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What Is a Zero-Day Exploit? And Why Are They Dangerous? - Kinsta Blog

While businesses have always had many threats to contend with, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly worrying. A zero-day exploit is one of the severest malware threats. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-12-02″,”description”:”Want to test out the MyKinsta dashboard without… Continue Reading →

How to Fix the “Cannot Modify Header Information – Headers Already Sent By” Error - Kinsta Blog

Most WordPress error messages give you an idea of what’s causing problems on your site. The “Warning: cannot modify header information – headers already sent by” error is no exception. If a PHP file cannot be executed due to a… Continue Reading →

12 Best Free Video Editing Software Solutions on the Market - Kinsta Blog

Video editing can be challenging. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-09″,”description”:”Want to test out the MyKinsta dashboard without opening a Kinsta web hosting account? Now you can! Visit to get started and see our managed WordPress hosting tools… Continue Reading →

How to Resolve the “Remove Following Redirect Chain” Error (4 Methods) - Kinsta Blog

To keep your site in tip-top shape, you need to test it regularly. However, there’s one GTmetrix error message that’s been confusing WordPress website owners: “Remove the following redirect chain if possible.” Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-04″,”description”:”Want to… Continue Reading →

Trust Badges 101: How to Build Trust and Boost Ecommerce Conversions - Kinsta Blog

Ecommerce businesses have the potential for great success, but they have a problem: potential customers are reluctant to purchase from businesses they don’t know much about, no matter how amazing the product sounds. Try a free demo {“@context”:””,”@id”:”″,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”duration”:”PT5S”,”name”:”MyKinsta Demo Overview”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:”″,”uploadDate”:”2021-11-04″,”description”:”Want… Continue Reading →

What Is the Average Laravel Developer’s Salary? Fresh Data for 2021 - Kinsta Blog

Despite what you may have heard, PHP isn’t dead — it’s more in demand than ever. Whether you’re a seasoned PHP developer or are just starting in the field, it’s wise to prepare the current salary data before you begin… Continue Reading →

How to Complete a MySQL Performance Tune (4 Key Tips) - Kinsta Blog

MySQL is one of the most popular database management systems for web servers. If you’re running a WordPress website, there’s a good chance that it uses MySQL for its database. That makes it essential for you to understand how to… Continue Reading →

How to Fix “Deceptive Site Ahead” and Other Warnings on Your Website - Kinsta Blog

Imagine that an internet user is searching for a website just like yours. Your SEO efforts have paid off — your site lands at the top of the search results, and the potential customer clicks the link, only to be… Continue Reading →

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