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W3C Drops WordPress from Consideration for Redesign, Narrows CMS Shortlist to Statamic and Craft - WP Tavern

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the international standards organization for the web, is redesigning its website and will soon be selecting a new CMS. Although WordPress is already used to manage W3C’s blog and news sections of the website, the organization… Continue Reading →

WordPress Contributors Debate Dashboard Notice for Upcoming Facebook oEmbed Provider Removal - WP Tavern

WordPress contributors are discussing different strategies for responding to Facebook and Instagram dropping unauthenticated oEmbed support on October 24. WordPress will be removing both Facebook and Instagram as oEmbed providers. When a user attempts to embed content by pasting a URL as… Continue Reading →

WordPress Mobile Engineers Propose Dual Licensing Gutenberg under GPL v2.0 and MPL v2.0 - WP Tavern

During a Q&A session at WordCamp Europe 2020 online, Matt Mullenweg mentioned that Gutenberg contributors were considering dual licensing for embedding Gutenberg in mobile apps, along with the requirement that they would need to get an agreement from all contributors…. Continue Reading →

Matt Mullenweg and Jamstack Community Square Off, Making Long-Term Bets on the Predominant Architecture for the Web - WP Tavern

Over the past two weeks, Matt Mullenweg and Jamstack community leaders have forged a new rivalry, after Mullenweg told The New Stack that he sees Jamstack as “a regression for the vast majority of the people adopting it.” “The usability… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 9.0 Brings Major Improvements to Navigation Screen and Query Block - WP Tavern

If you haven’t played around with Gutenberg’s experiments lately, the Navigation block is getting some exciting updates. Version 9.0 was released today with drag-and-drop support added to the list view of navigation items. Contributors have been working through several different… Continue Reading →

Upcoming API Change Will Break Facebook and Instagram oEmbed Links Across the Web Beginning October 24 - WP Tavern

In an extraordinarily inconvenient API change, Facebook and Instagram will be dropping unauthenticated oEmbed support on October 24, breaking content across millions of websites. The change will force users to generate an app ID with a developer account in order to continue embedding… Continue Reading →

Podcasting During the Pandemic: Castos Sees 300% Growth in New Podcasters - WP Tavern

“My Podcast Set I” by brainblogger is licensed with CC BY 2.0. Podcasting, like many other industries during the pandemic, is seeing a strong shift over the past six months, which has resulted in more shows and fewer listeners. While some avid… Continue Reading →

WordPress Themes Directory Adds New “Delist” Status for Non-Compliant Themes - WP Tavern

In August, following the suspension of the popular Astra theme, WordPress Meta contributors opened a ticket to add a new “delisting” status for non-compliant themes. Astra’s infraction, breaking the directory’s ban on affiliate links, put more than a million users… Continue Reading →

Deque Systems to Host Axe-Con Virtual Accessibility Conference, March 10-11, 2021 - WP Tavern

Deque Systems, a widely respected accessibility firm that has contributed to setting up automated accessibility testing for WordPress core, will be hosting a new “Axe-con” virtual conference focusing on digital accessibility. Axe-con is named for the company’s axe-core project, an… Continue Reading →

Jetpack Launches Email Marketing Tools with Creative Mail Integration, WooCommerce-Triggered Store Emails Coming Soon - WP Tavern

Jetpack is firing up a new suite of email marketing tools in partnership with Endurance International Group’s Constant Contact brand. Last week version 8.9 of the plugin introduced a new newsletter signup form inside its Form block, based on an… Continue Reading →

WordPress Support Team Seeks to Curb Support Requests for Commercial Plugins and Themes - WP Tavern

WordPress’ Support Team contributors are discussing how they can curb support requests for commercial products on the official forums. Users sometimes seek help for commercial product upgrades on the forums of the free version, not knowing that the moderators’… Continue Reading →

Sunlit 3.0 for iOS Released, Featuring New Post Editor and Improved Discovery Interface - WP Tavern

Sunlit 3.0 was released this week and is now available in the App Store. The free photoblogging app is a companion app to the indie microblogging platform. Sunlit has some similarities to Instagram minus the deadweight of ads and… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.5.1 Released with Backfill for Deprecated JavaScript Globals - WP Tavern

WordPress 5.5.1 was released yesterday with 34 bug fixes, 4 enhancements, and 5 bug fixes for the block editor. Version 5.5 removed 19 legacy JavaScript localization objects, in favor of using the new functions and utilities found in the i18n package introduced in WordPress 5.0. One of… Continue Reading →

WordSesh EMEA 2020 Kicks Off September 2, Featuring Short Talks and Micro-Tutorials - WP Tavern

The second edition of WordSesh EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) is happening in less than 48 hours on September 2. The virtual event’s schedule is tailored to attendees living in the Eastern hemisphere. In its first year running, WordSesh… Continue Reading →

