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How to recruit anyone for any position in your startup company - WPRiders

When we recruit somebody for a new position, we follow a certain process which so far yielded very good results. I’ve been honing on this process since I became an entrepreneur in 2003. Throughout the years I’ve interviewed more than… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Best WordPress Themes in 2020 - WPRiders

I’m not sure about you, but the quarantine has certainly made me want to try some new things, and baking is one of them. And to my surprise, I was quick to realize that WordPress themes are kind of like… Continue Reading →

What hosting provider should you go with when starting out with WordPress - WPRiders

When you go on vacation, do you book a hotel, or do you go for an AirBnB rental? I usually like renting either an apartment or a small house, and if you’re like me, then you’ll know how important picking… Continue Reading →

Launch a Job Board or Job Website Using WP Job Manager, Neve Theme and WordPress (Part 2) - WPRiders

So after much thought and consideration, you decided to start building your very own job board website. Well, let me tell, you’ve reached just the place to do so! Together, we are going to create a fantastic job board, using… Continue Reading →

Launch a Job Board or Job Website Using WP Job Manager, Neve Theme and WordPress (Part 1) - WPRiders

We’ve All Been There… Even You Everybody, and I mean everybody, at one point in their life, has looked for a job. Maybe they were freshly out of school, maybe they just got fired, or maybe they rage quit, but… Continue Reading →

5 WordPress mistakes you’re making and how to solve them - WPRiders

Everybody makes mistakes. Maybe some of them might be small, like buying the wrong kind of milk, while others can be more serious, like forgetting to bring your gift at someone’s birthday party. Bottom line is that every single one… Continue Reading →

The 8 Step Process for Monthly WordPress Retainer - WPRiders

1. A Strategic Master Plan We always start with a goal for your website and a master plan. If you are most of our clients, you’ve probably worked with other agencies and freelancers before. You know how confusing it is… Continue Reading →

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