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Changes to block editor components and blocks - Make WordPress Core

URLInput component In previous versions the URLInput component available on the @wordpress/components package and script had the autoFocus prop set to true by default. The main reason for this was that the component was used as the first input in different modals/popovers (link, inserter)… Continue Reading →

New i18n filters & createI18n() changes - Make WordPress Core

New i18n filters The Javascript i18n functions (__(), _x(), _n() and _nx()) provide translations of strings for use in your code. The values returned by these functions are now filterable if you need to override them, using the following filters: i18n.gettexti18n.gettext_with_contexti18n.ngettexti18n.ngettext_with_context Note: Text domain-specific… Continue Reading →

Inner Blocks API Changes - Make WordPress Core

The majority of block authors prefer to keep the focus on the parent block upon insertion in the editor rather than move it to one of the child blocks. Prior to WordPress 5.7, the default behaviour is the latter. In… Continue Reading →

Changes in @wordpress/data API - Make WordPress Core

As of #26655, it is now possible to pass a store definition instead of the string when referencing a given store registered with @wordpress/data API. This change impacts mostly the Gutenberg project. It is fully backward compatible, so plugin and theme authors can… Continue Reading →

New block variation APIs in 5.7 - Make WordPress Core

New isActive property Block variation settings can now include a new isActive property. This optional property is a function that is used by the block editor to determine what variation a given block is. This means that block editor UI such as… Continue Reading →

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