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Guide to voice search optimization  - GoDaddy Garage

Voice search is not new; it has been around for years now. However, its popularity has risen in the last few years as more people continue using smart devices to conduct online searches. Think about tools like Google voice search,… Continue Reading →

WordPress accessibility checklist with recommended plugins  - GoDaddy Garage

WordPress is a household name in web accessibility, with statistics showing that it powers over 35% of all websites. Many reasons make WordPress a popular option, including no license fees, it can be used for simple websites, a reasonable learning… Continue Reading →

Checklist for website speed optimization  - GoDaddy Garage

You must take website speed optimization seriously when designing websites. Google and users value speed, and will abandon a website if it loads slowly. A slow loading page provides a poor user experience, and as you know, about 53 percent… Continue Reading →

How does the local search algorithm work?  - GoDaddy Garage

The internet has revolutionized the business world and changed how we conduct business. Any business that aims to increase its visibility and boost profit needs to pay much attention to top ranking factors, including local SEO — which introduces the… Continue Reading →

Top local search ranking factors you need to consider - GoDaddy Garage

Local search is crucial to a successful marketing strategy for small business. For any business to succeed, it must find ways to reach out to potential customers. Today, digital marketing is the go-to form of marketing and is an important… Continue Reading →

The ultimate guide to key performance indicators (KPIs)  - GoDaddy Garage

The need for using data in your business or organization when making decisions cannot be overstated. After all, to be successful, you need to know where you are at the moment and where you are going. Measuring your current status… Continue Reading →

How to track user behavior with Google Analytics  - GoDaddy Garage

Web analytics is critical for your website. No matter the kind of website you run, the need to know your visitor’s behavior cannot be overstated. Google analytics helps get data on who is visiting your website, what they are doing,… Continue Reading →

Everything you need to know about user experience (UX) design  - GoDaddy Garage

A perfect UX design involves deep design knowledge, technology, and human psychology. It involves knowing the qualities of a good product and what drives people to a website (and keeps them coming back). More specifically, an excellent UX design process… Continue Reading →

The professional’s guide to data-driven design  - GoDaddy Garage

Data is crucial in driving business decisions in today’s digital world. While the design is often seen as an art based on intuition, sometimes it is not easy for designers to read the thoughts of their prospects and customers. Using… Continue Reading →

Setting up Google Analytics automated reports for a WordPress website - GoDaddy Garage

Google Analytics can help understand what people do when they enter a WordPress website, how long they stay, and which part of the website converts the best. You only need to install a Google Analytics plugin on a WordPress website,… Continue Reading →

How to dial in the one-page WordPress website  - GoDaddy Garage

If you’re looking to offer a more affordable (and easier to build) solution for a client’s business, online portfolio, and much more, you may want to consider a one-page WordPress website. One-page websites are simple, popular and — when built on… Continue Reading →

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