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WordPress Featured Image Not Showing Properly (Or Not At All) - Kinsta Blog

A WordPress featured image functions as a visual welcome card, a cue to visitors to come on in and enjoy what’s behind a link. It often presents useful information in the form of a photograph or graphic image, granting the… Continue Reading →

WordPress Revisions: How to Use and Optimize Them on Your Website - Kinsta Blog

Whenever you save a draft or update an already published WordPress page or post, the Content Management System (CMS) automatically creates a revision. When enabled, this feature can prevent you from losing important work. Unfortunately, over time, WordPress revisions can… Continue Reading →

How to Install PHP on Any Server (Linux, macOS, Windows) - Kinsta Blog

Setting up a server can be a daunting task, especially when installing languages like PHP. If you want to get a WordPress test server up and running, it’s a necessary skill to learn. Try a free demo Got no idea… Continue Reading →

How to Use MailHog to Test Emails Locally (Step-by-Step Guide) - Kinsta Blog

Testing emails in a local development environment can be challenging. It’s a real pain to know whether your website’s or web app’s outgoing emails are actually reaching the recipient’s inbox. Enter, MailHog! Try a free demo MailHog is an email… Continue Reading →

What is PaaS? How Platform as a Service is Different from IaaS and SaaS - Kinsta Blog

PaaS (Platform as a Service) combines servers, storage, and network infrastructure with the software you need to deploy apps. With PaaS, you don’t need to invest in on-premise hardware or worry about setting up a virtual environment to handle your… Continue Reading →

How to Clear WordPress Cache On Your Site - Kinsta Blog

Website performance depends on many aspects of your site: design, the platform being used, and how you optimize its various elements. Site caching is one of the most crucial ways to improve site performance, and for a good reason. Almost… Continue Reading →

HTML to WordPress: A Detailed Guide for Uploading and Converting HTML - Kinsta Blog

Uploading and converting HTML to WordPress is done for a wide variety of reasons. You may want to convert an old, static HTML site and run it on the WordPress content management system. There’s also the possibility that you simply… Continue Reading →

The Definitive PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0 Benchmarks (2021) - Kinsta Blog

Much like for humanity (and Kinsta), 2020 has been a noteworthy year for PHP. The much-anticipated PHP 8 released on November 26, 2020, bringing many breaking changes from its previous versions. You can catch up on all the juicy PHP… Continue Reading →

How to Use Adminer to Manage Databases Easily with a Single PHP File - Kinsta Blog

Managing MySQL databases is one of the fundamental requirements of being a professional WordPress developer. Adminer simplifies that task immensely. Try a free demo Every WordPress site requires a database to function—it’s where WordPress stores all of your sites’ critical… Continue Reading →

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