Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do to optimize your site, it’s still a little sluggish. You should be using a database cleaner. The post “Optimize Your WordPress Site with Database Cleaner”… Continue Reading →

9 Types of Mongodb Operators You Need To Know - Kinsta Blog

In any business, data is your biggest asset. By analyzing data, you can make decisions on customer trends and behavior prediction. This boosts business profitability and effective decision-making. Without database software, a simple task like finding the average of all… Continue Reading →

PostgreSQL Replication: A Comprehensive Guide - Kinsta Blog

As any site owner will tell you, data loss and downtime, even in minimal doses, can be catastrophic. They can hit the unprepared at any time, leading to reduced productivity, accessibility, and product confidence. To protect the integrity of your… Continue Reading →

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