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20 Best New Websites, November 2023 - Web Designer Depot

As the nights draw in for the Northern hemisphere, what better way to brighten your day than by soaking up some design inspiration?

30 Amazing Chrome Extensions for Designers and Developers - Web Designer Depot

Searching for a tool to make cross-platform design a breeze? Desperate for an extension that helps you figure out the HTML code of that fantastic color palette? Looking for a trick that will supercharge your productivity this year? We’ve got… Continue Reading →

Exciting New Tools for Designers, November 2023 - Web Designer Depot

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means only one thing around here: it’s time for tools.

3 Essential Design Trends, November 2023 - Web Designer Depot

In the season of giving thanks, we often think of comfort and tradition. These are common themes with each of our three featured website design trends this month.

30 Obsolete Technologies that will Perplex Post-2000s Kids - Web Designer Depot

Remember the screech of dial-up internet? Hold fond memories of arcade machines? In this list, we’re condensing down 30 pieces of revolutionary technology that have long past their sell-by-date.

The 12 Most Controversial Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century - Web Designer Depot

How far would an organization be willing to go for the chance to generate a little extra buzz? In this list, we’re going to find out.

20 Best New Websites, October 2023 - Web Designer Depot

Looking for inspiration? Well, look no further: here is our round up of what’s caught our eye for October.

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