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How to Check and Upgrade Your MySQL Version Easily - Kinsta Blog

Your database more than likely runs on MySQL or its fully open-source fork MariaDB. These popular database management software power 90% of websites, so your server host has probably installed either of them for you. Try a free demo But… Continue Reading →

How to Set the Correct Outlook SMTP Settings to Send Emails - Kinsta Blog

Looking for the correct Outlook SMTP settings? Try a free demo With an Outlook SMTP server, you can configure your preferred email client to send emails using your Outlook account. Or, if you have a WordPress site, you can also… Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Fix the “Failed to Load Resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT” Error - Kinsta Blog

Most people are used to the occasional computer glitch. However, if you’re facing off against an “ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT” error, you might not know what your next steps should be. Several different issues can cause this problem, making troubleshooting it a challenge…. Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Fix SSL Connection Errors on Various Browsers and Platforms - Kinsta Blog

It’s never been easier to obtain a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for your website and set it up. But you can still run into SSL connection errors even after installing your certificate correctly and forcing traffic through HTTPS. In… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Fix the “SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP” Error - Kinsta Blog

You may run into a wide range of browser-related issues on the web. If you’re using the Mozilla Firefox browser, one of those potential problems is the SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP error. As with any error, it can be both frustrating and concerning,… Continue Reading →

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Image Sizes - Kinsta Blog

WordPress image sizes are more complex than you might expect. It’s essential to understand how image sizes work in WordPress, what the default image sizes are, and how to define custom image sizes to manage your website effectively. Try a… Continue Reading →

How to Fix the “Your Sitemap Appears to Be An HTML Page” Error - Kinsta Blog

Error messages in WordPress tend to be confusing and challenging to solve, but the “Your sitemap appears to be an HTML page” error, thankfully, isn’t one of them. Try a free demo If you’ve encountered this problem, you’re likely wondering… Continue Reading →

Static vs Dynamic IP Addresses: Everything You Need to Know - Kinsta Blog

Every computer that’s connected to the internet has an Internet Protocol (IP) address. However, not all IP addresses look or behave the same way. Try a free demo Understanding the difference between dynamic and static IPs is key if you’re… Continue Reading →

Yahoo SMTP Settings: How to Connect Email Client or WordPress Site - Kinsta Blog

Searching for Yahoo SMTP settings and how to connect to the Yahoo SMTP server? Try a free demo Knowing this opens up a lot of possibilities. You can configure your desktop or mobile email client to send and receive emails… Continue Reading →

60 Awesome Web Development Tools to Use in 2021 - Kinsta Blog

There’s something romantic and exciting about opening TextEdit or Notepad and typing “<HTML>” to kick off a new project. It’s how many of us began our obsession with coding for the web. In 2021, web development tools do more than… Continue Reading →

Google Docs to WordPress — 6 Tricks You Need to Know - Kinsta Blog

WordPress is a powerful tool that helps bloggers and business owners spread their message through its sophisticated CMS. Likewise, Google Docs is an efficient tool for content production and collaboration. Try a free demo However, content creation can become frustrating… Continue Reading →

How to Back Up a WordPress Site Easily (4 Methods) - Kinsta Blog

Backing up your website isn’t something to overlook. Having a backup of your WordPress site can save a lot of headaches in many situations. For example, if you run into an error that breaks your site or an update affects… Continue Reading →

Stripe vs Braintree: Choose the Right Payments Solution for Your Business - Kinsta Blog

Choosing a payment processor and a gateway is a big business decision. It’s crucial to pick a reliable solution so you don’t run into issues down the road. Stripe and Braintree are two of the most popular digital payment platforms… Continue Reading →

How to Install phpMyAdmin on Any Operating System - Kinsta Blog

Managing a database is a complex but necessary part of running a website. Luckily, software like phpMyAdmin exist to make the process much easier. This popular administration tool may seem challenging to learn, but accessing and modifying your database will… Continue Reading →

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