WordCamp Austin Opens Call for Musicians - WP Tavern

WordCamp Austin 2020 is putting out a call for musicians, alongside its call for speakers. The event’s organizers are rising to the challenge of creating a unique experience for attendees, while working within the constraints of a virtual format. Because… Continue Reading →

MotoPress Acquires Gutenix WordPress Theme - WP Tavern

MotoPress, a theme and plugin shop in operation since 2013, has acquired the Gutenix WordPress theme and its commercial ZeGuten blocks plugin for Gutenberg. The free theme currently has more than 700 active installs after nine months on MotoPress… Continue Reading →

Automattic Tangles with Apple Over Lack of In-App Purchases in the WordPress for iOS App - WP Tavern

Over the weekend, Matt Mullenweg announced on Twitter that Apple’s App Store had blocked Automattic from shipping updates to WordPress’ official iOS app. Automattic doesn’t sell anything for or Jetpack inside the mobile apps, but the app included external… Continue Reading →

New Plugin Displays WordPress Environment Type for Admins - WP Tavern

One of the minor but useful additions to WordPress 5.5 is the new wp_get_environment_type() function. It makes it possible for plugin and theme authors to do some interesting things based on whether a site is identified as staging, development, production, or… Continue Reading →

WordPress Documentation Team Discusses Modifying External Linking Policy Following Opposition to the Ban on Commercial Links - WP Tavern

Last month the WordPress Documentation Team announced a ban on links to commercial websites within the official docs. These include the HelpHub, Code Reference, Plugin and Theme Developer Handbooks, Block Editor Handbook, and the Common APIs Handbook. The reason behind the ban was that heavily policing commercial links… Continue Reading →

Enable jQuery Migrate Helper Plugin Passes 10K Active Installs - WP Tavern

In just one week since WordPress 5.5 was released, the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin has passed 10,000 active installs, as users look for a fix for broken sites. The plugin was developed by the WordPress Core team to mitigate… Continue Reading →

Apple to Enforce 1-Year Limit on SSL/TLS Certificate Lifetimes on September 1, 2020, Mozilla and Google to Follow Suit - WP Tavern

image credit:  Sylwia Bartyzel Beginning September 1, 2020, Apple’s Safari browser will no longer trust SSL/TLS certificates issued for longer than 398 days, which is the equivalent of one year plus the renewal grace period. Apple cited its “ongoing efforts… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.6 Development Kicks Off with All-Women Release Squad - WP Tavern

photo credit: Brodie Vissers WordPress 5.5 has already been downloaded more than 4 million times after its release earlier this week, and it’s time to kick off work on 5.6. Josepha Haden will be leading the release alongside coordinator Dee… Continue Reading →

Convert Reusable Blocks to Block Patterns with 1-Click - WP Tavern

Now that WordPress 5.5 has shipped, block patterns are available in core for all users. If you have previously been relying on reusable blocks but prefer the flexibility of block patterns, you may want to convert these. WordPress core developer… Continue Reading →

JSHint is Now Free Software after Updating License to MIT Expat - WP Tavern

The world of open source tooling has expanded to welcome JSHint, as the project’s maintainers have finally completed the necessary work to adopt the MIT Expat license. Previously, the JavaScript linter’s code was partially published under the JSON license, with… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine” Introduces Block Directory, Block Patterns, and Automatic Updates for Themes and Plugins - WP Tavern

WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine” landed today, named for American jazz singer Billy Eckstine. This release introduces major improvements for the block editor and the security of WordPress. It was made possible by the contributions of 805 volunteers (with 38% of them… Continue Reading →

New WordPress Plugins Disable Unsplash CDN - WP Tavern

In light of the recent conversations about the Unsplash plugin’s CDN, several extensions have popped up this week for disabling it. By default, the plugin serves images from the CDN but saves copies to the WordPress media library in case… Continue Reading →

Automattic Relaunches P2, Self-Hosted Version on the Roadmap - WP Tavern

Automattic’s relaunch of P2 is now in Beta. This is the long-awaited update to the company’s internal collaboration software that is also used on and other self-hosted sites via a theme. For years, Automattic, which now counts more than… Continue Reading →

WordPress Cancels All In-Person Flagship Events Until 2022 - WP Tavern

As the world scrambles to invent and manufacture therapeutics and vaccines for COVID-19, the World Health Organization has declared the pandemic “a once-in-a-century health crisis, the effects of which will be felt for decades to come.” Outbreaks vary in severity… Continue Reading →

Automattic Updates Press Page to Clarify Distinction between and - WP Tavern

Last week, Automattic’s marketing team made a positive step towards curbing the perennial branding confusion between and The company’s press page was updated with a notice to journalists who are writing about Automattic: Automattic owns and operates, which… Continue Reading →

Big Orange Heart Opens 2020 Remote Work Wellbeing and Mental Health Survey - WP Tavern

A Big Orange Heart, formerly known as WP&UP, has opened its 2020 Remote Work Wellbeing and Mental Health Survey. The charity organization focuses on supporting remote working communities with education and resources for mental and physical health. It is also… Continue Reading →

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