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WordPress Community Team Discusses Return to In-Person Events - WP Tavern

Although the promise of effective COVID-19 vaccines is shining a light at the end of a long tunnel, the world remains firmly in the virus’ grip until distribution can ramp up to cover at-risk groups as well as the general… Continue Reading →

New Plugin Adds Google-Doc Style Commenting to Gutenberg Blocks - WP Tavern

Multidots, a development agency and WordPress VIP Agency Partner, has released a plugin that brings content collaboration to the block editor. The Google-Doc Style Gutenberg Block Commenting plugin landed on in October and is just starting to gain traction…. Continue Reading →

Admin 2020 Version 2 Introduces New Lite Version, Better Plugin Compatibility, and Modular Architecture - WP Tavern

Six months ago, Admin 2020 captured the attention of WordPress users with its fresh approach to skinning the admin screens. Version 2 of the plugin has been completely rewritten to support a modular architecture so users can enable or disable… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 9.4 Introduces Button Width Selector and Typography Controls for List Block - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 9.4.0 was released this week with many small improvements to existing features, while work on full site editing continues. This release will not be included in the upcoming WordPress 5.6 release but those who are using the Gutenberg plugin… Continue Reading →

Local 5.9.2 Adds Image Optimization via New Free Add-On - WP Tavern

Local 5.9.2 was released this month with a new image optimization feature. The Pro version of Flywheel’s local WordPress development product got a revamp four months ago, bringing in a new collection of pre‑launch tools. While image optimization falls into that… Continue Reading → Gives Conservative Treehouse the Boot, Citing TOS Violations - WP Tavern

The Conservative Treehouse, a political publication hosted on for the past 10 years, is moving to a new host after receiving a notice from Automattic regarding violations of its Terms of Service. The site’s owner, previously identified as Florida… Continue Reading →

WPGraphQL 1.0 Released, Now Available in Plugins Directory - WP Tavern

Version 1.0 of the WPGraphQL plugin is now available in the official plugins directory on This is the first stable version recommended for use in production, landing nearly four years from when the project started in November 2016. In… Continue Reading →

Envato Passes $1 Billion in Community Earnings While Continuing to Aggressively Market Its Elements Subscription Against Marketplace Authors - WP Tavern

Envato has passed $1 billion in community earnings after 14 years in business. The company reached the goal a year earlier than anticipated, thanks to the contributions of 81,000 different creators around the globe and millions of customers who have… Continue Reading →

Google Search to Add Page Experience to Ranking Signals in May 2021 - WP Tavern

Six months ago, Google announced its plans to introduce a new ranking signal for Search, based on page experience as measured by Core Web Vitals metrics. At that time, Google promised to give site owners at least six months notice before rolling out the… Continue Reading →

Biden-Harris Transition Website Launches on WordPress - WP Tavern

The Biden-Harris presidential transition team has launched a new Twitter account and a website powered by WordPress. is hosted by Automattic and is zippy fast, thanks to Jetpack, Cloudflare CDN, and a lot of other performance optimizations. It loads… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Patches Vulnerability that Allowed Spam Bots to Create Accounts at Checkout - WP Tavern

WooCommerce 4.6.2 was released yesterday with a fix for a vulnerability that allowed account creation at checkout, even when the “Allow customers to create an account during checkout” setting is disabled. The WooCommerce team discovered it after several dozen users reported… Continue Reading →

Frontity Inks Partnership with 10up - WP Tavern

photo credit: Matt Moloney Frontity has launched a partnership program to support the maintenance of its open source framework for building React-based WordPress sites. 10up, a large agency that provides headless solutions to enterprise customers, is the first partner to join in… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.6 to Add UI for Enabling Major Version Auto-Updates, Contributors Discuss Adding a Filter to Hide It - WP Tavern

WordPress 5.6 is set to add a UI that allows users to opt into auto-updates for major versions of core. Previously, developers could turn these updates on by setting the WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE constant to true or by using the allow_major_auto_core_updates filter. Version 5.6 exposes this setting in… Continue Reading →

WordPress 2019 Survey Results Show Professionals Slow to Adopt Block Editor, 2020 Survey Now Open - WP Tavern

WordPress has opened its 2020 Annual Survey, a short set of questions designed to collect more information on how different groups of people are using the software. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and all data is anonymized. WordPress… Continue Reading →

WordPress Auto-Update System Misfires, Updating Live Sites to an Alpha Release - WP Tavern

WordPress’ Core systems team had an eventful Friday when an error in the auto-update system caused sites to update to WordPress 5.5.3-alpha-49449, including live production sites with no auto-update constants defined. I just had a random production site auto-update itself… Continue Reading →

WordPress Contributors Discuss Launching an Official Block Pattern Directory - WP Tavern

