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#27 – Ana Segota and Kelly Choyce-Dwan on How To Use the New Pattern Creator - WP Tavern

On the podcast today we have Ana Segota and Kelly Choyce-Dwan. I suspect that you might have heard about block patterns, but if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Patterns are collections of blocks which anyone can assemble for… Continue Reading →

#26 – Courtney Robertson on How the Learn Project Is Educating People About WordPress - WP Tavern

On the podcast today we have Courtney Robertson. Courtney is a Developer Advocate at GoDaddy Pro who has a passion for teaching and learning, specifically about how to use WordPress. Her work for GoDaddy Pro involves outreach to developers but… Continue Reading →

#25 – Joe Casabona on Why WordPress Is a Great Choice for Your Podcast - WP Tavern

So on the podcast today we have Joe Casabona. Joe is a podcaster and educator, which makes him perfect for the discussion today, ‘Why WordPress Is a Great Choice for Your Podcast’. He started his career over 20 years ago… Continue Reading →

#24 – Aki Hamano on Building Useful Blocks for Fun - WP Tavern

On the podcast today we have Aki Hamano. Aki is a freelance developer from Japan. He builds websites for clients and enjoys setting himself difficult problems to solve. He came to my attention when Justin Tadlock wrote an article about… Continue Reading →

#23 – Cate DeRosia Talks About Rethinking In-Person Events - WP Tavern

On the podcast today we have Cate DeRosia. Cate is a familiar face in the WordPress community. Along with her husband, Topher, they run the HeroPress Network which aims to make it easy to find any and all WordPress related… Continue Reading →

#22 – Daniel Schutzsmith on How He’s Prepared His Team To Use the Block Editor - WP Tavern

On the podcast today we have Daniel Schutzsmith. Daniel is the Website and Digital Project Manager for Pinellas County Government, where he creates websites to help the public get the information they need. We start off the conversation by talking… Continue Reading →

#21 – Chris Coyier Talks About Why He Sold CSS-Tricks - WP Tavern

On the podcast today we have Chris Coyier. Chris has been a user and educator in the WordPress and web development space for many years. He’s an author, podcaster, developer, but is perhaps best known for his website CSS-Tricks. CSS-Tricks… Continue Reading →

#20 – Oliver Sild on the State of WordPress Security - WP Tavern

On the podcast today we have Oliver Sild. Oliver has been working in the WordPress space for many years, and specifically with WordPress security, as one of the founders of Patchstack, formerly called WebARX. Patchstack is a product which is… Continue Reading →

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