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Noteworthy Admin CSS changes in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

WordPress 5.3 will introduce a number of CSS changes in WordPress admin. While the necessity to improve wp-admin accessibility was previously raised in several Trac tickets, Gutenberg’s recent interface improvements made it necessary to improve the whole interface as well…. Continue Reading →

Report: WP 5.3 Admin CSS changes tested against top 20 plugins - Make WordPress Core

In September 2019, the WordPress Accessibility team tested WP 5.3 Admin CSS changes against the Top 20 plugins on WordPress.org, to evaluate possible breakage on plugins admin screens and to iterate on the related changes. This week, those tests were… Continue Reading →

Use aria-label to ensure Posts and Comments navigation has proper context in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

Many themes (including bundled themes) use previous/next navigation in single post and pagination links in the posts/comments archives. The markup output is under the responsibility of core private function _navigation_markup, which prints out an unlabelled <nav> element: <nav class=”navigation post-navigation”… Continue Reading →

Improvements in Media component accessibility in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

Form controls are still unlabelled in WordPress media views. Some don’t have associated <label> element, <aria-label>attribute or some have an empty label. Properly labeling form controls is essential for a basic level of accessibility, as labels give form controls their… Continue Reading →

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Domino’s Appeal to Determine Whether Websites Must Be Accessible - WP Tavern

In what is seen as a win for accessibility advocates, the U.S. Supreme Court denied Domino’s petition to appeal a lower-court decision on whether the pizza chain’s website and mobile app must be accessible to those with disabilities. The earlier… Continue Reading →

WordPress Accessibility Meeting Notes for 27 Sept 2019 - Make WordPress Accessible

Meeting transcript on Slack Progress on WordPress 5.3 Trac tickets 31 open tickets in the accessibility focus remaining. There are a total of 138 open tickets in the 5.3 milestone. 6 tickets relating to contrast and focus have been reopened… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.3: Accessibility focus progress report - Make WordPress Accessible

For reference, full WordPress 5.3 release schedule is available here. Trac tickets progress reports and next steps For now, milestone 5.3 contains 63 accessibility focused tickets: 32 tickets are closed as fixed 31 tickets are still open, distributed as follows:23… Continue Reading →

Core Widgets: new aria-current attribute in WordPress 5.3 - Make WordPress Core

When a page is created and users view it, its name appears in several widgets, however there is no visual or semantic indication that this link relates to the current page. Since it’s possible for authors to create multiple posts… Continue Reading →

WordPress Accessibility Meeting Notes for 20 Sept 2019 - Make WordPress Accessible

Meeting transcript on Slack Open Floor There was no set agenda for this meeting. The meeting opened with a discussion of ticket #30180. The ticket, while not of itself a crucial task, was a kicking off point for a deeper… Continue Reading →

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