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Important SEO Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2021 - WP Loop

Today’s search engines began with the creation of Archie in 1990. Archie was a simple FTP site with a downloadable directory of listings. Later advancements in web technologies, particularly site crawling and indexing, led to the exponential expansion and popularity… Continue Reading →

How Many Websites Are There? – The Growth of The Web (1990 – 2021) - WP Loop

The Internet is this magnificent place offering valuable information and useful services. Did you ever wonder how many websites there are online? Do you think it’s measured in hundreds of thousands or tens of millions? Neither of these options is… Continue Reading →

30+ Beautiful WordPress Website and Blog Examples (2021) - WP Loop

Did you know that WordPress is older than Facebook? Even though it’s considered a state-of-the-art website builder and content management system (CMS), WordPress started small and grew into the leading platform for website designers, developers, SEO experts, and writers. WordPress… Continue Reading →

Introduction to WordPress Appearance Options - WP Loop

As the name implies, the WordPress admin panel’s Appearance section encompasses everything having to do with your WordPress website’s look and feel. In this guide, you’ll get exclusive insight into the different options under the appearance tab, their purpose, and… Continue Reading →

Freelance Statistics: 40 Facts and Trends You Should Know in 2021 - WP Loop

Freelancers are virtually everywhere. There are so many jobs that can be adapted to this business model that the freelance industry has massively expanded. Freelancing seemingly popped out of nowhere and has since become a trillion-dollar industry that everyone is… Continue Reading →

CMS Market Share 2021: Usage Statistics of Most Popular Systems - WP Loop

The CMS market started out very small with FileNet back in the 1980s. Over the last four decades, the market kept growing. During the last two decades, the growth became exponential. CMSes usage growth makes this market very interesting from… Continue Reading →

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