Block patterns were one of the most exciting and transformative features introduced in WordPress. 5.5, giving users a giant head start on building pages by allowing them to insert sets of pre-designed blocks. Core now includes a handful of default… Continue Reading →

WordPress Contributors Explore Adding Dark Mode Support to Upcoming Twenty Twenty-One Theme via a Plugin - WP Tavern

WordPress 5.6 is set to include a new default theme, Twenty Twenty-One, designed to give users a blank canvas for the block editor. The theme doesn’t fall under any particular category and is meant to be suitable for use across… Continue Reading →

Gutenberg 9.2 Adds Video Tracks, Improvements to Columns and Cover Blocks - WP Tavern

Gutenberg 9.2 was released this week and is the last release of the plugin to be rolled into WordPress 5.6. It features the long-awaited video tracks functionality, closing a ticket that has been open for more than two years under… Continue Reading →

ESLint Maintainers Share Challenges of Funding Open Source Utilities through Sponsorship - WP Tavern

ESLint, one of the most popular JavaScript linting utilities, quickly eclipsed more established early competitors, thanks to its open source license. The clear licensing enabled the project to become widely used but did not immediately translate into funds for its… Continue Reading →

Loginizer Plugin Gets Forced Security Update for Vulnerabilities Affecting 1 Million Users - WP Tavern has pushed out a forced security update for the Loginizer plugin, which is active on more than 1 million websites. The plugin offers brute force protection in its free version, along with other security features like two-factor auth, reCAPTCHA,… Continue Reading →

Stripe Acquires Paystack for $200M+ - WP Tavern

The big news in the world of e-commerce today is Stripe’s acquisition of Paystack, a Nigeria-based payments system that is widely used throughout African markets. The company, which became informally known as “the Stripe of Africa” picked up $8 million… Continue Reading →

Google Podcasts Manager Adds More Data from Search: Impressions, Top-Discovered Episodes, and Search Terms - WP Tavern

Google announced an expansion of listener engagement metrics today for those using its Podcast Manager. Previously, audience insights included data about the types of devices listeners are using, where listeners tune in and drop off during a given episode, total… Continue Reading →

WordCamp Austin 2020 Finds Success with VR Experience for Sessions and Networking - WP Tavern

WordCamp Austin 2020 attendees are raving about their experiences attending the virtual event last Friday. It was no secret that the camp’s organizers planned to use Hubs Virtual Rooms by Mozilla to create a unique environment, but few could imagine how much… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.6 to Introduce Application Passwords for REST API Authentication - WP Tavern

In 2015, WordPress 4.4 introduced a REST API, but one thing that has severely limited its broader use is the lack of authentication capabilities for third-party applications. After considering the benefits and drawbacks of many different types of authentication systems,… Continue Reading →

Navigation Screen Sidelined for WordPress 5.6, Full-Site Editing Edges Closer to Public Beta - WP Tavern

The new block-based navigation screen is once again delayed after it was originally slated for WordPress 5.5 and then put on deck for 5.6. Contributors have confirmed that it will not be landing in WordPress core until 2021 at the… Continue Reading →

Cloudflare Launches Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress - WP Tavern

Just a day after launching its new privacy-first web analytics product last week, Cloudflare announce Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) for WordPress. The new service boast staggering performance improvements for sites that might otherwise be slowed down by shared hosting, slow… Continue Reading →

Jetpack 9.0 Introduces Loom Block, Twitter Threads Feature, and Facebook and Instagram oEmbeds - WP Tavern

Jetpack’s highly anticipated 9.0 release has landed, introducing some of the new features the team has previewed over the past week. Users can now publish WordPress posts to Twitter as threads. This new feature is available as part of the… Continue Reading →

Virtual Jamstack Conf to Feature Fireside Chat with Matt Mullenweg and Matt Biilmann, October 6 - WP Tavern

image credit: Jamstack Conf The greater Jamstack community is coming together on October 6-7, 2020, for a virtual conference. Organizers expect more than 15,000 attendees from around the globe over a two-day span that includes keynotes, sessions, interactive topic tables,… Continue Reading →

Podcasting During the Pandemic: Castos Sees 300% Growth in New Podcasters - WP Tavern

“My Podcast Set I” by brainblogger is licensed with CC BY 2.0. Podcasting, like many other industries during the pandemic, is seeing a strong shift over the past six months, which has resulted in more shows and fewer listeners. While some avid… Continue Reading →

All in One SEO Pack Plugin Patches XSS Vulnerability - WP Tavern

All in One SEO Pack patched an XSS vulnerability this week that was discovered by the security researchers at Wordfence on July 10. The popular plugin has more than 2 million active installs, according to Wordfence researchers categorized it… Continue Reading →

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