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How To Use Pop-ups Without Harming SEO - WP Explorer

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Pop-ups can be very annoying to readers, but they’re a favorite with webmasters. They’re great for conversions and so there’s really no wishing away pop-ups. The real challenge lies in displaying pop-ups… Continue Reading →

The Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins to Display Shop Locations - WP Explorer

If your business has multiple locations, WordPress store locator plugins can prove to be useful additions to your website. Motel chains, gas stations, chain stores, beauty parlors can all benefit from adding store locator plugins. They help users find your… Continue Reading →

Tips to Make WordPress Mobile Friendly - WP Explorer

It’s quite common to see people using hand held devices to catch up on their reading or to search for anything online. One report estimates that 60% of searches start from a mobile device. If your target audience is a… Continue Reading →

Five Essential WordPress SEO Strategies to Improve Rankings - WP Explorer

Any person who operates a WordPress blog, porfolio, online store or just about any kind of website is looking to attract more traffic. Given that most websites depend on search engines to bring in traffic, there is every need to… Continue Reading →

The Best Reviews & Testimonials WordPress Plugins for Your Website - WP Explorer

A good word always counts, and in business it has the potential to translate into solid cash. A number of folks go by what previous users have to say about a product or service before they make a purchase. And… Continue Reading →

Why WordPress Is Ideal for Startups & Entrepreneurs - WP Explorer

Startups and entrepreneurs are usually huge on ideas and short on cash. Generally speaking, most startups do understand that a presence on the internet is integral to their idea developing into a profitable venture. A website is a convenient and… Continue Reading →

Best WordPress Plugins to Integrate Google Services with Your Website - WP Explorer

Google offers a number of tools, applications and services that are helpful to website owners. These include webmaster tools, maps, translator, analytics, AdSense, fonts, forms, docs, drive, authenticator and more. There are a number of plugins to help you get… Continue Reading →

Tips To Better Organize Your WordPress Website - WP Explorer

It’s always a good feeling to make a clean start. Surely you must have felt good when you started off with a clean WordPress install. But over time, while you’ve been busy building up great content or fine tuning for… Continue Reading →

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