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How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas - Newt Labs

Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, and no one can deny this statement. This insight may be most relevant in the blogging universe. Plenty of bloggers and writers have created exceptional pieces of content. Sadly, they treat… Continue Reading →

15 Grammar Rules It’s Okay To Break (And Three You Shouldn’t) - Blogging Wizard

Here’s a fun fact: you would have difficulty communicating with an English speaker from five hundred years ago. And it would be impossible communicating with one from a thousand years ago. Check out this passage from the Bible (which has… Continue Reading →

16 Content Promotion Platforms To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic - Blogging Wizard

It’s a common misconception with new bloggers that once you publish a blog post, that’s it, you’re done. Readers will flock to your blog to consume content and your audience will expand. The truth is creating good content is only… Continue Reading →

9 Simple Free Tools That Can Make You A Better Content Marketer - Blogging Wizard

Every business knows the importance of content. There’s just one problem… … ‘content’ has become a pretty generic term. Remember – not all content was created equal! There’s an almost never ending list of the ways that we can break… Continue Reading →

It Took 11 Years, But It Was Totally Worth It - The WP Chick

Queue Earth, Wind, & Fire… “Do you remember… the 21st night of September?” And yes, now that song is on loop in my head 😉 (there are certainly worse songs that could be on loop though, right?). Fall feels a… Continue Reading →

Feeling Better… And Some Business Clarity - The WP Chick

As an entrepreneur, I’ve always liked Monday’s. I rarely schedule calls on Monday which gives me the headspace to fully invest my energy into the week ahead. Sometimes I’ve gotten ahead of the week the day before and other times… Continue Reading →

How to Ensure Your WordPress Product Stands Out in a Saturated Market - WP Mayor

Given that WordPress products market is oversaturated, the one thing standing between a good product and its audience is good marketing. Make the right moves to get your product the attention it needs.

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